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Joined: May 30, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy Soldier this is the story of General Netix of Viridian.

Okay Hades's troops really got tactical points of the battlefield were on shore now waiting for the Go! Go! Go! thingy from my tactician.
(Voice from ship):GO! GO! GO!
It will be a tough battle soldiers but we must march to the inn and sabotage their delicious rum *nam*nam* and guess how we will do it?WE WILL DRINK IT!!! yippeee this was the most delicious mission of my life....
When Hades heard that the inn has been sabotaged he is launched an attack on the war brig of Netix. The Long Grunion.This Brig is modified with N2O and nuclear cannons!!!!....just kiddin its a junk ship. Well when Hades' and his troops got on to the ship we blew the ship with enough gunpowder and a C4 explosive to my best pal from Military's Locker .
(I ment Davy Jones's Locker its hard to believe that he opened a LockerHouse at the bottom of the sea. Well he was a skilled warrior he could have assisted me on my fierce battle but he said he has a business appointment with Till Mates the God of Lockers.)
Uh-oh it was the Kraken again and it took me from the docks and it brought to Hades' mansion Hades said " hehehe its the hero that blew the ship.Lets play basketball" he said "3on3 street rules go and bring two teammates" i rushed to the kraken and he took me to the Sakejima Docks again.
I took my Friends Cny and Flamex with me to Hades' Mansion again he was wearing a "Hadesss!!!! B-Ball Jersey" his teammates were Two Red-Head-Skellie-Pirates it was a nice match when the match started Flamex grabbed the ball and his sword and knocked the Two Red-Head-Skellies down.Hades was easy he started taunting him and he went really angry and he Burnt the B-Ball court and he got a technique foul and he got disqualified so... WE GOT THE ISLAND!!!!!

Ahoy Judges this is the plan of Politician Netix of Viridian.

-a shack for beginners and poor ones
-a mansion for rich pirates
-a cottage and a rowhouse for not very rich and not very poor pirates.

-all types of bazaars and shoppes
-a well decorated Inn
-the coolest port around
-the best Palace
-and lots of other things

Well for taxes unless we got the Pieces o' Eight we need to run the island they will be not so low but after our plan becomes fully functionable it will be low again.

------------EVENTS & ACTIVITES------------
- a race to near islands
- tourneys! with a pot of 1000 Pieces o' Eight
- no tax events!!!

Th?s was the plan and story of Netix Riqua.

(Note: i use the account named netixriqua for the new White-Name-Pirate thingy =) )
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Joined: May 11, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Sakejima on cobalt. current most active pirate on cobalt is Theonepirate.

Ahoy all!

There are many things that i think could and should be done with Sakejima. First is that I belive that there should be at least 2 of every type of building besides Palace and Inn. Also i want to offer cheaper prices for stalls. I think it would be good if more people could own stalls. I also will not say that i will lower taxes because if the island is low on money im not gonna LOWER taxes. However when there is enough in the palace funds then i will probably lower taxes. I think this will help allow more people to buy ships and such because a lot of the time taxes on a couple more thousand. I also would like to let people have fun. If governor i would scehdule fun activites such as prize tourneys. Some people are new to prize tourneys so i will explain them briefly so i do not get off topic. There is a collection of prizes that one person keeps. then there is a tourney. there is no fee to the tourney or any prize bonus but after you win a match you will get a trade request from one of the sponsers of the tourney. after each win you will get a prize. the prizes get better as the tourney gets farther along. Back to the island there would be more house buildings than 2. some people cant afford 80,000 POE houses but they would like better than a shack. I would offer as many high price houses as i would low price houses. There would be no better choice for governour of this island then TheOnePirate
Demonfire of Cobalt
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Joined: Aug 2, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Governors are weak, pathetic creatures. Selling fruit and rearranging palace furniture is no way to rule an island. I will rule Jorvik under the title of Caesar, and all citizens and slaves will submit to my authority.

The residents shall pay me tribute in deference to my greatness. And I will provide them with spectacles, the likes of which have never been seen before! A neverending celebration will commence, featuring games of skill and courage. Travelers from far and wide will come to my island to partake in the festivities and patronize the local businesses. Our economy will prosper and the tribute paid to me will increase beyond imagination. On special occasions, I will host massive competitions where our populace may watch as entire ships compete in mortal combat, trying to prove themselves worthy of my favor.

I will also take residence in a grand mansion, atop a hill overlooking the city, so that I may survey the prosperity created by my enlightened leadership. I will host lavish parties for my loyal subjects, with much drunken debauchery. The most valued citizens will receive houses of their own, as a reward for their service, though none will be as elegant as my own domicile.

Under my rule, Jorvik will become the jewel of the civilized world. Other islands will look upon it in awe, recognizing that its greatness could only be realized by the magnificent leadership of a true Caesar.

(Translation: I will use Jorvik as an event island, with a regular schedule of local tournaments and ocean-wide events. In addition to weekly swordfighting, drinking, and Treasure Drop tournaments, I will also host occasional mini-bakeoffs, artisan contests for local citizens, ship races, PvP contests, and event blockades. Event prizes will be funded through a combination of tax proceeds, trade profits, and donations from local merchants. Frequent local tournaments will encourage people to make Jorvik their home and will increase foot traffic at shops and stalls. Ocean-based events will bring more ships to Jorvik, resulting in a more active economy as well. I will also reward select business owners with a free Bungalow, based on a monthly drawing. And in order to play the role of Caesar, I will purchase and furnish my own mansion and flagship for hosting parties. I will place absolutely no new construction sites, nor will I actively try to demolish any existing buildings.)
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Joined: May 3, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I would like to be the Governor of Viridian's beautiful island Sakejima
I play as Viska and here is my plan:

1:Build more Housing for richer and poorer pirates

2:Make a donation center out of second room in the bar (noone uses it anyway...)that will work on principal of :you have 1.000.000 and you donate 20.000 PoE then you lose all yer money and cannot hold his shop open...he comes to me to get just right enough money to keep his shop opened.This was also intended to help Greenies and poor people to get them on feet.

3:Il try to make this game as real as it can get

4:Il open insurance center to give insurance to pirates in sinking blocades so pirates would be able to insure them self.

5:Il hold lots of strange tournaments every week starting next week if im elected(tournaments would go like: Find this pirate by a given info and then talkto him he will give you info on your next target and so on until you find the last one whit the treasure...)

6:Il organise partyes

7:Il try to make voyage partyes aound other islands (inhabited and not)

8.And last il cut the taxes

Thats all though i doubt il be elected the chances are 10.000.000:1

Still I hope so...And i shal continue to bow all mighty lord and god Hades...
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hello. I'm Brontes. I'm Hades' half-cousin. It's a complex family tree and holidays are a nightmare.

OK, so I'm a cyclops, and no one has heard of me, but along with my two brothers I've made invisibility caps, tridents and thunderbolts for the gods. I'm pretty useful to have around the house and I'm not averse to a spot of revolution.

Anyway, Hades let slip down the Cross Styx last night that he wanted someone to run Jorvik for him. Having spent a little too long in Tartarus and then ages slaving over a hot anvil I'm keen for a little fresh air. Although the smell of burning powder still hangs around Jorvik it's still better than sharing a forge with Steropes. Someone should mention to him the many benefits of washing occasionally.

If Hades chooses me to run Jorvik my plan is simple. I was going to build a couple of furnishing shoppes and use the money for events, but Hades has put paid to that plan. It seems I wasn't the only one buying drinks in the Cross Styx. They'll let anyone in these days.

Instead I will build one furnishing shoppe and hold a monthly competition for the right to manage it. These competitions will alternate between in-game and forum-based competitions. I'll probably let pretty much anyone run a shoppe competition, as long as it meets my high standards. I hear the denizens of Jorvik love running events. The first competition will be to name the shoppe. The Nordic and literary themes will be followed, which unfortunately rules out "Blood and Brontes".

In between times I'll join up with another Governor to allow pirates to compete in fruit runs. As a result of active trading from the palace I'll build up a mighty store of health-giving fruit. Other governors will be justly envious of the healthy Jorvik people and will want some fruit for themselves. Just deliver the given number of the chosen fruit from Jorvik to the other palace in the fastest time and win. Palace records will be used to check times, so this is a competition you can do when you like.

The palace will ensure a ready supply of reasonably priced rum and shot, along with other goods to tempt pillagers and traders alike. I haven't spent 18 months running an iron monger without getting a pretty good idea of the riches that lie in Ruby for anyone brave enough to face the brigands.

I'll keep the taxes low. Obviously I'd aim for 0%, but circumstances change. I certainly don't wish to profit off the tradespeople of Jorvik while I'm in power. Palace trading will bring in the money I need for prizes. I also have no stomach for complicated rebate schemes. I'm an artisan, not an accountant.

So, what's my unique proposition? Well, Hades has already shown the way. Instead of building more shoppes I will allow any deed holder to dust their shoppe and build another of any type. Fed up with your ship yard? Convert it to a tailors. Too many tailors? Build a weavery. All it will cost you is the building materials and labour. This will make the Jorvik economy quick to react to changing ocean macroeconomics and reduce the pressure for new build. Proper positioning of shoppes will occur. I will retain on my staff some of the finest island planners on Midnight.

Under my benevolent rule Jorvik will thrive again. The Curse will be lifted by the singing of a hundred happy pirates. Peace and love will reign, at least until I get thrown in jail again.

Oh, and if any one sees Poseidon, tell him he still owes me for the trident.
A Far Too Jolly Roger

Et des boyaux du dernier prêtre - Serrons le cou du dernier roi.

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Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate Name: Maledict
Ocean: Midnight
Alt Name: Morbus

The people of Jorvik have suffered a lot,
To many blockades and the economy is shot,
It needs a new start, lets sweep these streets clean
A future to believe in, you see what I mean.

Taxes are essential, in order to grow
Reinvest, replenish, once the poe starts to flow
Shops are the lifeblood, too many make it run thin,
Restore the balance (and get a furnishers in).

