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Jazz's 28th Birthday Pillage! Reply to this Post
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I'm too old for this game...so let's celebrate that getting worse!!

On Tuesday, May 5th from 3PM-6PM gametime, I will be running a pilly on Warcry's Wondrous Xebec "Andalusia." Stans will be navving and I will be entertaining... and drinking plenty of water. >;-)

This one isn't going to be too planned out - just giveaways and stream chatting and fun! We will be giving away lots of poe, AND a randomly selected pirate will receive an aluminum case poker set complete with Official Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Playing Cards in the mail! And if you know you aren't lucky, don't worry! I'm adding 2m to the booty at port!

Here are the things you do need to know:

1. The activities and conversations will likely happen on Twitch, and the trivia-answering stuff will have to be answered in vessel chat. Keeps everything out in the open and ensures everyone knows whats going on.

2. I don't respond well to begging or "How do I participate?" Girl, if you don't get it now, you never will. Instead, I enjoy humor. Make me laugh and you get paid is usually very true.

3. As far as the pilly goes, just be respectful and do as the captain says, and there won't be any issues. I've never ran a large pillage pefore, so who knows... I could be /plank-trigger-happy :-)

4. To win the poker set, you will need to have been on the boat by 3:30PM Gametime, and stayed on the pillage until the end. The winner will be randomly selected using this website. If you live somewhere where it is nearly impossible to reliably get mail to you, sorry in advance if I cant get it shipped to you! Maybe you'll get an in-game prize instead.

See you there!
I'm Jazz, the loud-mouth OM wanna-be Innkeep.

Avatar by the wonderfully gifted Cattrin.
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