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Joined: May 17, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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My alt is legends on the viridian ocean....

BOOM... BOOM... BOOM... Hades great beast of destruction..... A MOOSE!!!... He shalt useth his horn thingers to destroy those who gaurd the palace and take it for Hades almighty. Hades the merciful(rarely but a compliment i think) shalt giveth the throne to the puppet king Legends!!(the name but the truth) From there we would have the tourneys for the citizens and pvps a plenty!! Break out the ale and beer in celebrations!! We bring out local tourneys of small or great rewards, and lower taxes at the perfect rate for rebellion to lower....and when they think its safe we make our move!!! A RENAMING OF THE PALACE AND INN!!!!
Once hiseth evil hath been produced we shall party and tourney in celebration of his success...even the beggars might find themselves a free shack home....or cardboard.

Fightin' on!
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Joined: Aug 7, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I think I would be very good as governor of an island. I think it would be an oppertunity to test my ability's as good person and have many plans for any island when i finally become a governor.
Here are some of them:

1. I would make many many good tournaments with ships and some money so that way more people would be having fun. I would build ever shop that I can and sometimes more than 1. I would make every ship always available and make them cheap.

2. I will also make the government buildings a good party room and people getting wed can rent a grand frigate and have a party on it and pillage and have parties in the government rooms. I would make people here richer and happier and would really like to help. I remember when I first started and wanted to get a ship so bad and finally when I did i was so proud of myself and glad to get a sloop.

3. I would make the island a very good one and I think i would become a good governor because I really like to help people and i know what it's like to take those first steps into the pirate world.

4. My name is wherryd and I would really like to be your governor. So please pick me.

Calm seas to ya!
, Captain "Wherryd" of The Cobalt ocean.
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Joined: Jul 31, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I simply propose that we build a temple to hades honor, make a path to the underworld in it and stir chaos which results in a blockade of every island in the jade archipagloe!!!!!!1 muahahahaha
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Joined: Jul 21, 2004
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Bleary eyes raise over a drink stained table in the Inn.

"You want me to do what...to which island ?"
Sitting up and knocking over several half empty mugs.

"Well sure I could governize any island ye like"

"Whass that ? You need a plan?"
Thinking, thinking, thinking

'Alrightyo then, hows this for a plan, I raise the taxes just the slightest nudge, oh but before you go getting your bloomers bunched hear me out."

"After the taxes are raised I take all the gold that is left over from paying off the navy and maids and such and purchase goo-gaws, trinkets and whatnots from the local shops, I will just pick them at random (I am quite good at random). I then take said goo-gaws, trinkets and what-nots and throw a huge (ok medium) tourney every week. "

"And to keep it interesting I will even throw a few at wierd hours (for our mates that are in Europe and the vampires)."

"Wha ? You want more ? Hows about if me little island is ever attacked I will defend it by myself"

Chest thumping

"Thats right all by me lonesome in a wee-little sloopy. Now if the Masters of the Oceans decide to send in a few navy ships or briggys to lend a hand, thats alright , but no other live pirates."

"You are a demanding thing aren't ya ? Alright then one more thing, I will try my dangdest to get the Ocean Master types to send us some live stock over from Midnight. Get that crazy look outa yer eye, they will be for pets for the island and naught else."

"Beyond that, well, it seems to me that the island does a fair job of taking care of it's self, and pirates tend to want to be left to there own plans."

'Speaking of which, would you mind buzzing off..I got a drink to finish here. "

Pirate alt of choice :Greymouser
Ocean :Cobalt
Rami - Bringing random tomfoolery to an ocean near you
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Joined: Sep 1, 2003
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Okay, Hades (or whomever), My plan is to use the current resources on the island, and bring the island back to a Post-Looterati/Pre-Syndicate status. Similar to my Cnossos Plan, it's time to do some burnination.

I could pretend to promise a great big storyline or a bunch of other garbage, but that stuff's worthless. How about I just manage the island fairly in your stead and work hard to improve it and the lives of those that live on it, rather than give you a bunch of empty promises.

I have governed in Ruby previously, and am active both ingame, here on the forums, and can use my Shanty Raidio show to emphasize the improvements.
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Joined: May 27, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I'm Nitronline, Captain of Tuga And King of Zenith at Viridian

My plans :

1º low the SALES taxes 5% that should attract more ppl to trade and buy in the island and the profit should increase.

2º manage an auction of a familiar and do a big party at the palace to celebrate my time has governor .

3º would like to build a manor

4º do some swordfights and drinking tournaments the prizes will be sloop, crown, black sword and the more expensive one : war frig (other prizes could be will apply to smaller tournaments) .


5º the last day of my govern will be : no taxes and 2 GREAT tournament ( 1 of swordfight and 1 of drinking ) with 100k poe and an unique item .
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Joined: Jul 12, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Tanitha, Saki, Cobalt Ocean.

Hades (Greek god of the underworld) has been wreaking havoc throughout the
ocean's of cobalt for too long. It is time for the mortals of cobalt to rise up
and send Hades back to the underworld, This will not be a easy task, and wiping him
and his horde of bloodthirsty skeleton warriors from Sakejima will require the effort
of all, to finally rid the world of his evil undertakings.
Hades will not go easily without taking as many victims as possible with him.

When hades is sent back to where he belongs Tanitha (Meaning/Greek: Goddess of love) will be free
to bestow her love to the people of Sakijima, and increase its trade & productivity,
and to make it a fair, prosperous and fun home, for the people living there, and the flock
of new travelers coming to trade and settle down into the good life.

The 6 week "demise of Hades", Plan.
Week 1...
Island Changeover.
To happen after the flurry of Hades Skeletons are defeated,
And the black cloud of hades dwindles from the island.
EG a horde of skeletons, one horde a day for 3 days..

Week 2-3...
Increased trade.
Several Player housing to be erected, And decorated on the outside with paint,
plants etc... This housing will bring in the trade of paint, and furniture.
Paint for housing (apothecary's)
Paint and varnish etc for furnishings (apothecary's)
Hemp oil (distilleries)
Furniture (Furnishers)
Cloth for furniture (Weavers)

Week 4...
Player Shops.
A Distillery to be made, to increase production of Rum, and to lower island prices,
with the attempt of making pillaging more profitable & viable.
The owner of the this fine new establishment, should be someone who appreciates
the fine quality of carefully made rum.. And thus the owning rights to the distillery
should be decided via a Drinking tournament.

Week 5...
A Iron Monger to be made, to increase production of Shot, and to lower island prices,
with the attempt of making pillaging more profitable & viable.
The owner of the this fine new establishment, should be someone who appreciates
the sharp edge and balance of a fine blade. And thus the owning rights to the Iron Monger
should be decided via a Sword Fighting tournament.

Week 6...
A furniture shop to be made, with the owner going to someone with a keen artistic eye.
Decided by a Best Decorated House competition, Of the new houses established on Saki.
This will also help increase the trade on the island, with huge amounts of furniture and paint
being purchased.

Other Details
Goods for the shops construction, could be provided as a include to the competition / tournament prize,
with sufficient poe to cover the labor. Or for a premade shop, to be handed over.
This would prevent the prize (shop) only being useful to a established player and will encourage
the winners of the shops, to use them, and not sell off their prize.

During the weeks, Various tournaments to be held from the Saki Inn, As "local only".
To pull in visitors to the island,

Bazaars news's to include links to helpful shop running guides.
And space on the bazaar's and inn's news to be sold off as advertising, to help
fund competitions.

Some form of inscription to be placed, stating how hades was sent back to hell on xxx date..

The fort setup and made active, to buy low sell high, to generate profit from trade, to fund local competitions/tournaments.

With other things to be considered in the short future, like the establishment of a saki navy,
upgrading of the inn, and smaller such things..
Tanitha (Greek goddess of love)
Queen of Indestructible
Governor of Cochineal
SO of Frighteners
Slave of Huldra
Wreaking Havoc on the Cobalt Ocean
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Joined: May 1, 2005
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I would like to be governor of: sakejima in Viridian Ocean
My account name is :bejntam
The alt account for governor is: tamthegreat

I would serve the almighty hades, lord of the underworld, by:

A. I will hold races from Sakejima Island to Terra Island and back. There will be 3 groups the team race the crew race and the flag race each will be held in the one race. The groups will be a sloop or cutter with 6 pirates aboard it and 1 representative of me they shall start on my call and when they arrive at terra port and the leader of the ship planks his representative then jobs me on I give the ok and they set sail again when there representative is jobbed back on the winners will be the first 3 to get back to port and the winners and will receive a some of money each they entry fee shall be 200 poe each
The crew award will be an average amount of time it takes for all there ships in there crew that take part to get there and back the entry fee would be about 5k a crew and the prize would be handed out accordingly to 1st second and 3rd
The flag award will be an average amount of time it takes for all there crews in there flag that take part get there and back the ante would be about 15k and again the prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd would be bigger again.
This would take place just after I would be crowned governor to raise some funds.
So some cash from the entry cash would be taken from the prizes to the palace coffer to raise the funds.

