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Joined: Jun 9, 2006
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Phoenix Foundation

Crew: Phoenix Foundation
Flag: Relinquo Angelus
Archipelago: Jade

Division: Even

Aim: Our aim is to build a friendly enviroment, make lots of Poe, and become an overall strongly based crew

Cabin Person = **Just ASK!!** Have you ever heard the saying it never hurts to ask?? Well it doesn't :p lol

Pirate = **Have at least 3 narrows** in the piracy puzzles. Rumbling and Sword fighting excluded :p

Officer = **Have at least 3 broads and 2 solids** Here rumbling is again excluded but Sword Fighting IS NOT. ALSO 1 OF THE BROADS MUST be in BATTLE NAVIGATION!!

Fleet officer = **Have all Piracy puzzles at Solid and NO ABLES** you must also have my trust. You too must pass a Battle Navigating test but the training session is excluded ? Ohh and a ship would always be nice!!

Senior Officer = **Have GREAT stats and have my complete trust and friendship.** Also do not ask for this position it will be given to you when we feel that the time is right :p again it is recommended that you have possession of your own ship!!

Contact: Macgyver, Vladimirds, or Jdalton if your interested we would be glad to have you.
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Joined: Jun 2, 2005
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Re: Phoenix Foundation

Crew seeking pirates:

On all oceans, but mainly Viridian.
Captain of Trigonometry. Lord and former royal of RiddleMakers.
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Joined: Apr 11, 2006
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Re: Phoenix Foundation

I think my crew member put this up on accident could someone move it to the correct thread please :)
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