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"I've been banned/suspended!" - What should I do?

This thread is for those who have been banned from the game and are unsure on what to do,

So, ye've been banned from the game have ye? Well, ye've come to the right place.

You've been banned by an OceanMaster; these be the people who run the game. These people are serious folk, who get payed fer their hard work administrating the social aspect of the game - so expect them to do a fair and just job.

To have been banned or suspended, ye have broken the Terms of Service. Common reasons that new players are punished include (but are not limited to):
  • Swearing repeatedly
  • Being malicious or jest downright nasty to another player
  • Excessive type-stuff-and-hit-enter-repeatedly speech, otherwise known as spamming
  • Verbal abuse of another player, both sexual and non-sexual abuse.
  • Stealing or any attempt to scam PoE (money), doubloons or items unjustly from another player

Now, ye're probably thinking you didn't commit any of these. Well, you may not have done, but someone else using your pirate may have done. Have you given your password out to anyone, besides your parents (if you are young)? Regardless of who violated the rules, you are responsible for all behavior on your account and are expected to NEVER share your account or password with another person.

If your account is suspended, your access to the game will automatically be restored when both the time shown has elapsed and you have typed the message to confirm your acknowledgment of the warning. Please do not contact us about suspensions, as they will expire automatically and we cannot individually review each suspension.

If you believe you should not have been permanently banned from the game, there is a chance that you can get unbanned. If you send in one email to Puzzle Pirates support, and explain yourself thoroughly, politely and courteously, you may be let back in. However, it's possible that you will not.

Once you've sent off a ban appeal, here's a few DOs and DON'Ts.

  • Be patient! These things take time! An OceanMaster has to look up your account, examine the chatlogs, and review your case before you can even hope of being unbanned. Expect up to three to five days for a response.
  • Accept the response. If your little brother did it, and the OceanMasters won't believe you - goodbye, and don't do the same on your next online game! Don't try appealing again if the ruling stays.
  • Just send off one appeal.
  • Try another online game- but read the terms of service; those things may be verbose, but stick by them and you won't be banned.

  • Ask someone else to come on and pester a greeter or an OceanMaster about the situation - greeters are not support staff and cannot do anything about discipline; OceanMasters will refer any banplea issues to the support page and will never discuss an account with anyone other than the account owner.
  • Create a second account and come back yourself
  • Use the "little brother" excuse and expect to get away with it.
  • Send more than one e-mail to banpleading - your request will be pushed to the end of the line if you do so.
  • Disrespect the verdict of the appeal.
  • Post angry threads with swear words or inappropriate messages if you are unhappy with the verdict. Posting on these forums is a privilege and abusing those privileges will get your posting abilities revoked.

    Please note that lying on the forums about your ban is considered a violation of the forum rules, with the automatic denial of any further support action such as banpleas as a possible consequence. If you bring up your ban in public, you also will lose the privilege of having your support history kept private.

    From the Forum Rules: "Anyone bringing up issues on the forums which should be dealt with through other channels will forfeit any privacy or rights they may have had with regard to that issue."

    (Adapted from Piplicus's information sticky, revised 11/21)
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