B. another idea is to have a naming ceremony for all the bazaars and shoppes the entry fee would be 100 poe per entry and anyone can enter for any stall and as many times and will win a prize depending on entries.

C. And once I had enough cash to finally make shoppes they would be auctioned off to loyal and trustworthy people to help raise funds for more expensive things.


A. in my reign I would have many housing facilities for the rich and the poor I would have 2 maybe 3 kinds I would have bungalows and estates for the rich and I would even keep shacks

B. i would also encourage people to start buying stalls as it makes the market a lot more competitive and helps lower the prices on clothes mugs etc.


A. I would try with om backing of course to start hearts and spades tournaments this would be very popular I think and this would need 16 people to start as there is 4 needed per table and 4 winners play In the final table to see who wins, spades would only need 8 to start though as they are pairs and the 2 team winners will go through to the final to play winners of the other section this could happen manually without om's

B. I would hold a small tournament every day from Monday to Friday with a pot of 5000 Poe and an entry fee of 10 Poe and a surprise item these would change every day.

D. on a Saturday there would be a bigger tournament with double the pot and double the entry fee with again a surprise item

E. then on the Sunday after I hold a special event there shall be a 15k tournament with no enrty fee the winner male or female say he was male we would be awarded an outfit by me and the closest female contestant to winning the tournament would receive a female outfit to make it fair to every one
All these tournaments shall be cascaded to all.


When weddings appear they will be given the offer to have there ceremony and party in the throne room of the palace and as a present from sakejima to the newly wedded couple the room shall be decorated to there satisfaction.


Every Saturday night I shall host a party at the palace with lots of fun and games tournaments prizes and partying there will be many games hosted by me or loyal representative


I would always take ideas from player and I will make a thread for that also and if there are any successful ideas that are run the pirate with the idea will be awarded a prize.


Any idea I thought would be good or wasn't sure about would be voted on in the forum by players if it was a yea it would take place if not it wouldn't this would mean every one of sakejima would have a say in things not just me.


At the start of my reign I would have taxes at a reasonable rate say 5/6% then I would slowly drop 1 percent per fortnight till at 2% and it would stay there till tax free days every month.


I would hold a special event every Sunday such as a race in chapter 1 section a (above) or an auction or a sailing back off or a really big tournament all with antes and big prizes

every month I will also have an event to do with writing as I am passionate about it the best story poem or anything else judged by me Hades or om?s will receive a prize and get there piece of writing in the inns news


I will hand out honours these will be shown in the inn news or in the news of the island these honours can be won off of you and some honours cant these are:

Sword fighting honour winning a big tournament
Drinking honour winning a big tournament
Treasure drop honour winning a big tournament
Racing honours (group crew and flag) win a racing event
Spades win a spades tournament
Hearts win a hearts tournament
Poet honours write a winning poem
Author honours write a winning story


If elected governor I will make a pirate Olympics were the pirates of the ocean compete against each other to see who is the best in the ocean there will be a few events with different entry fees but really big prizes and crew and flags can enter to win prizes to events shall be

Sword fighting
Treasure drop
Brawls (different numbers in team)
Pvp battles at sea (different categories of ships)
Races (all categories for teams crew and flags for 1leage 1 3 4 etc to marathon round the other 3 islands near sakejima)
Hooking (just off shore the bnav and who ever hooks first goes through (different categories of ships)
Sailing bake-offs
Gunning bake offs
Carping bake offs
Bilging bake offs
Poem contest (categories funniness, relevance, an Om and creativity)
Arty contest (draw your favourite Om closest to his/her look wins)
Working contest (most hours off work can be done in a stall categories shipbuilding alchemist and distilling
Decorating contest (decorate a shack with set about of cash provided)

This would be a great period of time in which we hold this event but it will be stolen as and event probably.


if i am able to bring the banks back to the island i would do it straight away this will help increase the islands popularity and the inns and stalls will be less empty.


i would try to get the om's to make a rack or stall in a bazzar main enterance which would sell advertised items appropriate for the stall for example in a tailors people could put clothes on the rack in distilleries people could put mugs on the rack i think this is a little better and helps more trading which will be a fun and if i can make it to be in sake only it would also be unique this would only go ahead with om backing and help if the om's can not help in any way if pirates trust us we shall put them on a rack in one of our shoppes to sell at there price the owner gets 10% and if it int sold in 5 days the owner shall buy it himself for a slightly lower price


A. insurance is a smart idea and would help pirates who help defend sakejima in blockades basiacally a pirate paid 250 poe a week and in return every blockade they have if the sink and lose a leg or eye we give them 30k for each part missing and whenu loose an eye and a leg they get an extra 30k thiswould be through trust
B.a pension is fun too and nearly the same consept except u pay like 250 poe a week for 6 months as a citezen of the island and u do the 6 months and we will give u 6 monthes worth of 300 poe per week the lager they put in the more we pay out and done through trust
C.betting is also a fun idea the bet on an odd that we set on people to win blockades or lowest score and most people know the concept this can be done through trust or om's could sort something this is also through trust
E.these possiblities are absolute maybees and wont go ahead with om permission if this will lower my chance of getting the island delete it but not the insurance or the things that can be done munually


i have stepped it all out and i think the bog will be know as the bog to below the well will be the well to hell and this means hades can come up from hell anytime he wants to check how things are going i also think i can fit in about 2 of each stall as well at 2 other housing types this will make the island a lot more popular and thats without touching the scenery which will not be getting touched at all


i have recently made a crew called the sakejima defenders who will help in all blockades when the island becomes open to them also the flag is still to come where i have a few crews already willing to join it ther flag will be called team sakejima or something along the lines when the crew stats are up defending the island will propbably also be the citezens because it will be run so well they will not want it to change its govenor


as hades will be on his relaxing break and possibly leaveing me in control i've decided a grandfrigate named after him to go in my crew to defend the island would honour him as well as the party i have organised in the events section of the forum as he is giving the island away on this night this party will be dedicated to him too and i will have a tax free day every month known as the tax free day of hades


i will give all my loyal friends and citezens ranks for the island these ranks would be

1 councilor of sword fighting
2 councilor of drinking
3 councilor of treasure drop
4 councilor of spades
5 councilor of hearts
6 councilor of brawls
7 councilor of races
8 councilor of pvp fights
9 councilor of tailors
10 councilor of apothecaries
11 councilor of ironmongers
12 councilor of shipwrighteries
13 councilor of distilleries
14 councilor of furnishers
15 councilor of homes
16 councilor of weaveries
17 councilor of merchant trips etc

there will also be me who will bring the first 6 councilors together to organise various events for the pirate olympics i plan to run and the counilors will gather 2 or 3 comittee members each to help them out this will all be voulenter work


i will have various meeting all over the start of my reign for people such as citezens home owners and stall owner to ask questions about what shall happen to ther island and i will go ahead with the plans if i have a majority agreement only these meeting will be held in a palace or an inn.


i will hire 5 or 6 ultimate swordfighters to stay in the inn for a shift each people will challenge them and will pay 1k to fight them depending on ther standing and sword there prize they can win will be timesed by a sertain number eg

able:start at 10 next experence at 9 soon and so on till ultimate and higher

stick times 10
foil times 9.9
short sword times 9.8
long sword times 9.7
rapier times 9.6
dirk times 9.6
scimtar times 9.5
cutlass times 9.5
pionard times 9.4
saber times 9.4
stilletto times 9.3
skull times 9.2
falchion times 9.1
cleaver times 9.0


every thing that i have written above will increase the population and popularity of the island because everytime this week i have wen to the island theree would be 40 or lease pirates on it compared to lima which would have 120. the events which include ships will also incourage pirates to leave there ships in our port and more tradeing of commodities will happen

this island used to be one of the top 3 islands in viridian ocean now its about 7th but with these events happening it can and will happen that sakejima will go back up to the top

oh yea the olympics particepents have to make an entry fee or maybe not but the prize would be a sum of cash something to do with the event that they won an honour and hopefully a goldmedal if the om's would be able to sort something like that out

all events above and more are to hopefully come and they will be spread buy the sakejima notice board news the inns the stalls and on the forums

thanks for reading and best of lucky to everyone who is particepating im sure everyone done well

also plz watch out for idea theifs a few have stole my ideas that wont matter tho cos its on origanality so mines would have been the original yea



Captain of Los Siete Mares

Prince of Killer Saxons
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Ahoy all, Woodenbeard tis my name. My govenor alt, ill think of a name later. I was after Beerbaron after the alcohol theme but it was taken by a greenie not on since Feb. Maybe it would still be possible? *looks to an OM

Sakejima on Viridian is a nice island but very quiet.

I'd start by moving the inn if possible as i do not like the way that it is blocked by the distillery bazaar.

