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Hi, this is something I was reluctant to post since it affects the game economy, but on the other hand this is something that I've kept an eye since release and to be honest the only change I see is easy poe at poker tables.

But to be honest if everyone is doing at least this will help improve the outcome.

So I've been bashing for a long time, a really really long time and I think I've maximized the poe per hour. (but maybe there's another way)
I don't know when I started logging the chests but I made sure I emptied the account before starting so before giving the tips I will give you some stats.

Lockers : 10102
Trinkets: 8888
Chairs: 79
Tables: 71
Chromas: 25
Pelicans: 20
Lobsters: 15
Poe: 4.533.269
Purses: 42.863.247

I won't be taking green pirates into account since its not viable in the long term but even without them you can achieve on average 12+ chests solo per battle.

This will be written assuming you already did some bashing on your own, if not you can get an idea of a sweaty method to make poe.

You will need 3 clients... One to keep track of spawns, one to dnav and another to bump the chest ramp. You can bring more but its not worth the hassle.
3 clients help to get chests on rumble since everyone gets the same pieces, with practice you can do 9 chests easily if you cycle trough them, then its a personal choice to either focus on one or more.
Keep in mind triple clienting has a lot of connection issues so you will randomly dc
or one of the clients will lagg (order everyone to bnav just in case) and that will be the main reason for losses but its not common so don't worry to much.

Ok now how to set the perfect ramp:

1st before starting the pilly deposit some amount of poe in the booty chest, it depends on the route but usually 20k is enough, this will not improve the first spawn but will improve the 2nd spawn.
This works because they recycle the code from the pilly division back in the old days, I could explain why on the 2nd but you are not here for that.

2nd know your route difficulty and set the pilly with that in mind, very easy to easy will usually spawn less than 80 and that's good but can be better.
So either go to a harder route or slide to easy(you have to test), keep in mind the spawns will be around 90 so you have to max-6 or better or you will have a hard time on rumble.

3rd Hyper Dnav + force spawn
To be time efficient you need to be able to do excellent in 1 league, a good way to know if you are doing it right is getting ult without trying. If you can't do it then you will have to dance with the turn button.

Its harder to explain than doing it but I will try.

There's a time window to set the spawn, I never bother counting but now I think it would be better but I can't be bother right now.
So here's the idea you are in the middle of 2 leagues and you get engaged, after you finish the battle the timer starts, when you reach the league point the timer stops, the spawn will take the score from dnav of that time interval.(force spawn not regular)

To force spawn take the example above, after you reach the league wait till a red spawn passes trough you or wait 3 minutes (if the red spawn was to early) and set sail, you should get the spawn based on the dnav you did prior to reach the league, the dnav score you do in between the league and the spawn just helps the score for the next spawn.

Now if you can't do excellent in that time then you just have to make sure you only reach the league when you achieve excellent to do that just turn around until you have sure the score is acceptable.

Things that we think messes with the chest ramp.
- Re charting
- Porting
- Expeditions
- Missing a spawn (that's why you have to force spawn to make sure it spawns on your route )
- Losing (just port)

Its not worth doing long sessions you will burnt out quickly we usually do 1 hour.

This is good but not the optimal way, the optimal way is to have 2 grand frigs doing the same thing of course you will have to have a friend as crazy as you. You can get 5 to 6 battles in an hour to do that you have to decide when to stall time since you have to time the rumble and dnav sessions, we usually stall on battle.

bnav tips
bring them to an open area and do circles around it.... yea circles.... I mean it circles.

If anyone wants to abuse imperial outposts for the trophy go fight the war brigs, the fray takes time but its an easy win.
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