Games are our lifeline, lets not stop the fun
Tourneys for all skills, and I've only begun
I'm a party-loving guy - if a bit of a lush,
And let's face it, a great improvement on Bush.

Specialize, revitalize, this island needs work,
Good management takes time, I will not shirk.
From my throne in the palace, with the edicts I'll give,
I'll make this place a haven, where even OMs want to live.

The island's just the beginning, you'd better watch out
Once I've got my eye in, there won't be a doubt
I'm after the Ringers, my cleaver in hand
I'll take them all on, on sea or on land.

So if you decide that you like what you see
Get out yer ballot, and vote fer me
And if'n ye don't, I'll cackle with glee
As my tiny sloop sails right over thee!

Signed: Morbus, the future Governor of Jorvik
Snowfire says, "Don't be green in front of other poeple, Zima"
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy!! This is Hulapirates of Cobalt Ocean. As opposed to certain governor we come to know in films, I will be popular and effective. I will meticulously carry out the plan below and will bring fun to the entire Cobalt Ocean (who says that hell cannot be fun and happy?).

Civic Life

My major goal to improve the civic lives of my citizens is to expand the various social groups that they may join beyond their crews. A "Forum of Sakejima" will be established. Events will be announced and island issues will be discussed there. Every citizen is expected to register.

The first thing that I'll build is a villa (or something bigger). This building will house various governmental and social organizations. Each villa within the building may have unlimited number of roommates and is accessible only by roommates. Roommate eligibility will be determined by the nature of the organization and is subject to the approval of the governor or his delegate. Meetings and social functions of that group will be held in the villa.

In each villa, there will be a notice board similar to the news board in a shop. Announcements will be made here. An out-of-game forum also may be established to accommodate more complex issues of the group.

The first kind of social group that may be housed in the villa is a trading market. Any citizen of Sakejima may become a roommate. Many people have things to buy or sell. A member of this group may leave a message on the notice board indicating the goods that they want to trade. Entries will be erased at the end of every week. Instead of randomly soliciting people, this will provide a much more efficient way to buy and sell things. The notice board function also may be implemented at the inn.

Alternatively, I can turn the bank into a pawn shop. At certain times of the week, staff of the bank will be there to buy selected items from people. I'll install a display cabinet (which is already available in ICE) from which people can buy items. The initial start up cost may be waived, but there?ll be a weekly tax levied on it.

About houses -- a pirate currently has no idea what a house looks like from the inside until she's bought it or knows somebody who owns a house of that kind. This may turn potential buyers away since they cannot get to see the house before they buy. To encourage realty ownership, I'll build each type of housing on the island and put aside a display unit for everybody to see.

I'll buy a pig or sheep and place it at the dock. Sakejima's visitors will be much amused when they're greeted by such cute animals.


Another social group that may be housed in the villa is the "Shop Keeper Coalition of Sakejima." Any shop keeper on the island may join the group. Shop keepers may exchange shop keeping tips within this group. This also will provide a place for shop keepers to collectively adjust their prices or boycott acts that may ruin the market.

There will also be a "Labor Union of Sakejima." Any pirate who has a job on the island may join this group. This will provide a chance for workers to exchange tips for improving their craft puzzle skills and exchange information as to what stalls are best to work for. Laborers may also use this group to organize a mass strike against low paying employers (which won?t likely happen).

With respect to the raw materials spawned on Sakejima, I'll take measures to control the bid prices. Depending on the available funds, I'll buy and put in reserve large amount of materials spawned on Sakejima. When the bid price shoots up to an unreasonable level, I'll release the stored materials into the market, thereby lowering the market price of such goods. I'll focus on the trade of iris roots and cubanite since they are only available in Sakejima at the moment.

I'll probably keep tax rate at 1-2%, but I'll need to do the math once I control the island. All income will be used for island improvement and prizes for contests.

Ships are the driving force of economy -- more pillage, more rum and shot consumption. As such, I?ll make many ships and sell them on other islands slightly below market price. Since all the ships will be docked at Sakejima, it'll encourage people to immigrate there.


Blockading other islands is not my main objective. A fleet will be built only to the extent that it's enough to defend the island. This is so that all the surplus resources can go towards prizes of contests.

Battle navigation quizes -- I'll take screen shots of real sea battle and record the moves of the ships. Then I'll ask participants to "predict" the moves of the bot ship. Alternatively, the question may be what is the best moves to shoot the bot ship.

Shooting lots of cannon balls at each other is fun. Multi-player sea battles are even more fun. I propose that this event will be held weekly. For a reasonable fee, participants will use the tourney board to sign up within one hour before the start of the battle. Each round will last for an hour. The fees collected will be used for island construction and prizes for tournaments. This type of exercise will also boost the sale of ship supplies of the island.

Before the tourney board has this function, I'll advertise weekly mass PvP contests. Ships will gather at Sakejima and will chart their courses to Viridis or Terra. The contest will last for an hour. Any type of ship may participate. I'll make these routes the busiest PvP routes.

Duels of solo sloops -- Ships of the same kind deport and sail at the same time. They'll immediately engage their respective assigned opponent. The winner of the last round win the grand prize.

Contest pillaging trips will be held periodically. Basically, it?ll be just like any other pillaging trips only that the ranks on the report will be noted and people cannot change station for the duration of the trip. At the end of the trip, bonus will be given to people who score highest.

To facilitate exploration, I'll place about 5 supply ships in each arch at strategic places.


Before a blockade that Death?s Gate is directly involved in, each participating crew member may elect to give the crew 1k. In the event of an injury, the crew will reimburse the pirate 10k for recovery. If the pirate chooses not to pay the extra 40k to recover from the injury, he or she may still keep the money as a "disability benefit."


The villa will also house a "Greenie Academy" of which any Sakejima citizen may become a member. In the academy, there'll be a number of stations for each type of puzzle (including ship and craft puzzles). Playing the puzzles here will not affect the experience nor ability level so that a pirate may take her time to experiment new ways to do things. However, certain puzzles (e.g. gunning and navigation) are locked until the pirate has attained certain navy ranks.


"Greenie Tournaments" will be held each week. Only non-subscribers are eligible to join. The prizes will be primarily subscriber-only items so that subscription is encouraged.

I'll make many sloops so that a sizable sloop race can be held (perhaps once a month). Anybody, including greenies and pirates who don't own a ship, may join. The prize will naturally be a sloop. This is to foster the dream of becoming a vessel captain.

Tourist, honeymoon and wedding services will be provided for a reasonable fee. Some people like to have parties on remote picturesque islands. I'll make so many sloops such that I can place one at each island. When a pirate wants to throw her party on a particular island, myself or my crew member will whisk to that island and job her guests.

Another fun idea is to have a haunted house full of skellies. One or more pirates may enter the haunted house. Then they use the brawl table to start the fight. The number of skellies who'll join the brawl will match the number of pirates. If the skellies win, they take the money wagered and nothing else. The money will go into a jackpot that may be won by the next winner. The wager will be 10% of the jackpot.

This is a bit far-fetched but is certainly fun. The developers can put an island near Sakejima about 5-6 leagues away. For a period of one week, pirates can go pillage in the vicinity of Sakejima. When they win, they may get a map leading to that island. Each map represents only one league of the route. The first pirate to reach the island will rule it on the condition that she joins Death's Gate.
Cobalt: Hulapirates/Hula
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ocean: Midnight.
Pirate name: Kivo.
Alt name: Erebus.

Erebus lowers to one knee.

"Many have thought me as an image in your reflection, master. Many have seen me as your son. Many believe that we could be brothers."

"I have terrorized and shaken the lives of many, but not yet the pirate world. Give me the land and let me continue to reign."

"I have not yet money. I have not yet a fleet. But I have my wits. And I have my pain."

"If you gave me the honour of power on this land I shall move in your image. My darkness shall see only the bounds of your order. Decorum shall become chaos, and light will become dark."


If I were given power over the island first of all I would ask of the light to be changed. The light hue and general warmth of the sun should be lowered, so that a darkness could stalk the lands.

The economy system would work on a majorly selfish system; working towards expanding the fleets and legions of the damned. It would be a huge drain on poe, but this would all be at the very least replaced by the work put into it. I would inject as much fo a cashflow as I could; and there would be no such thing as a crew cut; only an island cut.

The main objective would be to power the crew and flag that rules over the island. To drain every resource to make it an all consuming power so that anyone involved could reap the benefits. There would be no give towards PvP'ers; there would be no apologies for poe trading hands. But if there is any problem with cashflow; if people start to feel they are losing out, they are more than welcome to enter the shadows.

I would employ as many mates as I knew were available, and each should have his own control. I would ignore current flag bounds and ties, and all those interested could ally for the sole purpose of chaos. If two flags are already at war, then let them be; but the strength between two enemies is a much more powerful one than that of friends.

I would encourage as many mates I have, pull as many strings as I can grab, and wangle any setup that I could. There would be a boundless onslaught of pillagery; any mates who wouldn't want to PvP would have to whistle to the wind. We be pirates mates; ye can't expect to always haul in yer haul. Now ye may think this may just be a form of spite; but any mates who wished could join. If ye'd had a bad run in with the power of the darkness then ye'd know it's power. Join it.

I don't intend to have power for any kind of long term basis; this would last months at the very most. But it would give ye a reason to lock up yer doors at night. There'd be times when ye'd know we were coming. There'd be times when ye wouldn't.

I would pull any mate with any kind of experiance if they'd have it. Any old salts with as much know-how as the game can handle. The top in every archipelago. The top in the ocean.

We would take on skellies as often as we could find 'em. A mass partying within the group every week at least; terrorizing not only other mates; but the undead aswell. The black ship would fall at our feet, and it's crew-mates would litter the ocean floor; unless they bowed to our power and handed over the deed to their ship. In which case we would sail it proudly under the black banner of Hades. (If this is a possibility).

Any poe I had would go towards any fleet that was needed. Any time I had would go towards any terror that could be had.

A mass collection of resources from everyone who had any interest in creating the legions of Hades would build the island. Black cloth; great ships and dark swords would be a plenty. And power would be shared with all.

