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Joined: Aug 27, 2017
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Obsidian Swordfighting League - Winter Edition Reply to this Post
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At the insistence of hordes of swordfighters, we're back.

Summer Finals!

It's never quite sat right with me since Cremate basically tore us apart like origami soldiers.

So I could either have crept around the dungeons, in far-flung libraries looking for occult means to end his life, or trained in the hopes that now was my time.

I considered it heavily, my allergies towards hard work and playing fair didn't seem to go to plan and alas sadly the winter period has seen a significant weight gain, so the only resort left to me now is to seek out those formidable challengers from the summer and to bring along a few new friends.

You heard it right, once more Obsidian, we call upon you to prove to us all, you've still got what it takes to get to the top of the mountain.

We will even take those from Emerald , those Sonic The Hedgehog roids you?re all pumping not included. (We'll be recording.)

We will take those Meridianites , oh nostalgia prove us correct boys; an ocean for when pirates were pirates.

We will even take the decrepit Cerulean players, for one last time. We'll allow freedom from the care home, sword in hand. We've got the WD-40 to show the youth of today the glories of yesteryear.

(What this means is if you have a pirate with Solid or above experience in Sword-fight. You do not need to farm that experience on Obsidian also as long as we confirm your other pirate.)

The format will be changed from the summer. This time we'll be taking inspiration from the World Cup smaller leagues, with more matches and a larger more diverse range of swords.

The only seedings will be those of the "Legacy" players, those who finished in the top 10 in the summer portion.

Where are they now?

1st Seed: Cremate
A peripheral figure since his victory, did the fame potentially get to him? Or the lack of challenge driving him to fade away to the background. Rumour is he still retains ability and one to watch.

2nd Seed: Darksea
Left broken after the last tournament, he became a victim to some unnatural speed in a close fought engagement, inevitably leaving him broke, destitute and even wandering over to Emerald. *gasp* Can he redeem himself?

3rd Seed: Shikamaru
Obsidians young player of the year award, he had style, openers, a quirky Japanese sounding name. He had it all, until Cremate. Another looking to make a return, if you've seen this vagrant hit us up. 0800 - Call - Sol

4th Seed: Pinkhas
Will you be late to the ball again my beautiful little Cinderella? A big name, but ring rust his biggest opponent. Let's see if you can re-capture some of that form, another who has been in and out. We're noticing a trend, such is the melancholy of a swordfighter.

5th Seed: Boinking
One slight sniff of clashing swords and suddenly he pokes his head back up, welcome back amigo. Show us how it's done!

6th Seed: Corteez
A man who dared to go above his station, struggled in the league. But come clutch time, he was all over the players like a slightly horny dock tart. Pushing through all the way to the final, only to meet the immovable force in Cremate, but he's been working hard we're told.

A fresh new island to convert more cultists to his ever-growing sinister designs. Keep an eye open, still one of the most active!

7th Seed: Solitude
Fearing the day he's found out, alongside such illustrious company.

8th Seed: Pasteyman
Vicious rumours circulate about dear Pastey... As some would have it, he's thrown away that pendant of the cross and embraced a far more evil master. His lack of Twitch activity hints at grievous wounds sustained in his final clashes within the league.

A poison leaked into his heart as he has set about laying waste to the unfortunate, can we bring this dark knight back to the light? Will the competition allow us to crack this facade of brutality? He's been active and taking victories - tune in.

9th Seed: Kouvla
Currently MIA, we shall be sending out the doves of doom with messages across the ocean. Find him friends.

10th Seed: Xelliana
The poster girl for skull daggers still being a viable option at the top, carrying illness throughout the last tournament. A fit and fresh Xel shall be something to worry about.

Curiously the final three are all Basterds, has the scheming Pastey been growing a cabal of fighters? Prying Xelliana from that Top Shelf will have taken no small amount of cunning.

So there you have it, we have other Legacy participants who shall be formally invited to join us:
Leetage, Sizer, Matbro, Priapus, Whirlswirl, Havanna, Achotilt

Now you're wondering how do I gain entry....
We will be posting tournaments as frequently as we can over a two week lead-up period beginning Friday 1st February. Winners of the said token will receive an invite to the discord and automatic qualification into the draw for league placement.
Beyond that, during this two week period you may also seek out and challenge Corteez for a wild card entry, as last years finalist he will welcome a Bo5, but you may only challenge him once.

Prizes: (Subject to more additions, if you'd like to donate, then seek out Solitude, Bisca or Smitey. All donations will be recorded on the Yppedia page.)
3 million pieces of eight (in total)

We did request some trinkets from our beloved Ocean Masters, but sadly while the first response was perfect, upon another taking the lead I was met with an auto response I suppose I'd have been better served with smoke signals.

But it would appear dear OSL'ers that on account of no previous event running history. Exhibit A Exhibit B That'll just have to make do xoxoxo

Rules of the OSL:

1) All contestants must record their set back to back and upload to google drive. Failing to provide a recording will constitute a forfeit. To avoid claims of dodgy recordings, please have both pirates visible in the recording. Speak to your opponent first, don't just turn up at brawl table and assume they know.
Link to the drive will be provided.

2) All participants must have Solid or above experience. (If you have it on another ocean we will waive the requirement on Obsidian, this makes it as inclusive as possible)

3) Each participant shall fight each opponent in three "best of five" sets. One point will be allocated per win and an extra will be awarded to the victor of the set, once the Bo5 has begun you must finish it, those leaving prior to the finishing of the match will forfeit that match. Prior to holding your match(es), you may ask a Tick Tock Senior Officer to attend and officiate, but not required.

