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Joined: Sep 1, 2007
Posts: 3
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Crew Thunder Wave is looking all kinds of good pirates on Malachite ocean. Right now we're based on Komodo Archipelago.
Crew yet dosent have flag but soon we'll shurely have one.

We currently divide booty by officers club. Fututre we may change it a little bit.

Right now Crew is aiming for pillys and later on maybe even Blockades.

Anyone who has proven to be loyal and hadworking will be promoted. Betrayal and dishonesty will be not tolerated.

Crew is mostly online between 14.00-20.00 GMT+0 sometimes even more longer. SO if your interested joining send tells to following persons:

Join Thunder Wave and show them how you smite the Malachite!
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Joined: Oct 16, 2007
Posts: 5008
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

I suppose we should have a post in this thread ... Stripped is always looking for quality new members to come and join us for pillages, Atlantis, CI and flotilla trips. We have an active base of pirates and officers and we're very friendly! Find any officer online or ask us during one of our voyages to join up.
Bobjanova on Viridian and Malachite
Shops and stalls with fair and profitable wages for all: Jubilee, Napi, Chelydra
Stripped/Barely Dressed (Malachite)
Phantasm/Reign of Chaos (Viridian)
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Joined: Jun 17, 2009
Posts: 1325
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Hello. I am Doulber, captain of the crew; The Setting Sun. We are currently looking for new members to sail the ocean with us. We are a very mature and outgoing crew that doesn't like to put up with the bull**** some crews have. We have many unlocked ships for all officers and are currently looking for experienced pirates to fill these roles. Pirates are always welcome as well! The best part of the crew is that we are a part of the "alliance". You can pm me in game or talk to one of my trusted officers. Thanks!
Official spokesman of Ade446.
Barnabas the Pale tells ye, "You made me literally laugh out loud."

-The D: Retired.

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Joined: Feb 21, 2007
Posts: 349
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Hello. Would you like to play a game?

You may be wondering where your pirate is. I'll tell you where they are. They're in the crew they might die in. Lack of activity, no fun chat, these people aren't grateful. But fear not, salvation is just around the corner. All it asks from you is one little price.... Your STATIONING ABILITIES!

In other words, Jigsaw is recruiting. We're a light-hearted crew full of experienced and talented pirates, we run pillages daily, and we will, in time, be involving ourselves in the blockading scene. We've got plenty of crew ships and many pirates who will gladly lend a helping hand if you should ask for it. So if you're interested, feel free to send a tell to anybody of rank officer and above.
Thyleader, on Virid

Thy, captain of Jigsaw on Mala

The beauty of being neutral is that you get to agree with: your enemy is: everyone

Good luck on Mala, I heard they're all a bunch of ignorant potheads.

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Joined: Feb 18, 2007
Posts: 88
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

The crew Potentially Something is looking for new members. We are an extremely lively crew and someone is almost always on. We have the personality spectrum covered and are looking to add to it. We enjoy late night pillages and our weekly fruit runs. This is a crew of Semi-Elite to Elite pirates, but anyone can join. Our crew is of Renowned fame and will soon be starting a flag. Please send a tell to Kingzink, Yaiba, Static, Illuminate, Barnaby, or Lottiez about joining. See you in crew chat!
FO of Ducha de Oro
Member of the RM, OF, IDLD, Resistance, and PoC Web

It is probably wise that I put some disclaimer here about how I think for myself and do not represent RM and friends...
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Joined: Oct 26, 2007
Posts: 199
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

hoy, the crew piracy is recruiting pirates now!

We will accept anyone, and all we ask for is respect and the right to have fun in return!
Visionary/Visionarye - Coming soon to an ocean near you!

Mitchiie wrote:

"Yes. Snowwman is weird and Boyk is weird. They're definitely siblings. I just have to figure out who the sister is."

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Joined: May 3, 2007
Posts: 1800
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

The crew Duality under the flag Blue Ice is now recruiting new members. Duality hopes to be a mix of experianced pirates to new players who are beggining their quest of piratical adventures.

Officer requirements are simply two respected piracy stats. You have to learn to battle navigate someday, eh?

Just ask Bunnyspawn or Mramazing to be accepted into the crew.
Bunnyspawn, Malachite's most arrogant player.

Also Bunnyspawn on Sage and Hunter;Disgraced on Viridian.

