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Hardcore Sparta's Thirteen Mil Silent Box Auction & Raffle! Reply to this Post
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Saturday, August 8th 10 am - Sunday, August 16th 10am (Game Time)

Auctioneers & Open House Contacts are: Nahemah, Leathal & Curvyangel


75 GIFT BOXES - Each colorfully wrapped box has a special note clues and minimum bids (under the current approx. trade value) and includes things like Familiars, Pets, Ships, Furniture, Rare & other items! Min. bids to suit every budget! SPECIAL BUY IT NOW (BIN) PRICING = Just pay double the minimum bid noted on box and it is yours!'

BLACK BOX DRAWING - ALL Final Gift Box Winners will automatically be entered into a special drawing to win one of 14 available Black Boxes! Winners will be chosen by a random number generator matching winning box #s.

Black boxes can carry any number of items from trinkets, amulets, charms, expo charts, smuggler & vampire furniture, ship designs, black pets & even SKELLY PARROTS! Don't forget the rare *Booby Trap* boxes that will not only give you a prize but can cause a pirate injury to the pirate opening the box! https://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Black_box#Use

HOW TO ENTER Watch for Global Ad Postings, Stop by the Undead Rising Crew on Aimuari Hall (Under Housing - Deathly Hollows) during an Open House OR send a /tell to the ad poster for an invite to view all the boxes, read clues and place your bids.

The first person to bid can choose to bid the minimum as noted on the box (under current market trade value of item) or higher if you wish. All other bidders can up bid on that box in even amounts (hundreds, thousands or more / no onesie-twosies) to take that gift box away from the previous bidder! The Special BUY IT Now (BIN) option is a jump to the head of the line, skip the bidding process by paying double the minimum bid and secure your box.
All current winning bids will be updated and displayed in each Room?s News. Come back often to see if you are still the winning bidder or up your bid to stay on top!!!


S will be available for a chance to win a Plum Mystery or NEW Gold Boxes! (3 of each will be randomly drawn in no particular order)

Summer Night Plum Boxes have plum themed items from trinkets, clothing and chromas all the way up to larger prizes including Ships, Pets (Foxes & Pandas), Tan Familiars and Plum Familiars (Toucans & Parrots)! https://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Official:Jul20_Promotion

August Plum Gold Boxes have plum themed items like trinkets, clothing, chromas, hair dye as well as Gilded Furniture, Ships, Pets (Plum Jaguar & Small Plum Pup), Tan Familiars and even Plum Familiars (Owls and Double Plum Hatted Monkeys)! https://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Official:Gold_Box

BUY Raffle Tickets: 1 ticket for 5K, 5 tickets for 20K, 15 tickets for 50K, 25 tickets for 100k, 125 tickets for 500K or 250 tickets for 1 Million poe. Raffle tickets must be paid for at time of request. You will be assigned your raffle ticket numbers in sequential order in our database. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator matching assigned #s & you can win more than one if ye are lucky!

Bidding & Raffle Ticket sale ends Sunday, August 16th at 10 am & Winners will be announced on Noon (Game time). Winners can claim their prize(s) immediately if present but you will have one week to purchase & pick up your prizes. Contact Nahemah to claim your prize(s) but don't worry, we will also by looking for you too! :)
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