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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Another TEC Scavenger Hunt! The Launch of Mee LE Collection Gallery... Reply to this Post
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Avast! Ye land lubbering scallywags! TEC is proud to present another chaotical FUNDRAISING event. It has been nigh on 12 years o' pillagin', plunderin' and hoardin' treasures from the deep, and Meehearties has completed her 2nd Gallery display housing her entire LE collection. Tis really a thing o' beauty to behold. To celebrate this, and to help her fund-raise to continue on with a 3rd Gallery, we in Abundant Addictions have put together yet another scavenger hunt! One that will officially unveil the Gallery and all its bombastic bounty. So make haste and join us for some fun as ye pit yer wits against yer fellow scallywags. No weapons be needed only that between yer ears!

The Hunt will run between 3pm GT and 6pm GT on the 5th of July 2020

The event will take place in Meehearties Gallery on Admiral.

How does it work?
- To join the event you must job into the Abundant Addictions crew, where you will be whisked to a boat docked at Admiral. There will be a Pilly on the Notice Board with a jobbing description to indicate that it is the event ship.
- Once you are jobbed in participants must deposit 19,999 poe into the hold. This will serve as your entry fee and your BEGINNING TIME STAMP.
- Once your timestamp is checked, an officer onboard the ship will clear you for an invitation to the Gallery to begin the hunt.
- In the news of the entrance of the Gallery there will be further instructions on your quest. It will include a link to an online crossword that you must fill out with the answers to the clues you will find around the Gallery.
- You must then visit the other 14 rooms in the Gallery to fulfill the first part of your mission.
- In each room there will be 2 crossword clues in the news. Each clue will relate to the room in which it was found. You must search the room to find the answer to the clues.
- You will then fill in the crossword as you go.
- Once you have completed this task you will be able to solve the crossword and discern the highlighted letters hidden within the crossword.
- The highlighted letters will then be used to complete a partially filled in cipher in numerical sequence.
- You will then use the completed cipher to solve for the winning phrase!
- Once you have solved the phrase, hop back on the starting ship (GF), send a tell to Jobtec with the fully solved phrase, and finally place 1 poe in the hold. This will mark your FINISH TIME STAMP.
- The pirate with the best time wins! (Note: You are racing against the clock, not against others to be the first to solve the puzzle.)
- Once the 3 hours is up and the last of the entrants has completed the scavenger hunt we will then post the winners names on this thread.

Strict rules that will be enforced
- If you leave the Gallery during the event, even by accident, you will forfeit that entry and be disqualified. You will not be invited back and knocks on the door will not be answered.
- Throughout the hunt any tells or questions regarding the answers to each clue will not be entertained.
- You are not allowed to write any of the answers or hints in the Guest Book.
- You will not be told if your solved phrase is correct until the event has concluded.
- You only have one shot at it so make sure you are right!
- Your first answer is the only one that will be accepted.
- This is a solo event. Each pirate admitted to the hall must have paid the entry fee.
- All pirates must deposit the 19,999 poe and the 1 poe in those two exact installments. Multiple deposits to the hold will be disqualified and counted as donations. Those pirates will then be dismissed from the crew.
- The entry fee must be placed in the hold of the ship. Any poe sent to any royals/senior officers will not qualify and will be forfeited as a donation.
- The "tell" that you send to Jobtec must be exact. Any spelling errors will be deemed incorrect so type carefully.
- We will be keeping chat logs on this alt for verification purposes.

Common courtesies we expect
- Please do not participate if you feel the need to ruin this event for other pirates.
- We ask that should you have any questions that you communicate them to MEEHEARTIES in tells only.
- When you have solved the crossword clues we ask that you do not type the answers in house or crew chat.
- Our royals/senior officers will be hyper vigilant to spot anyone attempting to re-enter the hunt on a different pirate and solve the phrase in a quicker time frame. Those pirates will be disqualified if we suspect foul play. All Hornswagglers will be keelhauled by order of Captn Meehearties.
- Please be courteous to other participants. We have designed the event to be a fun and entertaining game open to all, and we ask that in the interest of sportsmanship all pirates play it fairly.

1st: a commemorative trinket, a portrait with Meehearties for the wall of fame in the LE Collection Gallery, an all Spring Green Sloop and 1 Mystery Box
2nd: a commemorative trinket, a Chocolate Chroma and 1 Mystery Box
3rd: a commemorative trinket and 1 Mystery Box

From all in TEC we look forward to seeing you there!


For a look back at previous participants feedback on TEC's scavenger hunts please see this link

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Scavenger Hunt. We had a blast and it was great to hear you feedback on the Gallery.

If anyone wants to try their hand at the Hunt for fun you can whisk to the Gallery through the events at any time and follow the instructions in the news. Just remember to time yourself!

And the winners are...
1st Place: Dinosaur with a time of 1h 48
2nd Place: Shararu with a time of 1h 48
3rd Place: Tinkerbella with a time of 2h 06

Perseverance Award: Willoughby with a time of 4h 14 :D

Congrats to all and please find Meehearties in game or by PM to arrange for the prizes to be handed out!

For Screenshots of the vessel record time stamps and the chat logs showing the solved phrases please click here:

Until next time!
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Re: Another TEC Scavenger Hunt! The Launch of Mee LE Collection Gallery... Reply to this Post
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This seems like it could be a lot of fun!

Will try to be there, great prizes.
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Re: Another TEC Scavenger Hunt! The Launch of Mee LE Collection Gallery... Reply to this Post
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this is awesome! i might pop on to do this :)
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Re: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Another TEC Scavenger Hunt! The Launch of Mee LE Collection Gallery... Reply to this Post
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Received my prizes! Thank you so much! It was SO much fun!
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