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Joined: Jan 5, 2006
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Linearts by DJ Reply to this Post
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This right now is not an avatar shoppe for say, it may very well change into one after a while of some good solid advice. Well me like any new artist is looking to see if his work is even market wearthy and thats where you come in.

I need you guys to cretique my work and give me some advice negative or posstive. If this post runs smoothly i will eventually edit this into an avatar thread. So speak up an advice is encouraged.

Note: The first example is not cropped as an avatar to show my style of drawing pants. ( becasue all of you must know that)

Right now i don't have too many example more are on the way.

Edit: Fixed spelling and such
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Joined: Nov 5, 2006
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Re: Linearts by DJ Reply to this Post
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I like it, but I have a coupla comments.

The second guy is good, I like the eyes, but I cant really see some of the facial features like the nose. If he doesn't have a nose, my bad. But I really like him!

The first guy, well I dont know what it is, but he looks too... flat. Is he meant to be leaning? And it kind scares me that he has no neck... but that is just me. I think it is possible that the shading in in the wrong place in parts... but I dont do shading in my avatars, so I wouldnt know. I like the clothes! But we wanna see a bigger hat!

Plus, are you by any chance drawing these in pencil, then scanning them in and filling the gaps? If you are, I know a way which might get rid of the white outlines. If not, no worries.

Do some girls please. You need both examples.

Overall these are pretty good, keep working on them. I dont mean to just be critical, just try and help with advice. These are good, you will soon be really good at them!
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