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Joined: Jul 4, 2010
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Re: Flags seeking Crews

Majestic Marauders!

Ahoy matey's! We're a growing flag and welcome all crews, big and small. We're also welcoming allies to our flag.

Public Statement:
"Life is pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I am a pirate, after all." Johnny Depp

Extended Public Statement:
Ahoy mateys! We're a growing flag and hope to expand, and welcome all crews to join us. If you'd like an invite to join the flag send a tell to myself or one of the royal's and we'll send you one. If you're looking for a new crew we have wonderful captains and they all will kindly welcome you into their crews.


Total current members: 47
Senior Officer, Rated Arr
Midnight Ocean
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Joined: Jan 21, 2006
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Re: Flags seeking Crews

Would you like to get into the blockading game, but are a long way from getting there? Think about joining Riot. We are an active blockading flag, and we're looking to build new in-flag blockading talent. We have the fleets and the experience, and we're glad to share.

We're a mature group of players, with many experienced mates willing to give tips and support when needed. There's usually active /fo chat, and we also have active flag forums. As a group, we enjoy all facets of the game (may vary for individuals) and we value in-flag cooperation.

We like to keep the number of royal spots restricted - it's necessary for a speedy voting process. Sufficiently large crews will get titled member spots, but virtually all flag decisions are made on the FO+ level, so titles aren't necessary to participate.

If you'd like to be part of Riot, contact us in the game, or via forum PM.

Sprngweather & Picory
Avatar by the talented Sancha
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Joined: Aug 16, 2010
Posts: 42
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Re: Flags seeking Crews

I don't know if anyone still looks at this but, it's worth a try.

Hello, my flag's name is the Bacio Italiano. We are a independent flag, and like any good flag we wish to be the best flag out there! We also would like to also someday, own an island. We would love to have you part of the flag, and we are like a family. We treat each other fairly and like a brother or sister. There is no donations for you to give us, after all, we are family! You don't need any requirements to be in our flag, just yourself and a crew!

If you would like to contact someone to join the flag, please contact Kysha. You can leave me a PM or talk to me in the game.
~ Cap'n Kysha , Avatar by, Cattrin <3

"Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? I'm a pirate, after all." - Johnny Depp
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Joined: Dec 10, 2003
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Re: Flags seeking Crews

/e tosses a hat into the ring.

Bipolar is looking for new...or old crews that want to have fun. We run pillages, flotillas, and occassionally will take a ship or two into Atlantis. We've got a mix of all sorts of crew with some doing shoppe maintence, foraging, or just tarting on shore. We don't tax our crews, but instead try to give back to the crews since they are what make any flag great. Donations from pirate/crews are always welcome, but not required. If you'd like to join the flag please speak to any royal. Yarrr
Captain of Gods of War
King of Tyranny
Blockade madman
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Joined: Feb 7, 2005
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Re: Flags seeking Crews

Victory Raiders

We are currently accepting interested crews - both new and old - into our growing flag. We're an eccentric and fun bunch, and, although you don't necessarily have to be crazy, you might want to be willing to give it a go!

We run weekly flag pillages, and build our collective wealth through a donation system only. You will find ample opportunity to job within the crew on an assortment of activities; from basic sloop pillages through to massive sea monster hunts. There are also fun events to join that occur both in flag and to the ocean at large.

We welcome pirates young and old, and have a very diverse group of players within the flag already. We are also generous in our time and are willing to help out our flag mates with all of their piratey goals.

If your crew is interested, please get ahold of any of the royalty team, and we would love the chance to talk to you about joining us!

Nuemenor and Victory Raiders

Our flag information may be found at:

Auzziemoo officer chats, "quite a few lazers. im pretty sure not all of them are gunning or writing a book"
Freja says, "if you survive a week - you will be ready to help us scare the next new pirate half to death"
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