I would employ people to train, and I would help to train myself. PvP would become a long-term practice; and all would be trained well. I would not hesistate to drop a chest upon my own island, safe in the knowledge that if any attacked they would be slaughtered. This would allow any of the darker legions a space to practice against one and other; to sink one and other before getting up and trying again.

I intend not to be a "leader"... more a medium through which the mighty overlord could concentrate his power in order to control other pirates. Anyone who played under my crew-control would have as much input as I had. There would be chaos; but it would be controlled.

Tournies after every pillage with poe and commods that return to me after a haul; and pillages every night that the flag was active (assuming this would be a certain time during the week that mates wish to enforce darkess; with alts or otherwise). Grand Frigates would become the norm and Hades would become the name on every tongue.

Only the best would be given the helm, only the fastest the gun. Rank would come with trust and experiance shown; power would be granted to the skilled.

If I were given the title of governer; I would play the role as the name suggests. Inside the capacity of the game (but within outright harmfulness towards other players) I would attempt to become Erebus. I would attempt to become the embodiment of primordial darkness; the son of Chaos.

And let it be known; if I am not given power...I submit my sole to Hades and his best judgement. Whoever gains the power of this island (provided they wish to uphold the darkness of Hades) gains my support wherever is may be needed.


You may have noticed this account is not active; nor does it have Erebus as a character under it's control. I shall be re-subscribed within the near future (this can be hurried along if needs be) and the name is held under an alternative account. I have very little money scince I only just returned to the game; but having played the game for well over a year back in the good old days... I know a lot of old salts and have enough strings to pull on for this to happen.
Kivo - for the lady, sir?
Her sugar daddy would.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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At the bequest of me mates I am submitting this project plan. My plan to govern Jorvik is simple in it's layout but complex in its execution. My name is Jafo and I am the King of the Flag Queen Anne's Revenge (A new and fast growing Flag) and First Mate in the crew Veni Vidi Vici. I have several years of management experience and consider myself as a people orientated person. I am an intelligent and simple man. I operate by two rules. Manage by Walking Around and the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy. I also believe in surrounding myself with people that know what they are doing and I listen very well. I believe that the governorship of Jorvik should be of the people represented by involvement of the people in all aspects of governing to include participation in the decision making process up to but not including the actual making of a decision and a This proposal will be presented in phases of implantation.

Phase I: Obviously Jorvik is an operational island as it sets. I would learn the overall concepts of how the governorship works and my duties and obligations. To learn these things I would research all the available materials and get involved in all the appropriate forums I can find. The Forums would be my source of Q&A so that I don't have to bug the OM's very much. I would introduce myself to the local businesses and their owners. Speak with them and see what they believe would enhance their trade on Jorvik.

Phase II: Use a committee of locals to develop the following strategies: Develop a plan of action to enhance Jorvik and make it a better place to live and do trade. Develop a plan to entice more people and businesses to Jorvik. This plan would include enhancing businesses, housing, and citizen participation in evolving this island. I would assist in developing a strategic plan to monitor the fiscal status of the island and increase its coffers without over taxing the locals or businesses.

Phase III: Communicate with the businesses and people of Jorvik offering them a look at our plans of action and allowing them input into changing the overall plans. Set up a base of people from the community to help by joining a govenors board who will select project managers for each plan of action.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Governorship of Jorvik is to represent the people of Jorvik ensuring the community of Jorvik is a safe, secure, happy place to live.

Vision Statement

Jorvik is a safe, secure, and happy place to live. Our citizens lead healthy prosperous lives. Pirates will come from all over the Oceans to Jorvik to live or be enveloped by all aspects of our island.

Thanks mates.
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frosen dead from a bow without ever feeling sorry for itself.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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As Charon, I would use the coins of the island of Jorvik to continue its rich history by making players ferry across the blockade board once a month. Under my plan the island would have a monthly event blockade, with prizes being paid for by the taxes of the island and trade from the palace. The tax rate would be set at 10%, which would raise about 15k per week.

Using the ~60k raised from the taxes the blockade would feature events such as, but not limited to, sloop races, last man standing, king of the hill, paint ball sloops, and duel cutter matches. Prizes will be given based on how much money is left in the coffers in the form of ships, furniture and other item based prizes.

The island will not have any new buildings built on it.
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Warning about Hades Plans for Sakejima on Viridian Reply to this Post
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Gentle Pirates it is my sad duty to inform you of a plan that has come to light of the foulest nature. This has been of concern and conjecture all across Viridian every since Hades, Lord of Death, took control of fair Sakejima. We have all wondered what the Dark Lord of the Deep has been up too. There have been many rumors and theories that have been whispered in back rooms and over mugs of rum. Up until this point none of these theories and rumors had any evidence to back them up.

Now it is my duty to release a communication that was intercepted between Charun, Gatekeeper of Hades and the Lord of Death himself. Many pirates lost their lives trying to bring this plan to light. Apparently Hades and Charun do not wish for their diabolical plan to be made public and have sent many demons and foul creatures to recover it and slay anyone that has seen it. I just avoided one such minion that claimed his name was Bony Jarvis.

In light of the contents of the letter, please treat it with the highest seriousness. Once you have looked at it you too will be marked for death at the hands of some Underworld fiend, so be on your guard at all times. Do not fear reading it though as knowledge is our best friend and it is through this knowledge that we will be able to prepare to defeat Hades, Charun and the forces of evil.

So read on mates and prepare yourself for the fate that awaits Sakejima.


To: Hades, Lord and Master of Death
From: Charun, Gatekeeper to the Underworld

Subject: Plans for Rulership of Hades over the Island of Sakejima on the Viridian Ocean.

First of all, my Lord, I wish to thank you for placing the planning and ruling of Sakejima in the hands of your most humble servant. It is a great honor for me to be held in such confidence of your Lordship. I will do my best to be worthy of the gracious service you have allowed me to offer you. Rest assured that I will do my very best to tighten your grip on the island of Sakejima and prepare for the future domination of the world of Viridian. I realize that control of Sakejima is only the first step in your plan for domination of Viridian. I also realize that because it is the first step it is also the most important of your master plan. Below is detailed how I, your humble servant, propose to strengthen your grip of Sakejima and set your master plan in motion.

Governor's Presence:

I propose that I shall appear as myself, Charun, Gate Keeper of Hades, as governor of the Sakejima. I propose boldly to proclaim myself without deceit due to the citizenry of the ocean. Many of them have quite a fascination with you my Lord and with your grand realm. They even pay large sums of wealth to wear your favored colors of Black and Red. This being the case I believe it will work to our advantage to be open about our rule. Do not fear however I will of course keep my pledge to you and will never speak to any mortal I encounter. I will maintain silence in their presence and will only gesture and stare at them. My plan is to appear to them as an aging man with white beard wearing my customary rags just as I do when I ferry them across the river Styx. If you, my Lord, desire it and think it best I would be willing to appear in my demonic skeletal form and bring the red haze of my presence where ever I go. This of course will happen only if you wish it as I am quite content to appear in the form of a weak old greybeard.


My Lord, it is my belief that there should be an inauguration party for my installment as governor. This would be a good opportunity for the citizens of Sakejima to meet and greet their new rulers. The inauguration should be held in the throne room of Jook Joint palace. There would be a brief ceremony in which you would make me governor. After which I recommend that we offer at least one tournament of skill and perhaps all three, depending on the amount of available gold in the palace coffers, to celebrate my installation. (See Tournaments for prize details) I believe such a party will serve to begin the process of getting the mortals to devote their loyalty to us.


To be able to fund this great venture I propose to raise the taxes of the island to between 2% and 10%. This is a necessary evil, and please forgive my pun, to be able to fund events and erect buildings to draw those unsuspecting mortals into our realm. These taxes might be lowered after I am established to ensure that we provide a stable economy to our island and draw even more mortals to it. But only as long as our funding is being sufficiently met by the tax revenue we are taking in.


Mortals do need lodging for themselves so it is my belief that we would do well to provide different kinds of lodging for our mortal followers. All funds for the resources required would of course come from the tax revenue that we bring in. I propose that we provide housing for all income levels of the mortals as I will detail. To best effect I propose that we offer lodging that is not currently offered on any of Viridians many islands. Doing so will draw mortals that are currently dissatisfied with their lodging.


This modest dwelling is not yet available and could be a great draw to the poorer classes of mortals dissatisfied with their shacks. Many of the poor will aspire to upgrade their lodging but will be unable to afford the larger structures. A cabin will give them an easy sense of accomplishment and independence from the generosity of the world's creators which will only serve to aid our plans. I propose that this be the first new structure on the island and that it be erected next to the tree stand north of the western pond. I recommend this for esthetic reasons and will be the only building allowed within the desolate western portion of the island that you are so found of. (See my proposed Sakejima layout for details.) I also propose that we hold a contest and allow the mortals to name this structure. (See Building Naming Contests for details)


I also propose that we commission a Manor structure to appeal to the wealthy mortals. I know this to be one of your personal favorites as it usually draws to it the sort of mortals that we most like to have as residents of are realm. It would also be a staging area for future plans as those mortal would not notice the form of our minions lurking about. Why I even think they rather enjoy their visits to such places. They call them Haunted House I believe. If only they knew the truth. At any rate I recommend that this structure be located to the South and East of the western pond and stand a little be separate from town. (See my proposed Sakejima layout for details.) Again we would use a naming contest to allow the mortals to name this structure.


I further propose that we commission a cottage to be built as the third type of new housing. This would compliment the shack, cabin and manor properly and should draw many moderately wealthy pirates to Sakejima to ensure that we have a balanced pool of mortals from which to draw servants and slaves from. I recommend that this building be located in town on the Eastern side of the island to increase the crowded nature of the area and keep tempers flared which will ensure that the citizenry will remain suggestible to our wishes. (See my proposed Sakejima layout for details.) This structure also would make use of the Naming Contest.

Other Housing:

We should keep and open mind about future additional housing. Future housing could be commissioned if it would fit into our plans and help us to maintain tight control over the enslaved population. Any such future housing I would of course discuss with you my Lord and if commissioned would remain confined to the Eastern portion of the island to ensure maximum tension between all island residents. Any additional housing structure would also use the aforementioned Naming Contest.


