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New Release: Many ways to purchase, or free forever, and either way you look snazzy.

New ways to Purchase!

We will shortly be incorporating many more payment options into the game for both Doubloons and Subscription.
  • Paypal, fully integrated and instant.
  • PayByCash, which incorporates: Virtual Check ("E-Check") / Direct Debit, NETeller®, Wire or Bank Transfer, INSTADEBIT®, paysafecard®, Paynova, Splash Plastic, Certa-Pay, Paymate, eNets, Western Union SwiftPay™, Western Union QuickPay™, Easecard, Mail or FAX Your Check, Money Order via Postal Service, e-gold®, WebMoney Transfer, GoldMoney®, hyperWALLET, Cyphermint's PayCash System, TravelersExpress MoneyGram, and moneybookers™.
  • Pay by sending us a text message on your cell phone! Available to users in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
  • And, as always, pay by credit card.

Free Play Forever

Our research into player purchases has shown that you tend to purchase for the extras, not because your trial ran out. So, we're allowing trial players all the time they need to decide to purchase, and meting out the non-essentials in tasting portions. The plan also has the interesting side-effect of letting paying players know exactly when their favorite inn games will be overrun by Greenies, and giving them the rest of the week to play with the regulars.

With the new release (by 10/21), we'll be extending the time of the free trial indefinitely, but limiting trial players' off-ship puzzling. The duty puzzles and regular dueling are always available to trial players. The remaining puzzles each are available for free one day of the week. So, a trial player could be playing "Treasure Drop Tuesday," but can't play Treasure Drop on Saturday, instead playing "Shipwright Saturday," or some such. On a Subscription ocean, subscribing opens up the whole game as always. On Doubloon oceans, the Labor Badge will open all labor puzzles, and the new Parlor Badge will open all parlor games.
The one special case is Swordfighting. A trial player can always have street challenges and boarding battles, but treats like Swordfighting tourneys and brawls work on the once-a-week basis as above. So, Swordfighting will have a free Tourneys and Brawls day, but on other days, those options are reserved to Subscribers or Parlor Badge owners.

New Intro

In the continuing effort to turn trial players into better customers, we've completely overhauled the intro experience. We massaged the cumbersome old intro vessel into a series of missions that a player can undertake in the order they choose, and which make for a much more enticing and gradual blend into the regular game.
A huge advantage of splitting up the intro like this is that we can add a lot more to it without increasing the likelihood that a new player will just skip the whole thing. So, there are missions on how to trade properly, how to get and arrange your furniture, and how to not be a barrelstopper.
Coincident to this, we've also rearranged regular players' missions a bit to not only direct you better to where we think you want to go, but also always give you the option to do any mission available to you.
And there's a cute girl giving you handy tips.
Check it out on the Ice testing ocean.


As anyone who's been to the Ice testing ocean has seen, there are a bunch of new stuff to collect and show off. New outfits for both sexes, with a bonus in your trousers! Oh, hush. Also, the first sets of Trinkets, that can be collected and traded and displayed in your new Display Case furniture. Cuddly!

There are also plenty of various fixes and tweaks, including making the dock arrows pop up above the people standing on them, and reducing that crowd anyway by allowing you to log in straight to your home.

Release Notes will have the full list of updates when we ship it.
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