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The Man, the Myth, the Legend: a tale of heroic virtue. Reply to this Post
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Today is the day that people of good will, in all corners of Ye Known World, are celebrating a legendary man.

This man lived in the halcyon days just before Constantine the Great vanquished the ancient enemy; the man we celebrate today is a bold and brash warrior who vanquishes fearsome monsters. This soldier "crewed up" under the flag of the Roman Empire; the haughty and proud Diocletian was concerned with quashing rebellious renegade citizens who steadfastly withheld the pinch of incense "due" to Diocletian and the other Emperors of his time.

The warrior whom we celebrate tore down "Wanted" posters which called for the heads of those rebellious renegades. He vowed to defend their dignity and honor at all costs, even at the price of his own life. In fact he was sentenced to execution and thrice murdered in grisly ways; each time he was resuscitated and made whole by a miraculous power, a mighty hand that few mortals can even begin to fathom.

He is a hero to many, especially citizens of the British Empire, and was surely revered by many a Buccaneer of the Golden Age, for his bravery and "moral compass". This hero is particularly celebrated across Catalunya and in Barcelona, his feast is kept as sweethearts, loved ones and colleagues exchange fragrant roses of divers hues, and weighty tomes of great import, with one another. The joyous young Barcelonans are known to dance the Sardana, a circular festive dance which celebrates communion and love. Elsewhere in Iberia, he is revered for his fortuitous arrival in the nick of time to save the day for the Aragonese army, in a decisive and pivotal battle.

His feats of strength and exploits in dangerous undertakings are not merely historical facts and hagiographical hyperbole - much more than this, his incisive lance is a very symbol for our own interior struggle against evil and hatred for our sisters and brothers. His humility and tender love for maidens in distress are models for manly men who choose to lead and govern not by might or by wealth or by sexual prowess, but instead to be servant leaders, who love their neighbor, care for the widow, the orphan, and the downtrodden, and, with the help of God above, are able to master the passions which threaten to enslave us. Through self-control and patient endurance, every one of us, woman and man alike, can surely attain true peace, joy, and contentment, that which lasts for the rest of our lives, and far beyond into the ages of ages.

The man, the myth, the legend: Saint George of Lydda. From ancient Palestine to the present-day oceans of Emerald, Obsidian, and distant shores, he is interceding for you and I from beyond the veil.

May all blessings, peace, and eternal rejoicing be with you and yours, now and always. Amen.

Retired as of August 2015.
Sic transit gloria mundi.
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