To assist with funding our plan to increase our foothold in Viridian I recommend that we offer the opportunity for a select few merchants to purchase shoppes. We will want to keep this number small say to 3 or 4 buildings to help maintain tension between the poor and the rich. To increase the competitive nature of the mortals these shoppes would be sold at auctions and limited to no more than one shoppe per week. This should increase the conflict between the mortals as they vie for the right to own a shoppe on the island. I would however place the following restrictions on any new shoppes.

1) No more than one of any giving shoppe will be allowed on the island. After all we do want them to envy and covet each others possessions.
2) Shoppe locations will be restricted to somewhere on the eastern side of the Island. Again we want to keep the mortals in close proximity to each other so they will continually get on each others nerves.
3) A standard island naming contest will be held to determine the name of the shoppe and keep the names within the standard naming theme of the island.
4) The shoppe's owner will be completely responsible for the building of their shoppe past it's placement and Naming. This gives the fortunate few a strong vested interest in their shoppe and ensures their loyalty to us.

At this time I propose that only 4 full shoppes be commissioned. Any future shoppes beyond four I would only commission in consultation with your Lordship.


It has come to my attention that the current decor distresses you greatly my liege. Should you approve of this plan I would set about redecorating all the buildings in your favorite colors of red and black. I would also make sure that all official buildings were liberally decorated with items that will help remind you of home when you visit. I would use lots of skulls and red trimmed lamps to ensure the buildings all had a feel of the Underworld. The first structure that I would redecorate of course would be Jook Joint Palace. After the palace was completely redecorated I would move to the inn, houses, and other shoppes. All redecorating could easily be cover by tax revenue or by donation of local pirates. If a room is redorated by a pirate then he would be honored in that rooms news. This of course would also ensure the loyalty of those pirates.

Naming Contests:

For each and every new structure erected we should hold a naming contest open to all the citizens of Sakejima. This would vest the citizenry in the island and increase there loyalty to us and therefore make them prone to do our bidding. These contests would be judged of course by me in consultation with you should you have the time to do so. This allows us to still maintain control of naming the structures while giving the mortals the illusion of real control. It is diabolical if I do say so myself. All we simply have to do is pick the name that most closely conforms to the existing drinking theme. With so many references to vice around the island even more citizens will be driven to drunkenness which will only aid us in controlling their pathetic souls. The top prize for these special contests I propose to be a special renamed sloop or cutter that the mortals so lust after. For our contests I would like to give away a ship renamed Macabre <Fish Name>. This will likely draw mortals from all over the ocean to Sakejima. I also propose to give honorary mention prizes to the 2nd and 3rd best entries. These prizes could be commissioned by me or you, my Lord, might grant a couple of special items for these prizes. These contests would be announced via the mortals' primary forms of communication. Those being the Sakejima news board as well as the Y!PP Forums.


I would also go about increasing the citizens' loyalty through weekly contests of skill. These tournaments I am proposing would be funded by tax revenue. I would also get merchants to donate prizes with the promise of advertisement for their shoppes and stalls as part of the event announcement. I propose that these weekly tournaments rotate through the available tournament puzzles so that each and every mortal will be able to participate in their favorite type. I would also have these special tournament events occur during different times and on different days to make sure that all mortals will be included and will give their loyalty to us. I would of course offer additional tournaments as often as Tax Revenue and donations would allow, but there would always be at least one tournament per week. The weekly tournaments I propose would have a gold prize of 10,000 pieces of eight and at least one item. As often as you could provide additional special prizes, my Lord, would only add to the thrill of the mortals. These contests of skill I would announce through the Island news board as well as the aforementioned forums to maximize their appeal.

Special Event Contests:

Periodically I propose that we hold special contests that, as you will see, can further our plans. The first such contest I recommend would be an ocean wide scavenger hunt. I would have a serious of questions prepared that would require gathering information for us from across the ocean. This information we could use in our future plans to dominate the ocean. A list of 25 to 50 questions to answer would be posted by me at the appropriate time on the island's news board. Once a mortal had a list of answers he would submit them to me by another form of communication the mortals use called email and report to me that he'd sent it. It would then easily be able to determine who had completed the task first. Prizes would be granted to the first 10 entries with the correct answers. We could also hold other contests such as Sloop Races, Writing Contests (Poetry,Short-Stories), Art Contests (Comic Strip, Island Art), etc. These contests would be held once every three mortal months or so to increase the anticipation of the mortals. It would be best to have you, My Lord, provide special prizes for this type of contest, although, as necessary prizes could be taken from Tax Revenue or Merchant donations. There is nothing that fuels the lust and desire of the mortals like offering them the chance to win a Sleepy Pig, some small trinket, or perhaps a portrait with your greatness. As often as you could provide additional special prizes, my Lord, would of course only add to the thrill of the mortals. These special contests would be announced through the island news board as well as the aforementioned forums like all the other contests along with their results.

Proposed Sakejima Layout:

That, my Master, is the extent of my plan. It is my fond hope that you find it pleasing and truly diabolical and that you will give it your approval. Again thank you,my Lord, for having faith in me to complete this task. As ever it is an honor to serve you.

Your Humble Servant,
Charun, Gatekeeper to the Underworld


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Fleet Officer of Silver Dragons
Citizen of Meridian

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy, My Username is Crazycult on Viridian Ocean. these is my first steps of action if I were to become the sole govenor of Sakejma Island.

1: I would lower taxes just a little bit, enough to let traders know that they can make more of a profit by doing thier business on Sakejma than any other island on the ocean. This would also encourage more people to move to Sakejma raising its overall value and economy.

2: I would hold a drinking tournement and a swordfighting tournement and the winner of each gets to choose what kind of building they would like to see on Sakejma or just rename one that is already there as long as they stick with the alchoholic name categories.

3: I believe every island should have suitable housing so another one of my steps would be to start building a Row House Shop. I know people may not want Row Houses, but it is the best investment economically and it doesn't favor the poor people nor does it favor the rich people. We would already have the shacks on the island anway.

4: I would make sure there is always something big happening on Sakejma on a designated day of the week at a special time for example, a large swordfigting tournement for a ship or something. Those type of things always catch the eye of all players.

5: There would be an organized crew of players to help defend Sakjma in the event of a blockade to try and overthrow us but as govenor, I can almost guarantee victory because I believe if you can't be self-confident, you can't be anybody. Non-sinking blockades will take place if needed to, and on the contrary, the island would not change hands...

6: I would work out a schedule of times I can be on to make sure I am the most active I can be and this is another reason why I belive I should become Govenor of Sakejma Island. The Ocean Masters can be informed that I plan to be very indepentdent but may and at some point, will enlist for their help in any case needed.

Thank You All For Your Time, Once Again, This Is Crazycult from the Viridian Ocean but I do need to ask if instead of creating a pirate, I can just leave my current crew to join this one and become govenor because like everyone, a lot of work has gone into creating who my pirate is today. Thank Ye Very Much...
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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My Plan: By Manokiller of Colbit Ocean
The Plan

My plan is to renovate the island into a Paradise for Hades And his wife, and any else who plans to inhabit the island or to Vacation there. I have studied and lived on Sakejima and thought where and how to place buildings and gardens for anyone to enjoy. My plan will need a little help for the OMs but only for Consultation and money problems other then that I would be mostly independent. I will also personaly rewrite the daily events most every day.

This plan is very Feasible yet fun to do. I will try to build enough stuff to support those living on the island but still is very economic for those who come and vaction here. I will also do whatever I can in my power to make the game more fun for those who are having trouble playing the game. I will also as governor try and build Hades and for all those who play the game a very rare garden near the seaside so the players know that we care for them and want them to have as much fun as they can! Also In the garden we will place a stone that says "This garden was Dedicated and proudly given to Hades and his wife Persephone."

If I'm given the spot of governor ill try with all my power to do for the player and the OMs ill do what ever I can to make them feel like Sakejima is a home away from home. I will also hold special contests a week so the players can look forward to something to entertain them but still is challenging. I will also hold a greenie and new players contests to show how to and to have fun with ppl who are about the same skill level.I will also play a new type of drinking game who ever drinks there way to winning wins!

Taxes is one problem with some ppl they ether hate it or "love" it so I propose to have a light taxation but a big enough to help the economy from crashing in to the ground. I also say that we should have a kind of loaning system like in Ice where lionizer loans out money to ppl and writing it down on a spread sheet or in the news box to have that would be nice but not to big of a luxury.

When I walk around Sakejima I see many things such as the need for more different kinds of homes suxh as cabins, cottages and villas to name a few. Also i want to be the frist island on colbit to get a cabin and bunglow. Also most houses are only located on Kirin. Also I believe that as an island with so much space should be used for new kinds of things so we can expand colbits dream of being the best.

A more stable economy that I believe that we should have a trading fleet which would also allow us to trade with our near by islands so none of us runs out of what we need. As dragons nest shows us we need a more diverse network of crews that work out of our port so that we also get the economy boost of crews buying supplies and the crews taking time off on the island. Also ill put myself behind all such as my plalce it will sit empty of my stuff so i can spend my money and time on other things then myself. If I'm given governor ill try to all my power to make this plan a reality and to also help this island out of the dark of the and bring into the light of the "modern" pirate island.

Also i will have (if he wants to) wherryd's help me also accomplish this dream!
Signed: Manokiller (aka: thekillerpie)
1 thing is sure some ppl have it all but some dont in other words.........
im homeless and poor :)
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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The laws for the island would be
greenie sheild inn
anti greenie denfience grid
lawn chairs
and lemonaide
and free stuff in shops
and lastly anti greenie laws
and free estates
and free ships
and turtles that are awake
and no taxes
and finaly free fimalars
I hate greenies
A sailor of viridan, and many more soon, look for krawkey and darthblade :)
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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As i am the true Lord of the under world (DEVILL) i will paint all the local animals red, all tournaments will have red prizes. the palace will be red, all shops will be red. infact the whole island will be blood red

taxes will be lower than hell its self, locals worships the huge red DEVILL (me) statue by the dock (hopefully)

the governor will have a red name, and will have a special red money with a flick knife

the island will defend its self with the souls of the dead, and create a massive war chest to kill and rule the seas

this may be the shortest plan for running an island, but i think the best. i have no idea how to govern an island, i have only been playing a short time and cant even run a shop, lol.

