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Game Feature Request to engage existing players Reply to this Post
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Most returning players find it difficult to stay engaged and online when all of the hearties they used to play have been dormant for 3+ years. It's disheartening and the thing that makes a game worth playing is the environment and it's community.
In the way PP is built, it only allows interactions whilst in-game, there needs to be an alternative way to contact each other player-to-player in the real world.

My proposal would be:

Send a Telegram -
on yer pirate page there would be a button to send a telegram which once written, will send a notification via email to the player. or an alternative to the button could be 'Visit the Post Office' and send an offline telegram there.
This way you could also get in touch with dormant crew members who have been away for years and let them know a time you are planning on coming back online to play together.
Flag News / Crew News Notifications -
Again to increase on the real world engagement would be to send an email to the player every time flag / crew news is posted.

With the greatest of thanks in advance, I hope this is something that could at least be looked at for consideration as I think it will really benefit a huge section of the community.
I hope the forum can drum up some traction on this :)
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Re: Game Feature Request to engage existing players Reply to this Post
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Oh please no.

To send an email to another person, you need an originating address. Therefore, such a service would necessarily not be in-game but use the sender's email client.

This is a privacy/spam problem for existing players. If anything, it would need to be opt-in (which would of course make it useless for your purpose of contacting long-dormant players.) I can think of many reasons that a player would not want his email address used by other players, who tend to be ban evaders, spammers, and harrassers (who would absolutely love this feature).

In case you haven't noticed, Puzzle Pirates doesn't have a "settings" control panel. There would be no opt-in/opt-out checkboxes that a player can tick for this.

One of the beautiful things about Puzzle Pirates is that it does not try to reach into your real life and nag you about every little occurrence in-game. The only email sent would be for dormant pirates about to be deleted. Let's keep it that way.
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