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Thread Status: Locked
Thread Type: Announcement Thread
Forum Status: Locked
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Spam, in all its forms, is not permitted either in the game or on the forums. In addition to the definition of spam given in the Terms of Service it also includes low or no content posts posted to the forums. In order to maintain the integrity and readability of the forums threads that encourage or contain content-light postcounting are currently, and will continue to be, moved to the locker. This is not a new policy. It is simply the restating and application of our current policy.

To this end, no-content, excessive bumps have no place on this forum (not even in a thread created for that specific purpose). While we do understand the intent and spirit that the bump thread was created in, it is not appropriate. Those found to be specifically bumping threads without reason will have their forum access removed without further warning. The same applies to those attempting to recreate threads that were locked and sunk.

Examples of suitable reasons for bumping threads:
1. You wish to add meaningful content to a previous subject without starting a new thread.
2. You've updated information in a previous post in the same thread with information (example: updating the first post in an event thread with a list of winners, time changes, etc).

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