But i will damn good fun in trying to make jorvik the best and most populated island around. hopefully with the help of the good people of jorvik i wont need to do much and just get fat, rich and create loads of havoc. on a more serious point, cant think of any sorry.

so welcome to hell, jorvik shall be mine!!!!

Signed, DEVILL lord of the dead

My pirate info: i am SO in the crew willeys coyoties, sail midnight ocean and i be the DEVILL!!!
Devill Capt, Mutiny.....
King of the flag, The Wrath of Neptune...
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Devill sings " the one with sword in its neck, woof!"
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Plan Title: The Eligean Fields Of Glory
Purposed by: Misarris of the cobalt Ocean

Hades being the Greek God of the underworld has decided to come above the earth's core and enter into the world of Puzzle Pirates making Sakejima his new summer home. Remembering that he also must please his wife PERSEPHONE.

PERSEPHONE loves nature and things of beauty so my first plan as govern on the island would be to create a wonderful garden that the two could bask in their love for each as they vacation. I feel that the best place for this island would be on the pennisula that extends from the North West side of the island. I feel this because while it could be a place for events it also can retain solitude in needed activies. Also this could become a nice place that weddings and pirate events could take place at for a fee, thus bringing even more revenue to the island. Persephone also loves the sea so with the blessing of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, I would create and build a Vineyard overlooking the waves and cliffs of the island for the lovers. This wonderful home could also be used to host the events of the island.

On the more economic side, Hades, being the God of death, would have to have something to keep his craving down. So that pirate's visiting his island don't start dropping off this world and fading into the next. So I would create many Sword Fighting Tourneys and Brawls to show honor and sacrifice to the great god. Plus a nice Iron stall to meet the new demand for swords. Also once monsters are allowed into the game we could create his three-headed dog to continue guarding the entrance to his underworld kingdom. Thus starting a quest that worthy pirates could battle and risk their life's for some great reward and honor thus bring more glory to the god and creating a higher rate of visitors to the island.

Going back to PERSEPHONE, since she is a beautiful woman. She would have to have a special weavery and tailors stall. In this stall maybe there could be a new color of fabric or a new dress that cannot be bought anywhere else. This would in turn create a nice source of revenue for the island as well.

I have also noticed that the island is in great need of nicer homes. As governor I would like to destroy the monopoly on Kirlin and allow cottages to also find their way to the soon to be beautiful island. Also as the island grows and more people begin to make it their home I would further advance the island to include town houses and vineyards. I feel that the best location for the new homes would be on the far west side of the island

As Governor I would also like to make this island feel a bit more at home by changing all shops names to something out of Greek mythology or to the underworld and different Myths Hades can be found in. Some examples might be

Weaveries The Fate's Thread
Tailors Persephone's Best Dressed
Distilleries Ambrose and more
Houses The Olympian look
Real Estate Eligean Fields a place of Paradise

Also I would hold a naming contest. To decide the best greek name ideas.

The last part of my plan would have to be discussed with Hades nephew Aries, but I purpose that they would form a pact and not allow war to occur on this island but create a special secret blockade fleet to be used to increase Hade's hold over his new domain of Puzzle Pirates. (that could also possibly leased out to other pirates that paid well)

Please also notice that I at first placed this tread in the question section and sence then ideas have also been copyied.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Judsin, Midnight Ocean, for Jorvik Governor.

Before I give you my plan of action, let me give you a summary. My plan is to manage the inside of the island. All the islands are nice, but my goal is to stay out of ocean politics and only focus on Jorvik's issues. People get caught up in politics and forget about the fun. Simply put, my plan is to make Jorvik a party island.

//1// If it takes a village to raise a baby, I think it will take a Cabinet to run an island. My plan is to choose Jorvik shoppe owners to form a Cabinet. Since the shoppes are the cornerstone of most islands, shoppe owners know what is good for their businesses and the island.

//2// Since my plan is to make Jorvik a party island it needs a few things:

A. Funding: I plan raise taxes by 1%. That’s not a lot, but I believe if we start a reward system to encourage private donations, I think we can manage it.

B. Reward System: I plan to use Jorvik's bank as a Hall of Fame. I will run a poll to pick a new name for it so people recognize it as the Hall of Fame rather than a bank. I will let crews, flags, shoppes, or individuals donate to the island's funds. The more they donate the higher on the Hall of Fame list they will be placed. This alone may not work, but I will let the island know that I will be forced to raise taxes with lack of donations. In that case, it will be no higher than 5% or 6%.

C. Spending of funds: Returning to my party island idea, I will use this funding for events. Funding permitting, I will do 4 events in a month. The 2nd week of each month will have a larger event. If I do not have enough funding, I will only do the main event, or limit the prizes at the other events. The 1st, 3rd, and 4th week will split 40% of the funding, and the 2nd week's event will use 50% of the funding. The 10% remaining will be used for island defenses just in case. If funding is insufficient, the cabinet will be called, and a possible tax raise may be used to fix the problem.

//3// People have different price ranges. I would like to build more housing to get the poor pirates and the rich pirates interested in the island. Hopefully, this will create more traffic in the shoppes. The traffic will raise their profits, the profits will raise donations and taxes, and that funding will make bigger and better events.

//4// Once the island is managed and a cabinet is set up, I plan to do another weekly event for jokes, poems, songs, and more. This will get the island together to laugh and enjoy each other. One of the four events would become the Art Challenge. There will be a panel of judges who will vote on the funniest joke, prettiest song, most moving poem, and the best in show. All the Art Challenges will have poe prizes to encourage island economy, encourage more donations, and keep funding going.

//5// With the party island I want to show that it will be a great place for crews to call home. After it’s all going smoothly, I want to make one of the events a crew event such as a pvp ladder, races, and other crew only events.

//6// The remaining event will change monthly.

//7// Within the cabinet there will be sub-groups to manage, plan, oversee, and assume responsibilities. People will not be able to buy onto the board, it will be limited to shoppe and stall owners. To allow other members of the island to join, I will make sure there are plenty of spots available.

//8// I personally will be the head of the Cabinet, putting in, and removing members as needed. The cabinet will be advisory. I will have the final word in all decisions. I will often participate in various sub-groups to make sure things are going as planned, and that I will have input in every area.

//9// The last shoppes built will be a tailor, a distillery, an iron monger, a shipyard, and a furniture shoppe. All these shoppes, except the furniture shoppe, will be rented. The rental policies will be established at the time of rental. The furniture shoppe will be auctioned to current shoppe owners with the proceeds donated to the island fund.

This is my party island plan. I think this will make Jorvik surpass the fun of Alpha.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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My name is Opalu and I am a pirate on the Viridian Ocean.
If I am elected governor of Sakejima Island I propose that the taxes will be at least 1-4% (I admit i don't know what I'm saying, but worth a try). Also, every month on the 28th ( in October I will double it!)(The 28th is my birthday day) I will hold a swordfighting torney! With a prize of at least 10,000 poe. I also believe that a townhouse should be built on the southern shore which would provide a wonderful view :-)
The company of just and righteous men is better than wealth and a rich estate.
I totally agree, don't you? So we should provide an estate so that a company of just and righteous pirates will live on the beautiful Sakejima island. The palace will be upgraded as well if availible.

Also, I will give out any item that is on me (good or bad) to any person on the docks of Sakejima Island (maybe even poe). My opinon is that we need more shops (user owned) because then they will have to make their own desicions. The inn should be upgraded, the estate agent, everything should be upgraded to provide the highest living qualities!
Silver and gold are not the only coin; virtue too passes current all over the world.
We seriously need to lower prices on Sakejima (not that they aren't low enough) so that merchants and crews that come to Sakejima don't have to give up everything they have just to get cannon balls or paint or RUM... rum good. Also, if a crew has found kraken's blood or gold they should sell it to Sakejima because no one is selling black cloth on Sakejima. So if possible I will own a stall on Sakejima and pay people with Kraken's blood at least 10,000 poe because people on this island need black cloth, and they need it cheap.
A bad beginning makes a bad ending.

So don't start with a bad beginning
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am Mealy pirate of Renegades Of life and member of Equillibrium on virdian ocean.
I am applying to become governor of sakejima island on virdian.

My plan:

Taxes would be lowered,
The western side of the Island devolped,
More types of housing built,
More full size shoppes,
A large navy built
And more housing built.

Hades this is my plan and would be done in a time frame of as soon as humanly possible.

I will respect your decsion who ever you chose.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Mi lord Hades, Ruler of the Underworld

As you have unleashed your divining powers and taken control of the wasted land of Sakejima, from the ocean of Viridian.

Calling for a Loyal servant to be your guardian and protector of your vacation sanctuary i humbly answer to the calling!

Me Mephisto 2nd brother of the 3 Great evils from the realms of hell rises to do ur bidding!

I shall pick off the pitiful blocks of stone they call buildings and remake a island suitable for Milord...

As we take down building by building we will locate them with meticulous planning and ensure proper flow of order so as not to irritate Milord when you take a stroll around our new home.

To ensure more followers and citizens to our newly conquered island the dock will be relocated at the south(facing the direction which leads to our oringinal homeland down south). Hopefully by placing our port in the south which is facing the more populated islands can attract more passerbys and citizens to our humble holiday island.

While they enter port they will see our Grand Palace from the shore. Which will be surrounded by the ironworking and tailoring stalls that provide the daily needs(food,clothes and weapons) of our passerbys and newly introduced pirate hellings. Even as i speak the pirate hellings are already working hard at Distilling the rum and grog needed for our celebration of installing their new ruler!

