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Joined: May 20, 2003
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pillage PROBLEMS Reply to this Post
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Ok the problem is, there be nothing for a small ship to pillage

another morning sailing (over 1.5 hours) and only seen 3 green ships and they were all navy, only other thing we seen was a yellow (which wiped us in 2 rounds) (alpha to byrne, bytne to pap, pap to alpha, alpha to cnossos)

most of the routes are barren of small ships on diamond

there is no hard/easy routes at present, they all DEAD boring

there lots of big ship, but we kinda limited to crew size when player base in 8

Please can we have something done QUICKLY, this has been getting worse for the last 3 days, i mentioned the byrne route over 3 days ago and its gotten WORSE instead of better.
Vixen - Captain of The Black Widows.
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Joined: May 14, 2003
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Re: pillage PROBLEMS Reply to this Post
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I agree with you Vixen I spent almost 3 hours last nite trying to get a green ship that wasnt navy and to no luck it is rediculous when all here is is red or orange witch is what I saw if this keeps up i might be so board as to take what little poe I have and start wagering on sword fights to make profit
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Joined: May 14, 2003
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aye.. Reply to this Post
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me flagmates and myself had a long chat with Jack last night about a number of things, one was the insane route between spring and guava, which he then said was fixed. Im wondering if perhaps in fixing this, it threw off some other values; as everyone else has noted, it is in fact DEAD out there. Papaya to alpha seems the most populated at this moment, and our crew of 4 only managed to see 2 green ships (notice, the same ships, exactly) three times all together. Im feeling less and less motivated to pillage; now not only because of the impending move to midnight, but because of the lack of anything to stab and shoot. I'm having fun stalking skellies, at least.
Castaway of Alpha
Survivor of Old Spice & Nyx's Scions
Officer of Black Death
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