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"Low population" discount should NOT affect opening cost Reply to this Post
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I got a big surprise on Malachite. Two of them, actually.

The second: On low population islands, your weekly tax rate is lower. This is "normal", and intentional. While it makes sense for "local" shops -- apoths, weaveries -- it doesn't make sense for "arch/whiskable" shops -- IM's, distilleries, furnishers, tailors, and shipyards.

In the specific case of Malachite, Chelydra is on an orange interarch, and is the pillaging central. However, it gets discounted rents even though it has the biggest ball traffic, and will have the biggest rum traffic.

Far worse: The stall opening cost is reduced as well

In other words, I opened a stall over on Salt Rock, the "starter" island. I paid the full 6K cost. Yes, that's already discounted for being a new ocean.

But for 6K, I'm limited to about 160 hours per day.

Meanwhile, someone who got started really early -- first day -- could have opened 5 or 10 stalls using shop alts for that same 6K. Potentially giving them well over a thousand hours a day of production.

"No cost to start up" was how stalls used to be, back in the "You must have commodities and be an officer" days. That was changed.

But right now, it's still there for people who get started early, and abuse it.
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