Also id upgrade all government buildings so they would be nicer and more attractive (also first upgraded inn on Viridian). This would result in more labour being needed and therefore attracting new pirates to take a job and visit, hopefully to stay.

Taxes would always be low to cover the cost of running the navy only and to help get more business to the island. (id need to check the current costs but reckon it will be around 2% maybe even 1%.)

As the island is pretty bare id build 4 or 5 shops, enough to increase trade but not crowd the island. These would be raffeled off at auction and the funds would go towards tournies. (Note 2 of these at most would be shipyards, im not going for a Kirin look with 8 shipyards)

As for tounies ive seen some promises of huge ones. I dont think that is possible, one weekly big one for a War frig etc that i can supply from a shipyard and a daily one using the poe from shop auctions would be what id be after. Id also talk to local merchants about donations of spare clothes, mugs, swords etc to have smaller regular tournies. This way the OM's would not be getting pestered for stuff.

As these shops are built and start trading it would be time to beautify the island. Ive seen some nice features on other oceans hopefully possible here. (a sheep would be nice)

And to keep people at the island once they come id like to add 2 new housing types, something like a cottage or rowhouse for the middle income pirate and a villa or maybe mansion for the high earners.

If choosen i will run the island as locals like, therefore shop and stall owners will always have first priority when im on if they have problems. email will be supplied for when im offline for any queries.

As i come up with more ill edit this.
Woodenbeard on Viridian
Captain Of Death's Shadow
King of Dark alliance
Former King of dormant flag Brethren of all Coasts
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Snakeeye?s Master Plan

Phase One: Strategically place propaganda to raise support for the new governor.

Phase Two: Gain the trust and support of people with occasional tournaments, build luxurious accommodation for the captains, and something more affordable for the troops.

Phase Three: Upgrade the weapons factories. Build a Shipyard to increase the size of the armarda, and an Ironmongery to stock the ships. Build a distillery to keep the troops happy. One of each other shop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and used to build a fleet of frigates and brigs, and hold tournaments for Sakejima?s finest.

Phase Four: Include several new merchant brigs, and sloops to help patrol the borders of sakejima, and other ships if possible

Phase Five: Increase the taxes above 0%, to help raise money for the motherland sakejima

Phase Six: Continue preparations for war, place cannons on the front of the sakejima to protect from sea attacks, and continue with tournaments for the people. Stategically place
Undercover piggy operatives for those who manage to pass them.

Phase Seven: Once a considerable fleet has been built up, declare war. Sink all ships not based in Sakejima!

Phase Eight: if enough fame is ever acquired, blockade the nearest island, to help the influence of sakejima spread! Will build fame with brig, and frig pillages.

Ultimate goal: World domination.

If I do win, my alternate govenor will be "manasha" goddess of snakes.
Captain of Devil's Playground, Pay for Play

Officer of Hell's Angels, Hell's Wrath

Senior Officer of Black September, The Eye
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I, Avernus, submit the following evil plan for the Island of Sakejima on the Ocean of Cobalt

Avernus' Plan

Captain of Hades' Demons
Master of the Four Sailors of the Apocalypse
Future Governor of Sakejima
Former Overlord of Sakejima [Cobalt]
{All about Avernus }
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Vidirin island

my plan would be to build better house

make the skellies come

make more tournments for the newbis to entry
officer of the Resistance is futile(viridian)
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Well i have great plans for Sakejima. First of all i shall tax everyone 5 POE a week if they are citizens. This small tax will raise capitol and I can put my hitch plan into action. I will create a cottage in that big area where no buildings are and it's all beachy and i will make building grants to promising business men and i will make building upgrades. See if i make building grants and construct it'll cost some at first which is why i'm using a lot of my own money and raising taxes but the taxes on their products will bring in more revenue then they started with thus making more money for the island. and eventually we'll be one of the richest islands in the virdian ocean! and then one of my final hook plans will happen, we will unite the islands under the United Islands of Virdian. UIV and i might become their president. but this is a long run hope so um its possible. also i will work hard to paint and decorate our buildings and i will entertain only our citezens with tournaments so more people will become citezens so more taxes which =$ i will also make fun poles so i can get the peoples opinion on the island for instance i might ask them if they think taxes are priced right or stuff like that. of course this will take a while but aftera year or so we will be hands down the richest island in virdian, ney! the entire puzzle pirates game. this is my plan.

Sincerely Glenn Holmes A.K.A. Poppopeye of the Viridian Ocean.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I appleboy, if i were governing sakejima (viridian) would:

have a post office type thing, send in ideas for contests and other ideas to the governor(free), send messages to your friends if theyre offline (cheap 5-10 poe fee), even send items (costs more depending on the value of the item, nothing huge though)
the money made from that would 50% go into a tourney with a special prize that would change every tourney so as to fit everybodys wants and wishes (drinking items, clothes, swords, furniture, ships even....), it would be held every other week

as for the other 50%, it would be used for different purposes, refunds in shops, other things to increase the want to live, shop, and own shops on sakejima, im sure many ideas will come to me and through the mailbox

increase the housing options, when talking about it i believe they mentioned sakejima as being "shackorama", cottage and manson/villa would be built to increase furnishing which would in turn spark the rest of the economy, but of course thats not enough, a few select buildings will be rased, but not overcrowding of course... an auction for one or two of them perhaps, others going into able managing hands, maybe decided by a contest such as this one done with use of the mailbox

ships would be sent out with booty, make it a pillaging hot spot causing the need for cannonballs and rum, rum and more rum

a fun blockade would also be a good spark to the economy

anyway i have plenty of ideas goin on, and more could come with use of a mailbox... (maybe that could be a furniture item)
but i feel like ive written too much already

peace out,
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I am Imbosol on the Cobalt Ocean.

I have plans for Prolix Perlieu (s.p.?), for no reason in perticular, except that it's relitiveley new, so I can start making plans nice and early before it gets too popular.

My brilliant plan.


First off, I would make a place for free shacks, so newer pirates, or the poorer ones, have a place to call home. Then, I would make a 5k cottage place. And lastly, a 50k mansion/cottage place for the richer people. Now, theres housing for all the people.


I know theres usualy only one of these, but, i decided to make section out of these so you know all of what i want to do with Prolix Perlieu (s.p.?). I would make the Inn, with daily tournies,weekly tournies,monthly tournies, and, a once a year tourny. The yearly tourny would have a pretty big pot, along with some item prizes.

Iron managing

I would make 3 iron managing stores. One, would be owned by me, with stalls for fairly cheap. Another one, would be another played owned, with no stalls. And, the last one would be played owned and with stalls for also fairly cheap.


I would have 2 shipwright stores. Both having stalls, the only difference is that I own one. The stalls would be at a fair price.


The 2 furnishing stores I would make would both have stalls for a reasonable price, and both would be player owned.


I would make 3 tailors. One, would be owned by me, with stalls for fairly cheap. Another one, would be another played owned, with no stalls. And, the last one would be played owned and with stalls for also fairly cheap.

The things up there (^) would apply for all other stalls/stores


Now, you gotta be wondering how im gonna pay for all of these. The answer, is, local tournies while im making all of this stuff, and outa my pocket. Im not the richest, but whatever money I make until this is done, will go into this plan. Oh, and taxes will be at 4% while all this is going on, and when its finished, the taxes shall be 1%


All of this im hoping will take me around 3 months.
Senior Officer
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Plan fo Jorvik:
1) Taxes-->100%
2) Buy hemp bales wif allde dunsa
3) Islandwide hemp maze
4) Oceanwide grounation

lord advisor, notorious fandango
captain, hell fire for hire
follower, you-know-who
one of my hearties wrote: 
Notorious F *ckheads
another one wrote: 
nefarious hemprunning turbanhead

anxiously awaiting the next update
wondering if he needs new hearties..;)
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Plans for Hades
For Puzzle Pirates player’s eyes only

Our lord Hades has spoken, he needs the best planers around to plan his dream island. So it shall be said, thus it shall be done. My name is Adelmo, Senior Officer of Lost Corsairs; we port all around in the Ocean of Viridian. I shall answer to Hades.

My plan is make Hades “Vacation Island” a reality, I will build a few housing lots, Cabins, Row house, Manors, townhouses and so forth, so that all pirates, lords and kings too shall have a place to live. I will build furnishing shops for people to sell furnishers; of course the shops shall be auctioned off. I will make Sakijima Island paradise compared to the other islands, Inns will be upgraded, banks and Estates will be too. The island shall look beautiful. I will try to make one of each shop, so that people can have the experience to get one at a cheap price. Sakijima Island will be the place for everyone to go, and to enjoy.

If Governor of Sakijima, I will have Hades celebrate with big fights and drinking games, maybe we’ll hold a swordfight or a drinking game for a deed to a shop. Once again, Sakijima will be paradise compared to other islands; it will be the best if I am governor; Sakijima will be a…Vacation Island.