And as we take a slow stroll toward the Swamps of Delusion we will discover lots of auctions and city fights being held in the city square(decorated by a Fountain of Youth) and inn.Moving away from the bustle of the city, we get to the serenity at the Pond of Lust you will notice our Brilliant Alchemist are extracting Potions out of the various herbs And spices dat can be found round the surroundings of the Pond.

Taking a longer stroll towards the boat left by Beryl(Maker of island) we can start hearing the thuds and clanking of iron beating on wood. Yes! its yet another hard working Worker building the various Number of ships needed for our Hellion fleet and navy! No doubt this pirate hellings are hard working! No worries Mi lord they get to rest along side the Mother And child turtles Which have yet to be name! Naming them can always be done by our Various Pirates aslong as they submit and contact us for a adoption.

Walking lower will bring us to the quarters n mansions where our workers n followers will live in! furniture will also not be much off a worry as it would jus be a step away and delivery would be done to their doorstep! This area is also known as 4 stones And a bush!

With me as your constant advisor and governor such minor worries can be left to me and me alone not much need to disturb your brothers and sisters(oms)!

But it is also my intention that we have a festival regularly whereby we can celebrate various occasions ie, pillaging on our Hellion Grand frigate, a party in the governors or your Palace with lots of drinking and displays of swordsmanship. Prizes can vary depending on the availibility on prizes and Money in our Monthly takings from the taxes that we are going to impose!

Lastly Milord, we might or could ask for the Numerous Kings and queens to our island and run a building if the make it pass our requirements whereby i like to discuss with you further when you have arrived to the humble place i have made for your vacations!
Preparations to finish setting up and refurnishiung ur palace is set at a rate of 2 months at max 3 months to ensure your stay with me is as comfortable as living in our kingdom in the

Your Faithful Servant,
Dimephal in the Viridian ocean
King of the Flag Spirits of Atlantis
S/o of the Crew Loyal Swordfish
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I be Shalimar within the Cobalt Ocean. Sakejima Isle be my home. I'm a crewmember of the Inner Strength Crew, loyal pirate of the Great Captain Mattimeome.

What would I do if I were tae be govener of Sakejima, eh, lad? Well, first I would ensure I became governer. This would be nae easy. But it'd be fun. I'd start by ensurin' whoever was holdin' the isle knew who I be. Womanly charms and the right words can be quite beguilin'. Then I would ensure those not loyal to the lord o' the lands had their ships scuttled and their business suddenly had problems. Barrin' that, I would ensure the ones loyal had no problem makin' poe and the disloyal had problems with blockades an' embargoes. Once I was sittin' on the throne, I would make 'em all pay a fee, not to me, but to the isle's owner, skimmin' a bit fer me own use, fer livin' there and the free shacks? Aye, there'd still be free shacks... but they'd have to swear loyalty to Haes fer it. Loyalty, as yer seein' is the main key. Then ye do what is best, make the isle profitable. The more poe comin' in means more spent and more that can go to creatin' a bigger Naval fleet. Bigger fleet equals bigger advantage against smaller, less populated, and sometimes more populated, isles. Harder fer us to be defeated. And fer those who tried to stop us? Well... me as Governer, and bein' a very intelligent lass with a sharp blade. I think they'd get the point.

As fer runnin' the isle. As I said earlier, big Navy. I'd make sure the price systems were altered sae everyone had a fair shake at things. Cloth, Rum, etc. Though Poe ain't growin' on trees, ye got to earn it. The taxes would help run an' pay fer the Navy as well as a few other things like a bigger dock so more shipwrites could be there and spreadin' the land available fer houses a bit. Though jobs would be offered where they could work right fer the isle itself not just at private owned places so they could earn poe, especially the new lads an' lasses who just got their sea legs.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Here is my idea for Sakejima.

1. We will have an event called “The Invasion.” “The Invasion” occurs every week. In the first week of Sakejima’s new era, the “Invasion” will basically be a blockade. But it is not the usual type of blockade- it will be Players Vs. Brigands.

Players will be allowed to all enter as one group, while the Brigands will enter as another. Both can enter either port-side or ocean-side depending on where they started from. Players may bring in any sort of ships- and the Brigands will match every ship, one for one, type for type. All brigand ships are guaranteed to be fully manned- meaning, each ship will have swabbies on every available station no matter how many the players have. Therefore players may not rely on numbers but rather skill.

If the Player side should win, Sakejima will be player-based. When it is player based, players may have all options opened, including The Battle School (discussed later) and events such as The Arena. They will be able to start stalls, use inns, and keep houses like before.

If the Brigand side should win, Sakejima will be brigand-based. When it is brigand based, Stalls will shut down until the island once again is player based, houses will be temporarily inaccessible, and skellies will roam the island, randomly engaging players into fights and stealing their money. Of course, if the players should win, the player should get the skellies possessions. Sakejima will function as an Uninhabitable island with no greenies spawning there, but current players with home isle set to Sakejima will still be able to whisk there.

Then, every week, another Invasion should occur. Players will be forced to defend their island each week if they keep beating the brigands, likewise, brigands keeping the island will be forced to fend the players off also.

Brigand ships will only be added if there is an increase in player ships, so that the match stays even all the time. Brigand ships WILL use different tactics for play during invasions.

The motivation for keeping Sakejima island player-based is because of the following Sakejima-only specials.

2. We will have an event called “The Arena.” The Arena is a blockade-styled board, with whirlpools, winds, and rocks. Ships will enter it to match their wits against each other in a one hour long Free For All. In the end, the ships remaining receive a large reward.

To remove discrepancies between ship sizes, there will be Sloop Arenas, Cutter Arenas, War Brig Arenas, War Frig arenas, and Grand Frig arenas. Sloop Arenas will happen everyday, while Cutters every three, War Brig every week, War Frig every two weeks and Grand Frig every month. Crews will bring their allies, friends, flagmates, and match their wits every time for a large prize.

There will be hazards too to increase the level of competition and skill. Brigand ships loaded with cannons and rum will be sent through the Arena at the 15 minute, 30 minute, and 45 minute mark to eliminate any ship straggling at the sides trying to stay alive. Once the arena has began, ships will not be allowed to join. The ships in the arena will not be able to leave until they are “sunk,” in which they are sent back to port.

Arenas can be used as Tourneys too, where each ship must pay an entry fee before entering. Before they leave port, they can decide whether to “Set Sail,” Deport,” or “Enter Arena” if a current one of the ship’s type is going on.

3. We will have a new event called Battle School. Mates entering Battle School will be free to train their battle navving against other players, engage in team-navving, and practice tactics and strategies for blockade navigation and regular battle nav. Battle School has no teachers- it only has a building near the edge of Sakejima called Battle School. Upon entering it, players will be able to receive practice sloop stocked with infinite cannonballs and match their wits against others. Ships will be able to be able to be sunk, and when they are, the player may not engage in battle school again until one hour later. Each sinking by the player will get him/her one point, each ship he/she gets sunk will lose the player one point. At the end of each day, the player with the most points will be given an award, along with the second and third. Battle School shall require a 100 poe fee to enter, to prevent crowding and flooding.

4. The events will not be solely focused on battle navigation. Bakeoffs will occur, along with distilling, shipwritery, and alchemistry bakeoffs.

5. Another event is the Tournament of Ultimates. What happens during the tournament of masters is there is an initial tournament of, say, swordfighting, in which only Ultimate players will match their wits against one another for a spot in the “elite.” There will be only 3 spots for the Elite, and these three shall be the Winner, the Finalist, and the Semifinalist. When the finals is occurring, the two semifinalists will battle each other for third place.

Then, the following day, there will be a Qualifying tournament of the same sort. The winner of the qualifying tournament will be able to challenge the 3rd ranked elite, the 2nd ranked, and then the 1st. If that person shall successfully challenge the 3rd ranked, he will take his spot, then he will be asked to fight the second, then the first. The fights shall occur as events in the Stadium, a building where mates can join in and watch the fights occur.

Then, the First elite shall receive 10,000 each day, the Second elite 7,500, and the third 5,000, for each day that they remain at that spot. They will also be hailed as the three Lords of Sakejima, and their names will be posted at the Island Panel when a pirate enters.

This is my idea for Sakejima. It promotes competition, cooperation, and exciting gaming. It turns each day into an exciting event day, with many competitions occurring. On top of that, invasions occurring every week make it easy for flags to cooperate and defend/attack the island. Sakejima will turn into a lively place with many people every day showing up to match their wits against another.

Sputty-Viridian Ocean

Founder and Captain of Rolling Thunder

Former Prince of Imperial Coalition

Former Prince of Pride of the Pacific

Joined- Viridian- 7/07/05
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am Lubby. I sail the seas of Midnight in the greatest sloop there ever shall be, the Lollipop. Even the fabled brigands of Ruby flee when they see her on the waves, but that's probably because of the pink and purple paint job.

If I were the governor of Jorvik, I can promise that there would be a great deal of changes made. First of all, the new policy will be one of peace. A philosophy of peace only makes sense, since there will be no blockades to bring the threat of war to the citizens. Jorvik will become a beacon to all the enlightened pirates of Midnight who wish to live together and share all. Jorvik will become a place where we may commune with each other and the island. The great Jorvik park will become the center of our daily meditation sessions. Although, the park can get dull after awhile, so we'll just put a lot of plants inside the palace and hold the meditation sessions in there. No rain, after all.

As the enlightened pirates of Midnight, we will also take on the challenge of educating ourselves and others. In the course of this task, I will start the first Jorvik Book Club. We will challenge our selves with such materials as we find. My first recomendation for the Jorvik Book Club will be Green Eggs and Ham, which I personally have yet to finish. What? There's all these boxes and foxes. It's hard! No one tell me the end, ok?

I also want the island to reflect the beauty of the ideas that our new peaceful ideals. To achive this, anything that will sit still long enough will be covered in pink and purple paint. It's always nice to have things match, and as governor, everything should match my fine sloop Lollipop.

The aforementioned meditations sessions will take the form of Treasure Drop tournaments most often. The falling coins have a sort of hypnotic rapture about them, which will aid the citizens of Jorvik to focus thier minds. The meditation sessions, as well as other tournaments will serve as fund raisers. What are we raising funds for, you may ask. Well, the answer to that is my housing program. Jorvik boasts two housing developments, but only the many are out of the price range for the average pirate. To combat this problem, I will set up a housing grant. There will be a modest fee to join the tourneys. Half will go to the prize fund and half will go to the housing grant.

