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[Puzzle Idea] Sechseck? Reply to this Post
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I'm sure this game has other forms under different names, but unfortunately I don't know any of them. Upside means you can probably just steal the game and no one will care. And that's what being a pirate is all about.

Anyway, the basic premise is as follows. You play on a board that looks like so:

Pieces are taken from the bottom right (much like in carpentry) and placed on the board wherever you feel like. Scoring is based on placing either like shapes or like colors together, or both. More similarities = more points. Tiles with a multiplier multiply the score of the piece placed there by the number on the tile. Not rocket science.

Of course, you only have about five or six seconds to place each piece, as indicated by the timer in the top right.

Here's a board after it's been played for a bit. Note like colors and shapes have been grouped (a little), and the skull up at the top. If you don't place a piece before the timer runs out, a skull tile appears at a random location. That tile can no longer be used, so this is something you'd want to avoid. Again, not rocket science. The game ends when the board is full.

The nice thing is I think it could be easily piratified, and in the process it might make a good foraging puzzle. Maybe instead of squares, circles, triangles, and diamonds, it could be rocks, plants, etc. Then each color would indicate the commodity of said shape and color. Like white + rock would be Leushite or whatever it is (I really wish I knew for the sake of example), blue + rock would be Cubanite or whatever, and so on. Only islands that produce a certain commodity would have it appear in the box in the corner, and rarer ones would appear less often. I suppose you'd have to score a certain amount with each commodity to harvest a unit of it, and so forth.

But if not, I'm sure it could be used as a crafting puzzle of some sort. This is all just an idea anyway; thought I may as well throw it out there in case it sounded good or you needed ideas. No pressure. Relax. Just take it easy.

Put down that knife.

[EDIT]: It's Tellerium and Papagoite; thanks Stormy. Also, I imagine the actual score wouldn't be displayed, as with the other puzzles. Total score probably wouldn't be important anyway, just points per piece. That way, an island producing tons of wood would produce almost only wood pieces, which would start to score big since they'd all be next to other wood pieces (same color and shape), ensuring you still get a lot of wood rather easily. On the other hand, an island that produced Thorianite would only produce, say, one piece per game (if even that many), and in order to score high enough with that piece to get some Thorianite, it would have to be next to other pieces of the same shape or color, or possibly even on a multiplier tile. Am I making sense?

Oh, and maybe smaller islands would have smaller play areas, and larger islands larger ones. But I don't think it's important.
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