• Will make 2 or 3 more housing, maybe more.
• Will try to make one or two of every shop
• Will host tournaments for one or two shop deeds
• Will upgrade Facture Buildings (government buildings)
• Will also do other things to make the island look better
adelmo urr like the all nowing pirate guru

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hi my name is Tanyasmart I am Captain of the crew Ocean Rider and Queen of the flag Midnight Revenge...

I am from the fantastic Viridian Ocean

Well while on the ocean all the island look pretty good mostly Lima and Dragon Nest but when you look at Sakejima it isn't to great, that is why I think it is not that really popular. It has all its buildings in the middle all next to each other and the other side of the island there is nothing not even that many trees on the island just dirt so the 1st thing that I would do as governor is too make Sakejima's apperance better I think we have to make it look better so more people will want to stay at the island I would add more buildings but not too many so it doesn't look to cramed with islands.

Next I think we should lower the weekly rent for all the shops by at least 500 because if we would do that then I think more people would purchase a stall which means more money for the owners of the island so the governor can add more buildings or do some fun things like tournaments, raffles, or other fun things.

On every major holiday or special occasion I would hold a huge tournament and party where everyone can have fun.

Well if I was governor I think Puzzle Pirates might become more funner so more people would continue to play and have fun playing the best game ever!
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Hempline, Chairman of PAROT (Pirates Against Ruining Our Territories) at Hades' service! /em salutes smartly

I'll be short and sweet. Jorivk has a long history of misfortune, shown in the blood-fed red sand. Not only was it the most hotly feuded and blockaded isle in all of Midnight, but the history before pirates set foot on it's shores are some of the most terrifying in the ocean. To top this tragic history with a bloody little cherry, the head of the underworld, Hades himself, had taken the throne.

High time for a bit of fun, eh?

I mean to raise the taxes to a minutely higher but fair 5%. All the coffers of the island will be used for tournaments and events that take place on the soon-to-be merry shores of Jorvik. I will also be using my own funds in these tourneys and events. If I need an item for a prize, I'd rather pay a shoppe or stall owner of Jorvik than begging an OM for aid! These events include normal game tournaments as well as literary events.

Edit!: I've thought a bit, and realized that 5% still be 5%... I mean to keep it at that tax rate, but I'll give shoppe-owners and stall-keepers a 10% discount if they better life on Jorvik. Set up a pillage about ruby for the inhabitants o' Jorvik? 10%! Bein on the docks aiding greenies? 10%! Placin tourneys in the Nelson fer those only on Jorvik? 10%! And so, I'd challenge the people of Jorvik to set up shop on these soon-to-be merry shores, do something above and beyond for the good of the isle, and get your just reward! /Edit

Blockades are welcome as events on the shores of Jorvik! Those flags that wish to hold a bumper sloop contest, a mock blockade, or any other fun event is welcome.

And finally, going back to my PAROT roots, I would like to place plantlife for a better more beautiful Jorivk of tomorrow. I'd fix up the shack and cottage to be more welcoming! And every week, I'd give tours of the island to any who would wish to hear (tips for the beautification of Jorvik is greatfuly accepted, but not required).
Forever a Nameless Corsair
Island Designer

omg welcum bak hmeplien we mist u

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Hades' shall Rule! Reply to this Post
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Hear Me Mortals!

Pirate: Hilden
Ocean: Viridian

Me Story!

From the shadows of Hell, Hades the Great released me from the flames. After many years of pain in Hell, and the many taunts of Cerberus I had finally gained favor from Hades.

From all the murders I had committed on Viridian whilst sailing the seas, and one day Hades saw that I opposed his evil and that I must be ended! On a fine day as I sailed with a bountiful pillage, I entered a dark storm and a black ship sailed broadside and grappled my ship. All of the sailors were robed in black and moved like shadows. One of drew his sword and ended my life. Hades through me into the never-ending pit of Hell and burned and choked, but now, many years later, Hades called me into his fiery domain for a small chat.

"Well, its you, Terror of the Seas. I have called you hear because you are the only one down here who can be sent up without disappointment. You are the most evil Pirate I have ever come across and so, I reward you with an Island for you to govern!" he said in his taunting and seductive voice.
"Now, what do ye want me to do on an island, I'm sure ye have some evil plan for it?" I replied.

"Actually, I don't have and evil plan for it, I just want a place for my vacation which I wish to have sometime soon. So you will prepare the island for me so its just like my home down here, you will get rid of all good doers, you will create evil so I may be clothed and well fitted, and finally you will create a small fleet so I can pillage and cause as much havoc that I can on the seas! Then on the first day of the month that I begin my arrival you shall begin the black month!" he said in a calm yet staggering tone.

General Plan!

First Week!

On the first week of my dominance all taxes shall be raised to 9% or 10%(maybe more depending on my mood) and shall never drop unless me master commands me to do so! The money shall be used for my good and only my good, I don't care about ye! I shall begin raising money and small tournaments for 5000 POE will be held! I will also begin hiring players with a Sword fighting rating of at least Legendary to become the Guard of Hades and they will be paid according to shift and must wear at least some black in the full clothing. There duty will be to wait in the other room of the inn and wait for challengers who do good deeds and defeat them. The first five winners shall receive a prize of 10 000 POE each and a special prize depending on if they were the first to defeat the Guard of Hades. In an
Award giving ceremony on the first day of the black month (two weeks later), all extra award (excluding the 10 000 POE which you receive on the last day of the week) as well as all other prizes won in the first week! I shall also begin building a Manor for my master and accept all shop ownership requests!

Second Week!

I shall go on pillages this week to clear put the waters around Sakejima of all good doers. I will put 20000 POE in every ship for when we sail. If you are succeed in defeating the ship you will gain all booty in the ship, we will do a booty div when we arrive back at Sakejima! The Guards of Hades will pillage with me and this will make things more difficult as all of the Guard of Hades are usually Legendary in Sword Fighting. As well as all the tournaments, I will begin building an Iron Monger and Distillery. Big Sword and Drinking tournaments as well as odd bake-offs will be held in the rest of the week and preparations for the arrival of Hades will be underway.

The first day of the Black Month (Hades Vacation)

Drinking tournament will be held as the day goes on in celebration of the arrival of Hades! As the day goes on Hades will eventually arrive and you can all meet him. Then a Big drinking tournament, for 50000 shall be held with sponsership of Hades :)! Hades himself will join the Drinking Tournament and a Party shall be held in his house afterwards!

The first week of the Black Month (Hades Vacation)

In this week Brigs shall be given out as well as shop deed auctions and Drinking tournaments! Hades will have regular parties in his house and work will begin on the fleet! On the last day of the week a pillage with Hades will begin on a frigate or smaller depending on feedback.

The second week of the Black Month (Hades Vacation)

A cutter race will be held and a select few who have been chosen from smaller races will be held and with a small entrance fee of 1000 POE the Cutters will sail around the arch which will last three days with people stopping at intervals and me starting the race again everyday. The first Cutter back will receive a prize which Hades may choose. Hades himself shall award the prize! Then Hellympic games shall begin with all athletes coming together for the greatest prize! First, all athletes participating will begin with a drinking tournament which will last the rest of the fourth day! All athletes who qualify will receive prizes and moving on to the sailing competition!

The last week of the Black Month (Hades Vacation)

The sailing race will be a quick one and the first 3 ships back will qualify! During the race PvP must be included! I will provide enormous booty on the ships and all who wish may attack the ships for the booty! On reaching the destination booty will be divided and you will be teleported back to Sakejima! The sword round will begin and the final winner will be award a grand prize awarded by Hades! (Hades Rules: D )! On the final day the manor of Hades will be opened with all furniture rearranged! Some of the Guard of Hades will wait at the door. You may gather up to three friends to join you in attempting the battle against Hades! The Guards will defend the door and if you can beat at least 1 without losing all three, than the players that remain will be invited into the house and you'll face the rest of the Guards! The final battle will be a brawl between the players remaining and Hades with a special guest! If you beat the final challenge you will be awarded a shop deed, a manor, a cash prize and special prize from Hades!

All taxes shall be lowered after the Black Month has subsided. Rum tax shall be dropped greatly, compared to its original price. All will remain evil of coarse :).

Events, Shoppes and yer General Convenience

1.1 Distilleries

In addition to the Ditillery on the island at the moment, a newdistillery will be placed in the marches of Hades arrival! The distillery is very important as Hades and his Guard love to sip the lovely Rum that soothes a burning desire, and so I will create the Brews of the Underworld! Only the perfect Rum will be served from the gates of Hell and it will be Run by the brewmaster!

1.2 Brewmaster Chooising

From the wreaking pits of the Underworld there is fabled to be the best distiller in the whole of Viridian and the Underworld! I shall release a chosen player to be the Brewmaster and he will recieve a Distillery free from Sakejima if he can complete the tasks!

1. The brewmaster is fabled to be Lord of Drinking and so he must beat the current brewmaster (an alt who will own the distillery) in a drinking tourney. A wager of 1000 POE must be given before the drinking commnces. The first 5 to beat him or one of his minions will qualify.