With my plan, Jorvik will be a better place and all will find peace and joy. I humbly ask that my plea be heard and wisdom will prevail.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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i am killakot maybe your future gouvernor.
i am a great person and i want to be a gouvernor at sakejima at viridis.
we all know we want a new gouvernor.
if we want to live good we need a good gouvernor.
and i will be that person you need.
well this are my proposals:

we need more houses.not only a shack.

we will need more shops at the beach, there will be a romantic walking

i will get u the perfect island out of sakejima.

have a nice day maybe spend ur day with ur new gouvernor.

we want YOU to vote for me

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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My Lord of the Underworld, I have heard of yer plight and have traveled far for the chance to aid you. I know ye have taken control of 3 islands as your vacation homes, but dont want to deal with having to actually control them. I'm here with a plan that shall allow you live in a paradise on the isle of jorvik. My name is Khellendros and here is my plan.

The taxes would change regularly, the lowest prices being at the most inconvinient times

The inn would be filled with swordfighting and drinking tourneys, local only, and flirting barmaids and wenches abound!****

Anyone with any of those "morals" I've heard about will soon regret choosing Jorvik as their home, for any place that Hade's lives, is a place full of chaos, gluttony, pride, adultery, you get the idea.

500 Free rum will be supplied once a week to encourage the drinking and fighting!(limited per person, per crew, i want everyone to get drunk, not just a measly few)*

Winners of the tourneys will be placed on the walls of the inn, let them be known as the inn bullies! let them be known as the ones to beat!

Fish bones shall be thrown around the roads, in the inn, and every government building in honor of the god of the underworld!

Distillery owners will be politely** encouraged to lower the prices of their rum to encourage more drunkeness

The owner of the inn will be "persuaded" to add more rum barrels to the inn so there is never a shortage. (provided by us)

By having 5 virgins (per shop) and sacraficing them to the Lord of the Underworld that shop will be able to get 0% tax .***

A furnisher shop will be built so our lord Hade's can buy any furniture he likes. The shop will be given away as a prize in a contest that shall be determined after it has been built.

On all hollows eve, the gates of the underworld shall be opened and skellies and ghouls shall wonder jorvik daring anyone brave enough to try and send them back from whence they came. Random prizes shall be given to said skellies and ghouls so the winners shall get more than worthless bid tickets and 800 poe.

Hade's shall choose his favorite housing instalation, and if it isnt already there, it shall be built so that he may have a place to rest while on his vacation!

If anyone ever tries to steal Hade's island of chaos, the blockades would always be sinking, the rum would be plentiful, and the choas would be beautiful.

I will make this island a paradise of chaos my lord. You will be able to sit back on your thrown and watch the chaos from a room filled of rum! If you so desire to watch the sun set, you shall be able to see ships battling each other in drunken harmony! Jorvik will be your Shangri-la, your paradise!

*30 to 50 rum per ship per person, if they do not immediately disengage and guzzle the rum, the 30-50 rum will be wisked away to a roudier crew. this is, of course, to provoke more drunkeness and fighting around the island not only on it ;) any leftover rum (limited to the ammount given away or 200, whichever is lowest) will be given away in the most grueling drinking tourney i can devise. the best drunkard can stay drunk fer a week!

**Polite being 100% taxes to the whole island, with random percentages given back to the shoppe owners that eather dont sell rum, or lower their rum prices

***If virgins are scarce, a simple donation of 25 rum will suffice. if 500 or more rum is gathered, the isle will be blessed with 0% taxes for the following week. (approxamatly 3.5 days) those that already paid rent will be given a refund.

****wenches and barmaids shall be paid in tips from the people they serve. I belive this will convince the barmaids and wenches to get their "guests" even more drunk. Tourney's would be held daily, at differnt times, always 5k or more so that everyone will be able to enjoy. A person shall be placed on a boat, or I shall be in a place I own so those poor souls that have never been there before, can get there.

All these things should be possible, any questions send me a PM, anything that doesnt make sence, i can explain. Any spelling errors you see, well im far from perfect, but at least i try ;)
[22:52:57] Eris says, "I used to collect sticks"

More sticks than you can shake a grand frig at

Cioj tells you, "You are now my swon enemy"
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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In the dead of night, Beardback of Cobalt sneaks into the Sakejima Governor's Palace, intent on mischeif. The throne room is empty! Excellent, his plan to re-arrange the furniture is almost complete... but what's this? Resting upon the throne is the Crown of Sakejima, and attached is a note.
Back in 5 min. Please do not wear crown, as it carries the full authority of the post of Govenor of Sakejima.


"TeeHee!" Beardback giggles to himself, rather louder than necessary, and he places the Crown on his head.

Hades comes back in half-way through Beardback's silly victory dance, and the pair stare awkwardly across the room at each other for a long moment before Hades says, in a voice booming like the Gates of Hell, "Well, this is a little embarasing. It looks like you're the new Governor of Sakejima! You'd better do a good job, or you'll be for it when ye pass into the Underworld."

"Ah..." says Beardback. "I was just borrowing it, for my dance you see. Let's not do anything rash like damn any lovable pirates to fire and pointy things..."

With a grin, Hades declares "Too late! It's your job now! You can't make me take it back!!" and runs out of the palace whooping with glee, in a most unsporting manner.

Resigning himself to his predicament, Beardback quickly sketches up a plan to run the island in a way that'll keep himself out of the business end of Hades' domain.

1) Housing
There will be better quality housing made available to loyal Sakejimians at reasonable prices. Every week/month, every pirate to purchase a room, who be a citizen of Sakejima, goes into the draw to win an item of furniture of their choice, up to half the value of the room purchased. The furniture will be purchased by the Governor at a Sakejimian Furnisher, based on the best combination of speed and value, but keeping the poe cost to the won amount. If the required item is not available, the Governor shall offer recompense to a furnisher in order to produce the item. Should this be fruitless, emissaries will be sent to other islands.

2) Let there be Tax Revenue
A mild tax will be instated, but the revenues from this will go to helping the citizens of Sakejima, and funding fun events. The taxes will start at 2%, and be incremented upwards weekly until an appropriate value be reached

2) Rum
Distillaries will be moderately subsidised to reduce the cost of rum. Any true Sakejimian needs their booze. This will increase traffic on Sakejima, due to the cheaper restock. Hopefully this will be made up for by increased availability of other commodities. It be an important measure, with Sakejima tucked away in the corner of the ocean. Any distillary that does not wish to accept the subsidy in order to lower prices is free to try and compete.

3) Party Town
There shall be regular events, of varying nature, on a regular basis. You name it, we've got it. The Govenor recognises that the people want to get their own back on figures of Authority, and as such one regular event shall be: The Beat-up-the-Governor sword fighting tournament.

3a) The Annual Careful! You-could-have-your-eye-out-with-that-thing Tournament
Pending approval, a tournament of varying sorts, where the winner gets injured. Better than a poke in the eye! Possibly more than annual, depending on the dictate of the Gods. In the event that the winner does not want an injury, they may elect to have a haircut, skin re-toning, or hair colouring.

4) aka 3b Beat-up-the-Governor
A number of SF tournaments shall be held, with moderate prizes. The winners of each official tournament will be eligable to enter The Beat-up-the-Governor tournament. In this, the contestants take turns sword fighting the Governor for a moderate wager. The Governor will be very unlikely to win against anyone who can win a tournament. The pirate to defeat the Govenor in the shortest time will win a Sloop with 50 Rum, or 250 Rum, or 8000 poe. In the impossible event that the Governor should win all his fights, all wagered poe, plus the prize, will go to form a jackpot for the following month. Should the Governor win three months in a row, he shall be named King of Swords, and distribute the accumulated prizes through the medium of drinking tournaments.

5) Let there be Shops
Flags may purchase the right to build shoppes on Sakejima! Places will be limited to 2 of each kind, or 3 for shipbuilding, and will be auctioned off. True Sakejimians know the importance of their booze, so all names shall be booze related. Only one shoppe per type will be auctioned in a month. Services to the public of Sakejima will be considered legal tender in the bidding, at a vaule deemed fair by the Governor. Any money/goods acquired by the Governor in this regard will eventually be redistributed for the good of all Sakejimians.

6) Big money! Big Prizes!
On some occasions, with plenty of advance notice, there shall be competitions with fabulous prizes. What is big? Win a Grand Frigate! Win a Familiar! Win a small fleet of War Brigs! These competions shall be as frequent as is practical. There may well be one of these early on, depending on the shoppe auctions. The aim would be that they be no rarer than bi-annual. The Big Competition will never be a simple affair... no one skill will see ye through. Some will be requiring cunning and luck over skill, giving un-puzzley pirates a fighting chance. For example: A Treasure Hunt - get out there, search the ocean! Return to Sakejima with the missing trinklet, and win!

7) Let's renovate
Over time it would be good to clean up the towne of Sakejima. Plant some trees, pave some streets, maybe a flower garden? It be a fine thing to be drunk as a pirate in a tropical paradise, but even better if ye wake up in a pleasant place. Possibly the beach front could be cleaned up a little too, and some nature walks added.

nb: Beardback be me current Pirate - I should choose Lionmane for the Governor's name.
This be the short version, to give ye the gist, with optional preface. Intentioanlly kept brief for easy reading. Me mind be a boiling pot of Rum-fuelled imagination ;D
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Oh Great Hades of the Underworld,

As I understand you need a person to correctly rule your island, Well you came to the right person, Dmitry of the Midnight Ocean to your service! With me you will be happy for Evers and Evers ! Forget about all that paperwork, dull meetings, merchanting problems. Just put it in my hands!
I have some great plans worked out for the beautiful Jorvik Island!
I also have experience with the darkness since I am the Prince of The Vampric Council, The Prince of Darkness .
Ok, I would rather not take away your time with your plans however you need proof that I am indeed not lying.

