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Joined: Aug 26, 2005
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Can someone on midnight train me in one of the games ye can have a tourney on i want to be able to get a familiar or use me skills to get me poe to get an estate and i am very very desprite and im about to give up :(.
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Joined: Nov 10, 2004
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Re: Training

Your likelihood of achieving either of your goals will be better if you go back to pillaging. Although a slower method, you are guaranteed to get there eventually (enough poe to buy an estate or a familiar), whereas in the tournament games, you will likely lose close to as much as you win.
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Joined: Sep 19, 2003
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Re: Training

Also keep an eye on the news when you login. Keep another one on the events thread of your ocean. You may be able to win a familiar without actually being good at any puzzles.
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Joined: Aug 20, 2005
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Re: Training

Familiars are routinely given out for writing, visual art, and other forms of creative expression. There's actually a writing familiar contest ongoing (Oceanwide Events, Oh Nose Where's My Nose), VisArt contests seem to recur at intervals of 2-3 months (in the mean time, you can draw a portrait background, which is still great recognition of your work), and if singing's your thing, I think Scarymuffin's putting together a YPP Idol-type deal. Unsure of the prize, but I strongly suspect he's got the full hog there.

This being said, you should practice your puzzles regardless... familiars look cool, but you meet much cooler people (considering the amount of "Y WNT U LET MI BARROW MUNKIE 4 PORTAIT!!!!" and "will you sell me your octopuss for 500 poe?" tells I imagine you'd get), make actual liquid PoE, and have a lot more fun (unless you're a docktart) when you pillage.
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