2. The brewmaster is also binded to his distillering and his close friend Hilden shall begin distilling bake-off against the 5 who won and the one he he seems to be best fit for the job shall take over the distillery free of charge!

With all the partying Hades will be doing he will have to have a place to rest, a place so lavish he will not be able to decide if it is his home or the Underworld! I will begin construction on a mansio for his greatness!The brewmaster shall also recieve a free mansion! The mansion housing will be owned by the great Steward Hilden!

In order to make Hades home the best it can look we need to furnish it! And so a furnishers will be made and it will begin placing Skulls in its mansion! A Trinket will be given( hopefully sponsored by Hades or Check note!) to the first person who can beat there way through the lower floors of the mansion! No one can get passed the entrance hall until the last day of the Black Month! The entrance will be a maze with the Guards of Hades positioned in between them!


A shipwright reathed in flames called the Deaths Fleet!The shipwrightery will be used to build Hades' fleet and will be open for people who wish to build ships! There will be people willing to take your orders for there own ships!

4.2. The battle at Deaths Fleet!
After the Black Fleet is approuchinf its finish, a Brawl Table will be placed in the middle of Deaths Fleet! The forces of good, in an attempt to stop the destructio caused by Deaths Fleet has began a feeble atempt to take the Deaths Fleet! They call for teams to come and challenge us! (hopefully OM's and such can help with the story but its not needed!) People will gather at the back of Lima Inn were a admiral will take groups of three to battle against Deaths Fleet!
Everyone will board a brig controlled by the Admiral ( I will appoint him) who will target ships that I tell him to! After it has reached sake a final battle with a brig awaiting it will comence and then the storming of Deaths Fleet will begin! The guards of Hades will be awaiting the groups of three and challenge them the Final group/s of three will enter the Shipyard to challenge the Brewmaster, Hilden and the Governer (name will be created soon!)! The leader of the team gets the shipyard and a memorium Trinket(If it can be provided)!

Other Shoppes
Other shoppes (e.g. Tailors) will be given at auctions with the exception that they must have evil like names :P Other than that some more story give away shopes will be held!

Other Events

Hades' Bootyful Treasure

There is fabled, that Hades' lost the treasure he brought up when he began the battle to take over Sakejima! In the final moment of the battle Hades fought against Castor who he finally repented from Sakejima, but in a final attempt to end Hades Castor flung his Treasure into the ocean! An old Hermit ( Character Played) saw this and knows of what happens to it! For the sake of not spioling it I will just say that this will take you on a great adventure which winds in with the disapperance of Eris, and the merchant ship(see below) and will push any character to his/her Limits! The final prize is a bountiful amount of POE aand once again hopefully a Trinkits if it can be provided(I want to get a whole lot of trinkits into the game about the black month)!

Thee ol' Merchant

A merchant will be leaving on a delivery on the third week! He will travel all the way acrossthe ocean during the entire week and will include a stoeyline of beastly ships attacking and so on! After he is attacked by the black ship( damn I let it out) which h will achieve by targeting weak ships the storeyline will unfold and information on the location of the treasure of Hades will be let out! Thee ol' Merchant will also create the Merchants Guild were trader will get stuff cheaper because they'll put there money together to but in bulk and trade aroungd the ocean!

Le Grande Tourney

The will be held during the Hellympic and will be a grand pot and the winner will get a Ironmonger!

Poetry in Motion

A great poet lives on Sake, his name is Hilden and he will hold literal competitions for those who think there Poets! These will be forum competitions and POE aswell as A mansion with a Poet like feel will be given away! The winner's alt will also be jobbed into Deaths Gate and become the Scribe and Chronicle the as the governer is leader of the island! He will report it to me and will be paid for his work!

Artistic Impression

Another forum contest will be held were the winner will recieve great amounts of POE! He will be jobbed into Deaths Gate and he will be used to draw pictures for the Chronicle and will be paid for his efforts! The final thing will be compilded onto my website in flash format!

Tension between the Free Forces and the Evil Forces!

After the Free forces had taken the Deaths Fleet, tension grew between the two forces! The Evil Forces will begin conscription of people's Alts into Deaths Banner and the battle will begin!

Every so often ships will be sent to the routes of Lima to harass the Players that leave the island! They will begin converting those of the Free into the Evil Forces and will begin allying with flags and help them in blockades of Player Owned Islands (not Lima)! Other story missions such as the battle at Deaths Fleet will be held! Building up to Deaths Fleet will be pillages against the Free forces!


This involve being hired into the navy of Sakejima! You will be paid for all the work you do! Crews will be conscripted into Seaths Gate or fklags will be allied! Those who work for us will be paid directly to the OIC of the vesels that do our bidding! The crews/flag that are conscripted must be a citizen of Sakejima!

The Weakening of Lima

All who are brought up for conscription will go on pillages attacking weaker ships (only one each) and attacking those in Lima. We will wreak havoc around theplaces of Lima. The ships under Deaths Banner will be filled with a huge bounty so if the people work hard enough they will take it!

Hellish Trithalon (Hellympics)

First is the drinking tourney to drunken up the scurvy mates for the following days of Racing!

Races will be held and when they arrive at Lima the next Part will begin!

A swordfight will be held between the first two ships two arrive with the highest scores from the Drinking tourney! The winners will recieve the grand prize of a special crew and flag prize(Ships ect) aswell as the final winner(Highest score from all tournaments) Will recieve a special prize from Hades!

This is the Promo Video for Hades! Its not finished yet! :P

Heres a Promo vid I'm working on. the song is Toxicity by System. Open the Player then to the place that you saved the file in . Use File, Open

Sorry About the Mistake with the player! I uploaded the right one now!

Heres the proper player !

Heres the movie

*Note: The amount of time before the Black Month may vary depending on Building times etc. Hades does not have to provide the prizes listed if he wishes not too and those prizes will be sponsored by the island in this case! There will be more planned events that I will sponser for pirates that have the ideas! I will also stay in good character! Sorry about the mistakes!

Website Coming Soon!

Hades shall Rule!

Vote for me :)!
Fleet Officer of Fighting Freebooters!
Prince of Calico Jack

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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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I'm a relatively new person here, and I sail on Cobalt, under the name of Gorgon. That said, I bring some different ideas to the table. Now, to going in Character...

Hades, master, ruler of the underworld. We have no gate in Cobalt oceans, and we are losing souls that cannot find us. They haunt the islands as skellies, unable to find peace.


Yes, master, I know, but there is an island there, in the tradewinds, that all souls cross eventually. It is suitable for our purposes. Over half the island is unused, and we can make a suitable gate there.


Yes, I know master, people fear your reign, your availability. They fear their mortality. Of course I understand. I propose the following, then, m'lord...

Phase 1 - Defense
These islands, master, are ruled by sailors. Poseidon's domain, I know, but they still need land. If they need land, they need ports, and we can make ours great, to reduce the fear they have of you, and at the same time, create an army to keep any who fear you to greatly away, so that you will not have to be directly involved.

Were we to create a crew, master, a crew based on that island, under your own flag, we would have bloodthirsty men ready to pounce on any who would dare to attack you. We make them to be at war with all other flags of the lands, so they know to fear you. The best part, master, is those who do attack, would then become part of your domain. The waters there would be known to be dangerous, as is your typical preference.

To this flag, we create an alliance flag, one we will allow crews or specific people to join under certain circumstances. Again, these men will always be based only on your island, and while they war with any who might come near, they will not try to take over the land of the living. There is no purpose in destroying the life that gives you more and more power over time prematurely.

In this effect, we will also remove what is called 'shacks' on the surface, disallowing the newly born from being caught in our maw before they even get a chance to have new experiences, the draught which you drink.

Phase 2 - The Bait
While our crews will be powerful, lord Hades, we must give the living, and the foolhardy, reason to bring their souls to us. There must be value in daring a trip against you, a reason to 'beat death'. To this, I recommend the following:

Remove all ferries from your island, master, force any to come to sail to you.

Next, we will terribly reduce taxes, Making trading at our island extremely profitable. This will be necessary due to our slightly lower population, and to make traders wish to come to our lands to make sales.

We will, of course, need to feed our economy, master, and between subsidizing our crews and reducing taxes so drastically, we will need to do something to encourage the mortals both to attend us and to bring us money.

I recommend, master, that you allow for tournaments against either yourself, or should you choose to be unattainable, one of your champions. These tournaments, a chance to beat death itself, will be expensive to enter. They will give the opportunity, for a time, to be allied to Hades' flag, for free travel through our waters and to our island. The prices to enter would be different based on an entire flag, a crew, or a single sailor. (OOC: I'm not QUITE sure how to work out the last one).

Also, a direct tithe could be paid for a period of allowance through our waters. You must understand, master, that this island is in many trade routes, and these prizes would be made worthy.

... and of course, if not, we will send our crews out farther and deeper to make sure it became worthy.