Ok, first of I would open up the Underworld to the world!
So that means that Jorvik Island will become a very big merchanting Island. And once again I will take the headache of doing this from you. Also I would like to expand its Shop industry. I know a lot of awesome business people who would love to run a store and make Jorvik Island a much visited one. I will also change the names of the shops to something more evil, more Underworldish. Also I will do my best to make more people citizens of Jorvik Island. I would build more Residential Buildings
as well as commercial. Now all I keep saying is I, I, I, but what about you? Well here is the answer I will provide YOU with a dream vacation ESTATE!
Well are you happy yet?
Is that a yes?
Well that's not the end yet!
Let's not forget about the people living there, as well as our money giving tourists!
We will be making tournaments, parties, events, races, etc. all the time! How is that? I will do my best to keep your island up and running.
Now we get to the financial part, at the beginning I will need OM's money assistance to carry out these big plans.
However I assure you in no time the island will be able to supply itself without financial assistance.
Sorry for giving you a headache with these plans but vote for me and you will never get one again! Guaranteed!
So remember picking me as governor of Jorvik Island is your one way ticket from Headachesville to Relaxville!
So do yourself and your island a good thing and pick me so you will be happy for Evers and Evers !

Captain of Vampric Knights
Prince of The Vampric Council
Owner of the Make Hades Happy For Evers and Evers Company
Midnight Ocean
--- Dmitry---
Captain of Nos Sto Laurifer
Umm...back from retirement?
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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User Name: Binkersgay
Pirate Name: Binkerlvsmen
Ocean: Viridian
Island: Sakejima Island

Well, coming from an average person, never been rich, just a "middle-man", I believe the key to governing the island of Sakejima is simple, I shall explain in the following.

Start buy changing the navy color (if possible) from pink, it isnt a unisex color, navy colors should be unisex so that both males and females can enjoy the clothing they are given.

Also, make more use of the natural resources. I have personally visited the island and have found that most of the items there are over priced, I shall change this.

Also, for some reason, this island isnt as popular as Lima, or Dragons Nest. It can be made more popular by contests hosted by the governor, and large tournaments, for local players only.

As I have helped manage stalls I the past, I know that taxes are a pain. To fix this, I plan to keep all taxes rates the same at all times. I have noticed that sometimes they jump a lot.

The island is very large, and I plan to take advantage of this. There are large parts of the island that are unused, I plan to use this vast space to make this into the island it should be, by adding new housing, and maybe a new inn.

When I first joined this game, Sakejima struck me as the naval center of the ocean. Still when I go there, I see this place, so I plan to open building opportunities for ship buildings, and I myself will add one. There will be a limit on this, so that the beautiful island isnt over run by eager economists and there are to many buildings.

Lastly, the island of Sakejima will become a better, more fun place. I will hold contests, and hat drawings, and parties to make the place more lively, because there is NOTHING that many people like more then good entertainment.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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The age of humans ruling over MY beloved Jorvik is over. Your petty squabbling, wars, blockades, overbuilding and taxations have ruined this fair isle. I have inhabited Jorvik since before your kind washed up on the beach, and I will remain here until your deeds are but mere pages of history books.

Angered by your greedy actions, the dark lord Hades swept in under the cover of darkness and claimed this land for his own pleasures. Now, the underworld is beckoning its prince of darkness home. He does not desire to relinquish Jorvik back to the human race. Therefore, I, Ariadne Piggy, having served him well these many years, will rule as governor in his stead.

During the time I have spent observing you humans, (do you really believe that I find your rears interesting? HA!) I have learned the secrets to keeping you content for as long as you inhabit my island. (Even though you cannot do so amongst yourselves.)

Part 1: Shoppes

The previous owners of Jorvik have built their business haphazardly around the isle, destroying it's natural beauty. Any building I build will not be randomly placed around the island. All of them will be carefully planned out. The only type of shoppe not currently on the island is a furnisher. I will start construction on two furnishers. The furnishers will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, among the current shop owners only for the first one, and the ocean at large for the second. Only if none of the current owners wish to purchase the first shoppe, will it be offered to the ocean. Any profit from the sale of such a shoppe will go towards events and island maintenance. (see part 5)

Part 2: Bazaars

On a weekly basis I will go through each bazaar and list specials and premades for each type in the Bazaar news. I will spruce up the look of the bazaars with new furniture and paint jobs.

Part 3: Housing

Even my pigpen is not as filthy as your shacks! My team of piglets will add a touch of class to the housing on the isle, painting and adding some lovely lawn furniture and plants.

To attract more of "average income" pirates, I will build a Row House. These pretty little homes are ideal for the "married" couples who call Jorvik home.

Part 4: Taxes

The merchants on Jorvik have faced a wide array of taxes, from 100% to 0%. Since Hades has taken over, Shoppe owners have been able to make a profit and recover some of what was lost during the ties when taxes were set to max. My plan includes a raise in taxes by 5%. Proceeds from the small tax raise will go towards events and the formation of a blockade fleet. (part 6)

Part 5: Events

Jorvik is an important center for commerce. It is one of the most populated isles in Ruby, and has a wonderful interarch route to Diamond. Because of it's prime location, it has become a prime stopping point for many a pillage. (I've seen a lovely pig-pink ship sailing to and from the docks many a night.) I want to increase the amount of dock traffic seen, and activities in the shoppes. I will run a weekly event, including:

Sword fighting tournaments, (I still don't understand the delight behind swinging a barbaric piece of metal around.)
Treasure drop.
Hide and go Seek
Pin the tail on the pig (Minthe keeps stealing it)
Ugly outfit competition featuring one of the lovely Tailors
Scavenger hunts
Useless Trivia Night
Happy Hour: ½ price rum for an hour

Part 6: Blockade Fleet

Should there come a time when Lord Hades grows weary of owning this island, I will be creating a blockade fleet and Imperial Senate of Shop Owners. Together we will take Jorvik in the name of the people, and run it with the best interests of the shoppe owners and citizens in mind.

When the history books are recorded, the age of the pig will be remembered as a time of peace and happiness for the citizens of Jorvik. Your future generations will yearn for ?this day of old?.

With Regards,
Ariadne Piggy

JainaSolo, sheepish jedi
Blazeblade says, "you're talking to a SHEEP?"
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Teiresias, blind prophet and underworld neighbor of Hades, sees a bright and fun future for Jorvik as a staging site for oceanwide events.

The wartorn land has seen bitter battles and many of its former residents have departed their old home in Ruby for more peaceful lands where the combat is in the spirit of fun instead of grudges, where their neighbors run enjoyable events for the whole ocean. Teiresias sees pirates from across Midnight running enjoyable events on Jorvik's shores under his reign.

Most flags do not own an island, and though they would like to plan event blockades, make a palace maze, or have a public building (like a bazaar) to decorate for a contest, they have no way to do it. Teiresias sees Jorvik's wartorn land becoming a staging ground for joyous events for those flags who lack a home of their own.

Teiresias sees the following actions to turn Jorvik from a battle-scarred isle into a stage for flags to host oceanwide events (in semi-chronological order):

1) Palace Upgrade The palace will be upgraded to better be able to host weddings, mazes, and other events that may draw large crowds. Funds will be raised through reasonable taxes (less than 10%) and dockside buying and selling of commodities. When the palace upgrade is complete, a celebratory maze will be erected for all to enjoy, also funded by the taxes and commodity trading.

2) Ongoing Fundraising through Taxes and Commodity Sales To help fund the events planned for Jorvik, taxes will remain in place and commodity sales will continue indefinitely. This will help the local merchants by encouraging pirates to host events on the island and thus bring foot and ship traffic to Jorvik. It will also increase the fun of the entire Midnight Ocean by helping more fun events happen.

3) Furniture Arranging in the Palace for Events After the palace is upgraded, it will be available free of charge for all pirates to use for events. The governor will place any furniture requested and provided by event planners for the duration of the event. Hemp bales from the initial hemp maze will be available for use free of charge. Depending upon demand, the palace will have to be reserved for specific days. A thread will be created in the events forum for this purpose if need be.

4) Blockade Board Availability Blockade boards provide a fantastic setting for myriad events, but only island-owning flags and their friends can ever procure them, and even then only if there is a proper amount of fame spread around. On Jorvik, flags and even crews and individuals of any fame level will have access to a blockade board, for training or event hosting. This can be done in the traditional chest-dropping manner to minimize OM involvement. Teiresias forsees an agreement with an eminent-or-above flag that will drop a chest whenever any crew or flag requests it (and pays for it). If possible without overburdening OMs, boards will be made sinking upon the event-planner's request.

5) Bazaar Deed Loans Some events require the planner to be able to decorate a public building. Bazaars are convenient public buildings for just this purpose! Teiresias sees the governor lending bazaar deeds to those who need to decorate a public building for an event. Of course, only those who describe in detail the nature of the event and who promise not to delete props will be given use of the bazaars for decorational purposes. When decoration is finished, the deeds will be returned to the governor, who will return all furniture to its owners at the conclusion of the events.

6) Financial Assistance for Events With poe raised from those ongoing taxes and commodity trades, the governor of Jorvik will provide partial or full funding for unique oceanwide events on his isle. This fund may be used to buy event-related materials, prizes, or to pay for a blockade war chest for an event blockade. A monthly budget will be available to event planners, who must request funds one month in advance from the governor. In the event that planners request more poe than is available for the month, the shop and stall owners or Jorvik will act as counsellors to the governor and decide which events should be funded, to bring fun and business for the residents and merchants of the isle.

7) The Governor will Run Events In months in which few events are planned for the isle and poe remains in the monthly event fund, the governor will host events that bring people to Jorvik. These may include, but are not limited to: races, scavenger hunts, PvP tournaments, mini bake-offs, decorating contests (with those wonderful bazaars again, of course!) and otherwise unusual events that bring pirates to Jorvik and require more than just a tournament board to run.

With these contributions from its governor, Jorvik will become the greatest event stage in Midnight. It will be an island where pirates without their own island can stage events formerly only possible for large island-holding flags and their friends.
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