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Life as We Know it Reply to this Post
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I don't know if anyone is left who really knows me here, but I feel called to mention a personal milestone in my private life.

I was adopted as a child, and while my parents were candid with me about the adoption and a few details on my birth parents, I never knew their identities until last month.

Due to a DNA test I took over 3 years ago, I have connected with the families of my birth father and birth mother. I first determined my father through some prompted answers by close cousins, which led me to an email exchange with the man himself, and he confirmed key details, leaving no doubt. A second DNA test turned up a half-brother, as predicted by this relationship.

My mother's identity took another month to sift out. I had her first name and the same types of details from the adoption agency, but I have far fewer close DNA matches on the maternal side, so I enlisted a cousin to help. Said cousin really knows her statistics and DNA. She found a candidate and we confirmed that that is my birth mother alright. She unfortunately preceded me in death, in 1994. So now I'm kind of hoping I will find someone who knew her and can impart stories of her life to me.

I don't grieve my mother's death, she led a good life and she was Catholic to the end, and had a funeral Mass. It was unfortunate, the circumstances of my conception and birth, but that is all water under the bridge now. My cousins have been warm and kind in welcoming me as a surprise family member.

Most people do not have this kind of positive experience when turning up surprises in their family trees! It has come to my attention that my maternal line has at least 2 NPEs (not parent expected) that we will need to unravel, for a better picture of who my mother is.

I am still emailing with my father, who is 92, hale and hearty. I really take after both of them, I definitely can tell.

Have any of you tested with a DNA service? Have you received surprises in the results? Let's hear about it!
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I'm one of those who doesn't really know you, but I've read many of your posts on the forums. Aside from all that YPP help, I found your account of your adoption saga very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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