Phase 3 - The island itself
As I said before, master, only players with some familiarity would be allowed to become members of your island, and you would not be able to join a crew or become a member of the island until you had purchased a house there, and only island members could become part of your official crew.

The unused portion of the island will become split usage. Firstly, a monument to you, over the gate itself. We do not wish to remind our own mortal emmisaries that you await them as well. At least, not unless they step out of line.

Secondly, we will plant needed rare goods so our local trade will blossom further, making a journey to us more valuable.

In these fields, we will place higher end housing for those that have done well under your guidance and hand.

(OOC: I'm not quite sure how well this piece will work, but it sounds interesting, if nothing else...)
The town itself will be turned upside down. Bazaars will be no more. They will be pushed off to a corner of the world, and only there so that shops may be issued to promising emmissaries, who will pay a tithe to you to be allowed to do business in this nearly tax free environment, and for the continued protection of your (player driven) navy.

Phase 4 - The Domination
Once we have set ourselves up as weak looking, and get the mortals less afraid of us, and our crews gain strength, we will send them out into deeper waters, collecting more tithe for you. Our ships away from our ports will be the scourge of the sea, sending more and more souls to you.

These islands are constantly being explored, master, and we would not wish those pirates out there to forget your touch, should they become big enough to simply forget a large island in the middle of an archapeligo.

Once these oceans are large enough, master, that we could be sailed around and ignored, we will take our crews and place dominion over a larger area, just large enough to remind the mortals we are always there, always looming, but not so large that we break their mortal chains.
Cobalt Seas - Gorgon
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Pirate frodo
Ocean Viridian

The blood thirsty god of the undersea rules the throne of Sakejima with an iron fist but sadly with his lack of knowledge in trade he has run out of iron! He searched the dirtiest crews of the viridian ocean to find the Scurvyest pirate of them all. How the little hobbit Frodo got favor one does not know. So when young Frodo stepped up to the throne he bowed to the lord Hades and told him a list of plans.

First two weeks Shall be weeks of terror All citizens shall be ordered to work on the dark lords evil manor. The black ship shall roam the sea attacking people who attack green ships not just blue. But surviving those deadly seas comes rewards for the dark lord is low on supplies and shall pay extra on all goods not provided from the island. His evil skeletons shall roam the grounds daily for these two weeks and if you defeat them (which will be as easy as defeating the black ship in a sloop) each person shall receive 20,000 poe. And a grand tournament for greatest prize a scurvy dog could wish for! The deed to the Black ship. Also a fleet of sloops shall be assembled to carry merchandise to the island aboard them krakens blood! Also the tax shall be a horrifying 20 percent for 3 weeks half of the tax shall be thrown in a chest for the dark lord!

Third week Shall be a bit more peaceful the black ship shall revert to its normal targets. And all npp's jobbed on your ships shall be Skellys. Also Hades evil manor shall be finished and open to the public to all that dare enter. A game of hide and freak shall be played in his manor the rules you must search the house for a skeleton once you find him you must defeat him if you fail defeat him you shall be thrown out of the house if do kill him you shall receive a free manor and 50 doubloons and 10,000 poe to buy furniture to decorate it with! There will be a person on duty to see who won and to eject losers!

Forth week This week shall be Frodo’s revenge As a hobbit Frodo is not fond of evil things and shall lock Hades in his evil manor for eternity! He shall then build hobbit holes on the island (cabins look the smallest so I will have to use them unless an O.M can make me a custom hobbit hole with the round windows you see in some buildings) And Frodo shall also steal the gold out of the chest and give back all the poe to the peoples of his island in a drinking competition! (Hobbits love to drink!) And to top it all Frodo shall throw his ring into the cracks of doom! And all evil in the ocean shall disappear!
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Though the god of light, Apollo had a dark side. Under the name of Carneios, he is seen as a god of death. He and Artemis slew all of their mother Leto's children when Niobe, their grandmother, claimed all of Leto's children were more beautiful than the gods

Pirate Name: Carneios
Ocean : Virdian

As hades is master and ruler of the underworld Id like to take a sligtly more "evil approcah" and Carneios is apollo's dark side known as a god of death.

Hades wants an vcaction island so to build his great mansion ill need to put takes up to an evily british 17.5% (Arr round it up)
Id then build several great houses on the island using tax. Where hades the master of the underworld can inhabit.

Id then Build and Iron monger and Distilling Shop to beat off the stalls and add some competition.

Id add an odd tourney's where the items are ugly clothes such as green/lime

Id sell building sites for extremley high prices. Allowing one of each type and not being alloweed to upgrade from shabby unless that pay a large deposit.

Id buy all the commods on the island forcing stall owners to ship in there goods from other islands.

Ill do a room up i the palace purely for not having weddngs in. If i see this thell be planked.

Just cause havoc, maybe even declaring war on some flags who do not obey hades as there leader which will not allow them to port.

The black ship would roam the water for 1 league outside sakejima. It would do its normal duty but would allow other ships to engage if they so wished.


Two possible endings. Hades never returns from his vaction and over time seeing what suffering Carneios and pain he has caused the citizens of sakejima he finally aboilshes his evil ways and turns to be good. He has auctions for the citizens of sak. He then decides to give away his vast fortune that he has obtained during his time of evil to help the poor and needy. Make great tourneys that the Om's would be proud to have made thereselves. Help the stall owners that had been open during this time by lowering taxes to 1% and selling all commods to the stalls.


Then after a few months of evil, a flag will get the oppertunity to be blockade sakejima. Defending flags would be paid well and all ships would be provided. Atacking flags would have to beat the defenders. To add more choas they would then have to beat 5 skellies. They will only have one chance to beat the skellies. If they lose the island and it will not be taken. If they win theyll take the island and overthrow the evil hades and Carneios.
On all oceans, but mainly Viridian.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Why do I want to be the governor of Jorvik? [Midnight]

On the surface, I'm a nobody; only been here two months, bit of a dipwad on the forums according to some people, average skills for an average pirate, even if I am somewhat of an Alchemistry prodigy.

Why would anyone want to turn the governorship over to me?

Because I don't believe in utopia. I don't believe a perfect world can be created; even if it could be, it would be incredibly boring. I believe, instead, that common sense should always prevail.

My mission on Jorvik, where I already live and have lived for some time, is simple. Learn, build, and have fun while doing it. I don't want to introduce batshit insane and overcomplicated systems of taxation, I don't want to turn Jorvik into a heaven for my personal flag and ambitions, I don't want to use it to further my own agenda. I want to use it to try new ideas and logical means to ends that, so far, have been ignored on other islands in favour of the standard route.

To start with, Jorvik has a number of very unique features; the deep cravasse that runs down the centre of the island, the park at the Northern end, the palace on the hill, and the total lack of furnishers. All of these are rife for usage in creative competitions that haven't been used before.

For example, to incorporate the park into a competition, I would organize the first-ever Midnight game of capture the flag, possible only on Jorvik because of the wide open space with equal zones on either side. The instructions have been shrunken to make this post look less intimidating.

1) Two teams of six pirates start on either side of the park, wearing colour-coded bandanas. One member of each team is, instead of the team bandana, wearing a gold or black one. That bandana is "the flag".

2) On game start, players must attempt to steal the other team's flag. They do this by crossing through the park [they can go as far as the seas in either direction, but cannot go beyond the park's Southern boundary anywhere on the island] and trying to lure the other players into chat circles.

3) Once in a chat circle, both players play Rock-Paper-Scissors. The player who loses is sent to "jail", which is either Cameloot for the Southeastern side, or Bleak House for the Northwestern. [a shack will be created or borrowed for this purpose] If the losing player is wearing the black or gold bandana, they must also surrender it to the winner.

4) Once a player is holding the black or gold bandana, they must run across the field to THEIR jail, and give it to their jail guard [who will be an event official] Once either jail guard has the other team's bandana, it's game over.

5) Jailbreaks are possible. A player simply has to enter the jail and shout "JAILBREAK!", whereupon all players "in jail" can leave.

It's a simple idea when you get down to it, one that, to my knowledge, has never been done before, and one that would, again, be unique to Jorvik because of the presence of that lovely flat semi-wooded swath of land right down the centre.

Another thing I would do is establish Jorvik University at the Nelson Arm Backroom, where, with the incentive of a Speaker's Fee, gifted pirates in all disciplines can give weekly lectures and seminars on relevant topics, ranging from battle navigation to the social puzzle to swordfighting to how to bake the perfect tiramisu. This kind of knowledge can only serve to benefit the community on the whole, and would draw dozens, if not hundreds, of people to Jorvik on a regular basis.

As for the lack of furnishers, that's also something best addressed with new and innovative thinking. You want the first and only Furnishing shoppe on the island? Fine, but you're going to have to find the supplies first! Five players will be asked to "drop a chest" [10k or so, much less than you'd normally pay for a shoppe] on the deed, and will then be made roommates in three mansions. Each of those mansions will have five sword racks inside them, placed in different locations in each mansion. Each rack will have a stick in it. The player who emerges from the mansions three minutes later with the biggest bundle of sticks wins the deed complete with all the initial supplies you'll need, with consolation prizes going to the rest for being good sports.

