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Joined: Nov 30, 2020
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Oceanic Swordfighting League (OSL) Reply to this Post
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Oceanic Swordfighting League (OSL)


Change (3/01/2021) - Best of 5 replaced by First to 5; Finals will be First to 7, instead of Best of 7. All other rules will be unchanged.

Ahoy mateys!


Through the insistence from the league of Sword fighters (or skeleton zombies - now that's a weird combination) we're back! Formerly known as the Obsidian Swordfighting League (OSL), the OSL is a tournament that features talented sword fighters from across the ocean battling it out in a formatted, bracket-style structure using a variety of swords and showing their mettle! Through the 2 years the event has been run, we've seen the domination of Cremate - a being that makes 'Exodia' seem almost real. This year, we have moved onto Emerald through popular demand and hope this move allows more people to brawl to their hearts' content!



With a new ocean comes many new faces:

Prolific - Talented Swordfighter who is famous for his "BIG BOI WAGERS" on Twitch. Likes to make light-hearted fun of his SF victims but don't let him bully you!

Jiyuu - Swordfighting hermit who has been in their crew hall practising like a madman. They could do well... or flop.

Gammyx - 'Mister nice' who is out for the ride! But don't let his nice facade fool you! He is a demon in Sword Fighting, known for his speed!

As well as many old faces:

Corteez - Previous finalist of the first rendition of OSL. Someone you have to surpass to find your way into the competition...



You must be asking: "How do I enter such an illustrious tournament?"

Invites have been handed out to contestants of the previous renditions of the OSL as well those who have been impactful in the Swordfighting community, but do not fret! There are two main ways to also enter the tournament:

Qualifying tournaments will be posted regularly from December 26th 2020 to January 2nd 2021 and winning those will receive a token that will come with automatic qualification as well as an invitation to the dedicated Discord server.

You may challenge Prolific, Corteez or Stacker in a best of 5 from December 26th 2020 to January 2nd 2021 and upon winning, will receive a wildcard entry into the tournament. Note: Saber is not to be used in the qualifying matches against Prolific, Corteez and Stacker.

The event will start from January 3rd 2021 and end on January 30th 2021.

Group stages will be from January 3rd 2021 to January 17th 2021. Knockout stages will last from January 18th 2021 to January 30th 2021.

Additionally, we have created a trailer for this event; please check it out!


Prizes Breakdown: (Subject to more additions, if you'd like to donate, then seek out Jiyuu, Prolific, Marren and Corteez. All donations will be recorded on the future Yppedia page.)

Exclusive trinkets (Likely to be: crossed swords trinket for 1st place, sword pin trinket for 2nd place, black rose trinket for 3rd place play-off and white rose trinket for 4th place play-off)
2 Million(s) pieces of eight


Tourney layout:

1) All contestants will be seeded and sorted into groups of 4. If people leave mid-tournament or before the tournament starts, appropriate adjustments will be made.

2) Each contestant in each group will play each other once in 3 'first to 5' (Fo5) sets.

3) Top 2 from each group progress to the round of 16 (knockout).

4) Knockout stages will be a 3 set Fo5 'Bring your own sword' (BYO) format whereas the finals will be a 3 set Fo5 BYO format.


Rules of the OSL:

1) All contestants must record their set back to back and upload to Google Drive. Failing to provide a recording will constitute a forfeit. To avoid claims of dodgy recordings, please have both pirates visible in the recording. Speak to your opponent first, don't just turn up at the brawl table and assume they know.
Link to the drive will be provided.

2) All participants must have Solid or above experience. (If you have it on another ocean we will waive the requirement on Emerald, this makes it as inclusive as possible)

3) Saber is not allowed to be used in this tournament or in qualifying.

4) Each participant shall fight each opponent in three "First to 5" (Fo5) sets in the group stages. One point will be allocated per win and an extra will be awarded to the victor of the set. Once the Fo5 has begun you must finish it, those leaving prior to the finishing of the match will forfeit that match.

