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Hi there!

I am looking to get more cading experience, but, due to life, I can't log on Saturdays or Sundays during the times that 99% of cades are dropped.

For people like me, I'd like to propose an added game mechanic of bot ships for Event Cades. Here's how it would work: You are able to set the ships allowed in the cade and the difficulty of the bot ships allowed. As with a regular cade, anyone can join.

I believe you should have more say in what can be set in an event cade in order to make it more fun for the players involved. Here's what I think you should be able to set:
- Time of cade (obviously)
- Sinking
- Cannons ineffective
- Ignore Alliances
- Use Maneuvers
- # of Rounds
- Round Length (between 10-60 mins)
- Obstacle Density
- # Enemy Ships (0-20)
- # Enemy Ships Spawning at a time (1-20)
- Enemy Ship Type (small, Med, Large, Grand)
- Player Ship Type (small, Med, Large, Grand)
- Full Jobber bots? (Y/N)*
- Allow Other Flags (Yes,Alliance Only, No)**

*As these kinda cades are more for training purposes, more players need to bnav, so less can sail, carp, bilge, etc. I'd like a full ship of skilled jobber bots for 1 naver so that more pirates can partake in the training. Bots should be able to generate maneuvers as well.

**Flags sometimes like to use event cades to train thier own. If you can set up private event cades, secrets don't get out, and you don't get trollers interfering with your cades.

I realize this is a social game, but what I'm suggesting allows more trainees to gain access to skills they wouldn't normally aquire under the way the game is set up now. Cades are currently only for the elite and no one else. Only certain people can nav a cade on Emerald or you get crushed....hard. On Ceru, there are almost no cades at all to practice.

You can argue that Flots are practice, but there are no flags in flots...You can sink all you want, but whoever has the most flags wins...
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