How about the crevasse? Can you say "Red Rover"?

Now, I'm not an amazing literary talent. I'll never win a poetry contest, I'll never win a short story contest, and I'll probably lose this one, too. But those are just some of the ideas I have to make Jorvik something special in Ruby, in Midnight, and in PP. I'm not going to envelope my vision in underwordly up-suckery or purple prose, because I'd rather talk straight and give my ideas as they are instead of wrap them up in platitudes and hope. Take that as you will.

But I can guarantee you one thing. I will make a difference. I don't have a huge crew behind me, I don't have a fleet of warships at my beck and call, I don't have tens of thousands of POE in my pocket. But I'm a quick study, I'm eager to learn and be mentored, and I want to make a difference instead of treating the island like a Boy Scout Badge. Please give me a chance.

My pirate's name is a secret; for now, you can know me by my alt, Darbney. This would definetly be something worth "coming out of the closet" to do, but unless that happens I'd rather maintain my admittedly more than somewhat foolish smokescreen of fuzzed identity. ;)

Thanks for your time.
The Ghost of Oceans Past
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I was the first, and I shall be the last! Reply to this Post
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A Modest Proposal for the Stewardship of Jorvik Island

When I was just a lad, the Old Codger impressed one very important lesson into my brain: "Leave it the way ye found it!" Whether I was poking around his still, his ship, his fishing gear - the answer was always the same: "Leave it be! An' if ye can't, at least put it back as it was!"

And so for many months, my mind has been heavy with thoughts of the state of my home. For you see, when first I arrived on Jorvik, nothing stood upon the island but the ruins of a once-proud civilization that had long since disappeared from the Ruby Archipelago. Yet by the time I stepped down, Jorvik was a bustling metropolis, filled with bazaars and shoppes and greenies shouting day and night at the docks. At the time, this sort of progress and development seemed a good thing; looking back, I see that I've let the Old Codger down. It is a mistake I intend to put right.

My proposal for Jorvik is simple: to leave it the way I found it. When I am finished, Jorvik will again hold nothing but the ruins of a once-proud civilization.

My proposal for doing this is laughably simple. First, I shall raise taxes to their fullest. Second, I shall see to it that trade out of Cameloot ceases. Its only purpose will be to bid up the price of local materials at market. Third, I shall use the taxes I raise to fund the ongoing cleansing of the island. I will offer a standard ¶100,000 for any shoppe; as soon as I hold the deed to a shoppe, it shall be emptied, and allowed to crumble to dust, returning the land to the way it was when I became Governor so long ago.

To encourage Jorvik's landowners to accept my offer, I shall use my tax receipts for another purpose: bounties. I will offer generous rewards to any pirate who manages to sink or steal a cargo ship bound for Jorvik. I will seed the commercial district with my spies, who will report back to me with the names of captains and ships who make deliveries to the island; these names will go on the Notice Board by the docks, along with the bounty I will pay to anyone who harasses them on the seas. Soon, only the most foolhardy will try to bring goods to Jorvik's port, and then only at prices that no merchant can pay.

Faced with extortionate taxes and dwindling raw materials, the shoppeowners will have little choice but to sell out, and stallholders will leave for calmer waters. Before long, the island's clutter will be reduced to just the bazaars, government buildings, and Lord Nelson's Arm. With the support of my allies, and my own personal influence, I will convince the Dread Ringers to let the bazaars crumble one by one, until Cameloot and the Nelson are all that remains.

Then, to celebrate the return of the island to its proper state, I shall host lavish parties and contests at the palace, inviting all who helped me accomplish my epic work. Finally, when my coffers are nearly exhausted, I will throw one last party that will put to shame everything that came before. Drunk and delirious, we will storm the Nelson. There we shall find Eris, brought out of retirement and bound to the bar. She will recite poetry to us, and we will sing songs of praise to her in return. And when our tales are told, and the last barrel runs dry, every guest and every resident will go to the docks, board his ship, and sail away, never to return.

In the morning, the sign shall read Population: 0. I shall wander the island with Piggy Ariadne, as I did in the old days. Once again, we will enjoy the solitude of the unspoiled island. The Old Codger will forgive me, and smile down upon me, and I will sleep peacefully once again.

High Priest, Cult of the Red Mantis
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Re: I was the first, and I shall be the last! Reply to this Post
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Sakejima Plan
Viridian Ocean

The Beginning
Immediately upon taking the role of Governor, I would take over all responsibilities so that Hades may have time to rest and enjoy himself. The initial action item, which I have already completed, it to make note of the various properties already existing on Sakejima Island. I find it beneficial that no shops exist at this time, only infrastructure related buildings, an inn, and some bazaars. A communication system for the island would be set up to allow all future shop owners, residents, and visitors to voice their opinions regarding the island and its governance with a special forum and potential meetings for the shop pwners to discuss the economy of the island and any events we would want to hold.

Honoring Hades
In order to honor Hades so he always feels at home, we will commemorate him in ways not often seen in the Viridian Ocean. Competitions and tournaments will be favored to draw people to an island in such a far corner of the ocean.

1. Grand Frigate Charon
In order to honor Hades, we would build a red Grand Frigate named Charon that would honor him by making large shipments of rum, pillaging the innocent on monthly pillages (not associated with ANY flags), and defend Sakejima from any potential future blockades. As Governor, I would hold the deed and Captainship of the crew. The vessel would be commanded by a different officer each month, preferably from different flags and crews. Tournaments to determine good battle navigators is important to ensure that Charon has profitable runs, and Hades doesn’t like to lose. The determination may be made by boat racing tournament or friendly Sea Battle competitions for pillages and ship races for rum runs. A portion of any loot will go to the palace to help subsidize tournament prizes and provide services to residents and visitors.
In order to lighten the load of OM’s, the first shipyard will be awarded to the person that donates a new Grand Frigate to Sakejima, and shall forever be recorded as the ship builder that provided Hades with his chariot.

2. Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments
Sakejima needs more visitors. More visitors are lured in by low prices and events. Pillages aboard Charon, rum runs, and taxes will be used to subsidize prizes for tournaments. Tournaments will not only be swordfighting and drinking, but all games. But we all know you can participate in parlor game tournaments from anywhere, so other tournaments will be held directly at the island.
- Sea Battle: Friendly Sea Battle tournaments of various degrees with a range of prizes anywhere from familiars to plain old pride. Sea Battle tournaments can be completely friendly where any captured loot be returned to the losing ship. There will also be looting tournaments, and for the hardest of the hardcore, ship sinking tournaments may be held on extremely rare occasion provided enough people are interested.
- Ship Races: Ships of all sizes. Sail for your flag or crew’s pride, or win a ship full o’rum! These will be of varying size and distance, with the longest looping through all archipelagos with designated officials at specific docks that need to verify the ship has stopped there as a checkpoint. Contestants may not be attacked by non-brigands. That way, a certain crew can not have extra ships waiting somewhere to stop a leader of an opposing crew.
Note: Shop owners will be encouraged to donate items to tournaments in return for free advertising.

Rum Trade
Considering the natural resources of Sakejima, Rum will be focused upon highly. We will also try to maintain low iron costs by encouraging cheap shipment of iron in turn for low rum costs. This means a good deal of trade will be performed through the palace. The low cost iron is vital to making cheap cannonballs so more crews will use Sakejima as a station for their pillages as the two things they need most are rum and cannonballs.

Shops names will be based on the theme of Hades. No crew or flag should have to much power over the island. Therefore, shops will be given out to varying flags and crews with the understanding that the shop may be taken away in the event that all shop owners move into the same alliance. Taxes will be set competitively and reviewed by all parties involved to determine the best formula for achieving the goals set forth here. This will be constantly reviewed so that it may be adapted to any changes that occur.

Sakejima should not be associated with any specific flag or crew. However, trade talks with governors of other islands and trade agreements with Captains of Merchant vessels with begin right away. This way, any resources needed by the island residents will be provided at the best cost possible based upon volume.

Island Layout
Sakejima is very sparse at the moment. A good many buildings will be placed for shops, but a section for homes separated from the shops will be placed as well. The homes should be placed around the green area in the center of the island by the iris root. Some shops will be placed along the main road leading from the dock inland, with other shops such as some shipyards (they are loud) being placed on the tip of the island that circles back around toward the docks.
A shrine to Hades should be placed in the middle of the main roadway into Sakejima.

