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Logical Crafting - one week break (but hint) Reply to this Post
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Logical Crafting is taking a break for one week. The next round will be posted on Friday June 29th. The odds are that round will not be Mackerel, however I do plan to have Mackerel featured in one of the rounds. With that in mind, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Pickerel game on Game Gardens.

Things that will be different in Mackerel than they are in Pickerel:
1. Beads will be used only for splicing, not for placing on the loom for points.

2. Scissors will cut one or more completed rows (plus any incomplete row) from the top of the loom, but will not take all the rows unless you want to do so.

3. Multiple colors of yarn can be on the loom at once. Each row must be a single color still.

4. There will always be 12 spools of yarn in the spool tray until almost the end of the game. Instead of stopping when you run out of useful spools, there is a progress meter on the side. When all the stars in the progress meter fill, the spools disappear and you are allowed to cut whatever cloth is on the loom before the game ends.

5. Instead of a constant stream of single colored squares (Pickerel), after level 1 of Mackerel you will want to try to match the target patterns which use two different colors. This feature will change the strategy for high-end players quite a lot.
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