5) The three Fo5 sets (group stage) will be with differing swords, set one Skull Dagger vs Skull dagger, set two will be Scimitar vs Scimitar, set three will be BYO VS BYO.

6) In the knockout stages, changing swords is allowed only at the start of each set and a sword can only be changed once in a match. Swords changed have to be 'different' swords. One cannot change from a falchion of a separate colour to another falchion with a separate colour.

7) There is no mandatory 'mirror' ruleset in this rendition of OSL; players are expected to come to an agreement before the match starts on sword matchups. If no agreement can be made, then the mirror ruleset will be enforced. Players will then be required to use green/green coloured swords for their matches, or red/yellow for non-reversed.

8) We will have a 15-day time-frame for everyone to complete their group matches. In the event some matches haven't been completed in that time, those found to have not properly made themselves available will forfeit the set and their opponent will receive three points. Further, it is required that at least one match is to be completed per 5 days. Those who do not complete at least one match per 5 days will receive a penalty of one point per 5 days missed. This is to ensure players do not leave their matches to the last minute.

9) Discord use, while not mandatory, would be a huge help to all participating, as it will allow ease of access for fights, which is by far the largest issue encountered. We will also have tutorials on how to upload videos and how to record your screen.

If you have any questions, please /tell Prolific, Jiyuu, Corteez or Marren. We look forward to seeing you all!

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Joined: Nov 30, 2020
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Re: Oceanic Swordfighting League (OSL) Reply to this Post
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Changes made on 8/12/2020:
- Inclusion of Stacker as a gatekeeper
- Change of schedule of the tournament:

Group1 = 3rd to 7th
Group2 = 8th to 12th
Group3 = 13th to 17th
Instead of rule 8 being: "Those who do not complete at least one match per week will receive a penalty of one point per week missed. This is to ensure players do not leave their matches to the last minute."
This will be changed to per 5 days

Projected knockout stage

Knockout1 = 18th to 20th
Knockout2 = 21st to 23rd
Knockout3 = 24th to 26th
Knockout4 = 27th to 30th

The change was suggested to maintain viewer engagement (as group stages were apparently too long), but also to scale 3 group matches compared to potentially 4 knockout matches.
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Joined: Mar 30, 2020
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Re: Oceanic Swordfighting League (OSL) Reply to this Post
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Hi, Prolific here, just wanted to give you all an update!

Qualifying has officially started and will run until January 2nd, 2021. Congratulations to Modder and Cruste who have already booked their place in the tournament thanks to the qualifying tournaments and "gatekeeper" matches that will be running all week.

Just want to clarify further on the "gatekeeper" matches as they have caused some confusion within the community.

From now up until January 2nd, 2021, or whenever all places are filled in the tournament, Each pirate will have the opportunity to challenge each of myself, Stacker and Corteez to a one-off Best of 5 (BO5) set, and upon winning, you will receive entry to the tournament.

Some notes on this:

You can challenge myself, Stacker and Corteez once each and if you win any of the sets, you will qualify.

These challenges should be made clear to each of us before the first game of the set takes place. This is to ensure that you get only one shot at each gatekeeper.

These challenges should be made on a somewhat established pirate (your main). People trying to challenge the same "gatekeeper" again on an alt after losing the first set will be denied entry to the tournament.

Saber should NOT be used in these matches by either the gatekeeper or the challenger as it is banned from the tournament itself.

The same sword and sword colour which was used in game one of the set should be used throughout the entire set by both the gatekeeper and the challenger.

Myself, Stacker and Corteez reserve the right to delay any challenge made. We're busy people and sometimes we cannot drop everything we're doing to play. In the event that this happens, we will endeavour to get back to each challenge as soon as possible in the order that they were issued, if possible.

You are not required to wager poe in these challenges, or record/stream. However, keep in mind that recording/streaming is a requirement in the actual tournament. ;)

That's all for now. Best of luck everyone and see you at the Group Stages!

Fair winds,
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