Overall, I hope to make Sakejima a place comfortable for all to visit and a place that encourages people to set up residence there. Drinking and sword fighting will be most welcome and highly encouraged. This of course, is not a final plan, as things may change as necessary as time goes on. A good portion of the Governance is hard to predict until the nature of the residents and shop owners becomes better known. However, the new Sakejima will help Viridian become closer to oceans like Midnight when it comes to events. These events will both be good for the island, as well as for Viridian Ocean as a whole.
And on the 8th day God created Amoreth to pillage the high seas
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Below ye will find my submission for the governorship of Sakejima Island on the Viridian Ocean. I have chosen the pirate name of Apollon. He is one of the immortals in Greek Mythology. Below is my plan for the operation and control of Sakejima.

Plan for Governor of Sakejima

Pirate Name: Apollon


1. Create a Navy of Skellies to protect the island from attack. If the island is ever to be blockaded then the skellies will defend the island with the ships in the Naval Fleet. Once they are defeated the skellie navy will become a thing of the past. Unless, of course, they go to another island and take control there.

2. Make positions within the government to control the operation of the island and to develop it. All positions to be appointed by the Governor. No pirate can hold more then one office.

3. Create a series of caverns to hide treasures within for pirates to search for. These treasures come from the skellies that have traveled from island to island searching for the gems, gold, and other precious metals along with the poe they have won off of the ships that fell to their prey and the pirates they have beaten.

4. Create a Treasure Hunters Badge that pirates will have to purchase to go treasure hunting. Proceeds from which will be used to fund improvements on the island. Badge will last 30 log in days before running out. Cost of badge to be determined by ypp.

5. The governor will, from time to time, be allowed to take some of the treasure from the caves for use in building up the island. From this treasure he will receive a small percentage for his own wealth. (No more then 10%).

6. Taxes will be set and can only be raised with the consent of Hades himself.

Government offices:

1. Governor, that’s me.
2. Governors Assistant (To perform governing duties when governor is away.)
3. Treasurer
4. Ministry of Defense
5. Ministry of Commerce
6. Ministry of Events

Office Duties:

1. Governor – To oversee the operation of the island and to make final decisions on what to improve, how, and when. To obtain suggestions from the other government officials and pirates on how to better serve those on our island.

2. Governors Assistant – Ditto when governor is away.

3. Treasurer – To collect the taxes and pay for the improvements on the island. To provide funds for the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Commerce To keep an accounting of where all funds come from and go to. A report to be submitted to the governor monthly.

4. Ministry of Defense – To assist the Navy in determining how many and what kind of ships are needed for the islands defense. To supply a report to the governor on a quarterly basis.

5. Ministry of Commerce – To meet with business owners to assist them in coming up with ideas for attracting more business to the island. To advertise island to prospective customers. To purchase needed commodities for the commodities market on the island with funds from the taxes collected.

6. Ministry of Events – Creates various events such as tournaments and auctions. Will be responsible for setting time and location for auctions on the island and overseeing their operation.

Plan of operation for the Treasure Hunt:

1. The entrance of this cave is to be near the ocean so that the skellies can easily transfer their riches from their ship to the cave.

2. Place one of the skellies at the entrance to the cave to stand watch and guard the riches inside.

3. Pirates, who have the Treasure Hunters Badge, can come and after paying a small entrance fee they will be challenged in a sword fighting match with a skellie. Once they have defeated the skellie at the entrance they will start their journey into the caverns in search of the hidden treasure.

4. If a pirate is defeated at any time during their search they are wounded. The seriousness of the wound will determine if they can continue their search or will be sent back to the beginning and will have to wait a set amount of time before trying again. During this waiting period they will be allowed to leave the cave and do what ever they want to, pillage, parlor games, etc. But they can return to the cave only after they have healed their wounds.

5. Within the caves the pirate will find himself faced with having to complete certain puzzles to perform certain tasks. Example would be a carpentry puzzle to build a bridge across the bottomless pit. Do the puzzle long enough to score an incredible x 2, for example, before the bridge is considered built. Then once they cross it the ghost of Achilles comes and destroys it. They will have to rebuild it on their way back with the treasure.

6. Other puzzles could be a bilging puzzle to remove the water pools formed by the Oceans tide. A sailing puzzle to sail across the large pool on a raft. Could even provide the pirates with a choice of whether or not they want to try sailing, bridge building, or bilging to get past a particular pool. Only have it set in the game that certain pools require certain puzzles to be performed to get across but do not let the pirates know which one. They have to guess the correct one or try again with another puzzle until they have succeeded.

7. Create a maze just before the treasure and after the pirate gets through the maze the captain of the skellies is there to challenge them to one last sword-fighting match. Once they win they can get the treasure and make their way back through the maze and other obstacles to reach the entrance of the cave. If they make it that far they get to keep whatever treasure they were able to carry with them to the finish.

8. Difficulty of the treasure hunt to be determined by ypp.

Submitted by Jollyjoe
First Mate of the crew Dark Revenge
Lord of the Flag Tommy Gun

Captain Viridian Crusaders.
Retired Monarch, Viridian Avengers.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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Sakejima: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. At least, that's how it should be. With the colonisation of Terra and Viridis complete, Sakejima sticks out like a sore thumb on the trade routes of Jade. Beyond the precious cargos of wood, cubanite, and sugarcane that the island produces there is little to draw a man to Sakejima.

Lord Hades, Anansi proposes to turn Sakejima into a paradise for the scum of Viridian. Pirates, gamblers, and mercenaries shall have a reason to call Sakejima home. Anansi proposes a few changes to the island to bring this dream to fruition.

1. A bi-weekly bounty shall be placed on an island-holding flag selected at random. The crew of pirates that amasses the greatest victories against the named flag shall win the weekly prize.

2. Speed bounties will be placed three or four times a week. The first crew that attacks a vessel named by the old salts, and returns the prize to Sakejima, shall get a small token for each sailor on the winning vessel.

3. To house Sakejima's new pirates, Anansi shall build a cabin, a row house, and a mansion on the island. The first and the last are missing from Viridian, and the middle is the ideal size for a moderately successful pirate.

4. Every two weeks one plot of land shall be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The winner of the plot can build whatever they want (excepting a shipyard, there's plenty of those on Viridian.) All proceeds from the sale will be split; three quarters into a local automated tournament and one quarter to augment that week's speed bounties. After six plots have been sold the frequency of these auctions shall drop to once a month for the next six months.
Following that, no new buildings shall be constructed without a significant (i.e. One million pieces of eight, a familiar, galleons or frigates) donation to the bounty and tournament pots.

Here you can see that Anansi prefers to use the northwest corner of the island for housing. The current commercial district will be extended to the southeast, and any further commecial buildings will be built in the southwest.

5. Each public building shall, throughout the week, hold onto a game table or two to encourage gambling.

6. Of course, Anansi will also hold a variety of local tournaments to encourage visitors to the island.

7. On the mundane side, Anansi shall manipulate buy and sell prices at the palace in order to generate revenue to fund the tournaments and bounties. Taxes will remain at zero for the first two weeks of his rule, then shall be raised one percent a week until a positive flow of pieces of eight is established.

Anansi hopes that this meets and exceeds your expectations, and looks forward to serving you in the future.

Anansi of the Viridian Sea.
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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What a life that would be..A governer!
An' island that would be governered with a fair hand that seeked the peoples opinion...Which shoppe should be built? A tailor that would be most amazingly run by a Master Tailor of my choosing?Or an' Ironmonger? Where the fastest and finest swords would be crafted?
Layouts of land that would be turned into busy streets...People shopping, money made..The palace shoppe would just as fine as Olives'...maybe even Finer!
With like me said a fair hand...but firm, of course firm!
But down to business!First we must get the profits of the island up!Lower taxes that should bring in trade markets,Also, we shall have the best of the best compete for a prize!The Officers of this island will take a ship from this island to the next!The person that brings the most booty and comes the fastest will get 10% of the other mateys booty.It helps people together and strengthens the skills!I belive that if I governer, this place will become a tourist attraction..a place that brings more people to live..And the answer to yer question?Who wants to be Hades governer?
I,Stephani of Viridian Ocean, Senior Officer of the crew,Hell's Avengers
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Re: Who Wants to be Hades' Governor? Contest Entries Reply to this Post
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What a life that would be..A governer!
An' island that would be governered with a fair hand that seeked the peoples opinion...Which shoppe should be built? A tailor that would be most amazingly run by a Master Tailor of my choosing?Or an' Ironmonger? Where the fastest and finest swords would be crafted?
Layouts of land that would be turned into busy streets...People shopping, money made..The palace shoppe would just as fine as Olives'...maybe even Finer!
With like me said a fair hand...but firm, of course firm!
But down to business!First we must get the profits of the island up!Lower taxes that should bring in trade markets,Also, we shall have the best of the best compete for a prize!The Officers of this island will take a ship from this island to the next!The person that brings the most booty and comes the fastest will get 10% of the other mateys booty.It helps people together and strengthens the skills!I belive that if I governer, this place will become a tourist attraction..a place that brings more people to live..And the answer to yer question?Who wants to be Hades governer?
I,Stephani of Viridian Ocean, Senior Officer of the crew,Hell's Avengers

To also bring in more people here are a few Houses I "will" build

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