I support PvP in sinking environments.
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Joined: Nov 9, 2005
Posts: 164
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Wicked in the flag Fill in the Blank is recruiting pirates!

Myself, Kaine.

Crew Activities:
Mostly pillaging, both in sloops and larger ships. CIs are not uncommon, flotillas not unheard of and PVP is a goal that we intend to work towards. If you like to run SMH, many of us will happily support it, although it is not something any of us currently do.

Crew Outlook:
Our main aim is to have fun. We are a very friendly and increasingly active crew. The experience of our pirates is varied, ranging from greenies to high level pirates. We don't like elitism. We don't like people being abusive to each other (good natured banter does not qualify). Our emphasis is on coming together to have fun. Whilst we have rules, they are non-specific and non-restrictive. They are summed up best by our public statement: "Be friendly, be helpful, be smart."

We do not have an advancement policy based on reaching specific stats. The main requirement for any promotion is that you are seen around the crew, and are known by the officers to be reliable and friendly. Plenty of our officers do not B-nav, and have no desire to. That does not matter. What matters is that you are the sort of person willing to help out people, chat to people, a person we can trust and who won't do something stupid (like take out a war brig solo). Time in the crew, or having jobbed with us several times and gotten to know us that way, is the only way for advancement to happen.

Who we want:
Pirates who like to chat as well as to play the game, who won't be annoyed by people just chatting in crew chat, who like to work together to have fun. We DON'T want people who will yell "OMFG nub check the wiki" every time someone asks a question, who scream "God i wish i could turn off crew chat" every time someone has a conversation.

Perks for joining:
1) Officer training is offered to anyone who wants to take out pillages, by myself (currently 8th on the battle-nav ranking).
2) Over 35 unlocked crew ships, most of which are stocked, ranging in size from Sloop to Xebec.
3) Wicked is very active in the quietest portion of the day (1-6am pirate time).
4) Be part of a top 10 fame crew, which is constantly growing and has plenty of opportunity for advancement (i.e. no arbitrary restriction on SO and FO numbers).

If you want to join, contact any of our officers, but I (Kaine) am probably your best bet.
Kaine, the Dreamer

Former King of Sick Man's Dream
Former Royal of Fill in the Blank
Former Royal of Utopia

Former Captain (any every rank below) of Wicked

Current drunken bum who occasionally posts when he's bored.
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Joined: Sep 25, 2009
Posts: 11
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Hoes at Sea is a newer crew which is very active. We like to pilly, SMH, CI"s and more. We especially need officers who are already trained. But if training is needed we can provide you with that!

We are on malachite ocean. We have big plans and big expectations! So get ready to become kings and queens of the seas!

I am Landhoe, not landhoe4, so if you are interested, here is what you can do:

1) you can send a tell to Landhoe when you are on PP. hopefully i will be on!

2) you can send me a Private message on this saying what your pirate name is, and which rank you would like to be.

All that want to apply, please let me know which rank. It can help me out a lot by the experience you have had in the past.

Thank you all, and hope to see you all!!

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Joined: Aug 23, 2010
Posts: 20
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates

Brewmasters is now looking for pirates. We are a new crew but i have deep roots in the game i played it a long time ago on a different ocean that is long gone. I recently came back to the game and started crew and found the game even more fun. So i hope you'll join us for some fun. Contact Gibbs if your interested in joining. But I must warn you we do not only promote on rank you must get to know us and that we TRUST you and in that way you'll rise through the ranks faster.
Gibbs on Meridian, King of Necessary Roughness. Gibbsy on Emerald
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Joined: Nov 7, 2005
Posts: 281
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates


In the early stage of Malachite I acquired the crew Vanquish and since than up to now I have never recruited or accepted anyone in the crew as I prefered being a lonesome business magnate.

But since our flag Sick Man's Dream is up and rising with blockade history since week 2 of starting the flag and being active and all..... I'm now recruiting .

What Vanquish has to offer:

* Frequent pillages, SMH's, CI's and (one of) the best Flotilla's of the ocean
* A friendly and helpful environment
* No greeny officers (ranks have to be earned)
* Blockading experience
* Basically everything you need in order to have fun playing a game and make a decent amount of PoE to get yourselves pets,furniture, ships or even familiars within a short time

If you wish to join us simply send a tell to one of the officers/captain of Vanquish or PM me to arrange a date/time to recruit you.
Meridian: Ever
Emerald: Everlasting
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