4) We will have a two-week timeframe for everyone to complete their matches. In the event some matches haven't been completed in that time, those found to have not properly made themselves available will forfeit the set and their opponent will receive three points.

5) The top two from each group shall advance to the final 16 brackets; the final bracket is a BO5 BYO following the mirror ruleset.

6) All entrants choosing to use a reversed falchion will use Green/Green, or Red/Yellow for Non-Reversed. This is to prevent the cheap swapping purely for beneficial patterns with Falchion. For the scimitar and skull dagger portions of the league it will be Green/Green also If you are short of any of those swords, speak to a Tick Tock Senior Officer who will provide you with a loan of one for your match.

7) The three BO5 sets will be with differing swords, set one Skull Dagger vs Skull dagger, set two will be Scimitar vs Scimitar, set three will be BYO abiding by the mirror falchion ruleset, BYO has no stipulation on other sword colours.

8) Discord use while not mandatory would be a huge help to all participating, as it will allow ease of access for fights, which is by far the largest issue encountered. We will also have tutorials on how to upload videos and how to record your screen.
Captain of Tick Tock
Stand & Deliver

Even winning means nothing. We win because it’s an insult to lose.
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Joined: Aug 27, 2017
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Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League - Winter Edition Reply to this Post
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30 participants now, to battle it out. Top 4 from each group qualify to knockout format, In the end their can only be one.

League and Stats click me

Yppedia Link : Under Construction.

WINNER : Emerald/Cranberry Parrot + Dark Class WB named Fight Club + 1st place medal

Second : Tan Parrot + 500K + 2nd place medal
Third : Shadow Big Cat + 3rd place medal + 150k
Fourth: Wine Big Cat + Purple Rose + 50k

Best League Average: Tan Monkey + 500k
Second: Penguin + 250k

Everyone who qualifies for the last set: Green/Green Sword + 50k

Group 1-4
Winner: Random Gold Pet (Big Cat, Panda, Fox, Hedgehog) + 200k ea

Second: Random Gold Pet (Rabbit, Seal, Kitten, Kitten)

Smitey Award = Shack Pack
Darksea Award = Pink Penguin Best midgame insta, 250k 2nd Best
Captain of Tick Tock
Stand & Deliver

Even winning means nothing. We win because it’s an insult to lose.
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Joined: Aug 27, 2017
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Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League - Winter Edition Reply to this Post
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I know it's been an age since I posted, but it's taken me some time to get over the fact that Cremate did in fact lose (EVIDENCE) . You build it up in your mind, the sweet taste of vengeance as a swarm of sword-fighters each set out to dethrone him. I'm basically broken at this development, you want something so bad that in the end I now have a Cremate sized hole of longing for a worthy arch-villain.

You still barely believe it's even possible. Mr 100 percent, a mythological figure, a living legend and remnant of the past all mixed into one, dethroned by eventual OSL Champion Anemoi, the new Kaiser of the blade, dropping strikes like the dam busters. Who could even hope to face this Baron of the blade? This usurper who had run through the veteran Cremate.

As it turns out, the answer was clear: *No One*. He'd stepped over Cremates broken body and grasped that crown fully, defeating everyone else in his way to finally claim dominion over all, his TMS brethren Darksea just another name to add to his hit list en-route to the top.

The king is dead, long live the king...

Arise : Anemoi

I'll be posting some links below for your viewing, this was perhaps the most competitive we've had it.

First of all the link to play-off brackets and match data, with a huge thanks to Sovereignty for knocking it up and inputting it all and more so for stepping up when issues arose and my jellyfish spine couldn't quite make the decisions that needed to be made.

Seriously your work goes undervalued, so smooth your work has been likened to alopecia. Thanks just doesn't begin to describe our debt to you.

Notable things to look for, Cremate continuing on with that 100 percent set record and only just holding onto the top match win percentage. Xelliana hot on his heels.

Tgcytmz - most BYO wins and SD wins

Anemoi - King of the scimitar, wielding it from the groups to the finals and eventual victory. Hang your heads in shame Korte and Corteez, that's a falchion man taking up your treasured sword.

Felix Culpa it seems need to hit the gym, get some Mr Miagi sessions in and have the Rocky soundtrack on loop, Leetage, Smitey, Solitude rounding up a terrible trio that's been pounded more than any Brazzers starlet. To make it clear they combined for a total of 150 losses, nearly more than the total matches of Group A and D played together. (DO YOU EVEN SF BRO.)

I'll say it again as participants. You're basically the reason the next OSL budget has been re-directed towards our R&D department working on a massive fist coming out the screen and punching you in the face, yes you Group A and D *shakes finger menacingly*.

Secondly the links to some of the matches. Also a massive thanks to Quazars for the time spent on editing and taking that task on by yourself, as well as chasing up our many lazy uploading competitors, I think we still have a few avoiding, but you pursued them tenaciously.

I applaud you for your patience, quality of work and all the help along the way in promoting the event. You've some real talent, maybe one day I'll forgive you for not giving me a song in any of my matches. At least have me dying to a catchy beat...

OSL Announcement

OSL play-offs

Osl Final l

DarkSea Award (No link yet)


While maybe questionable to some that I'm linking the last video, I think irrespective it becomes a piece of OSL folklore and a moment that won't long be forgotten, it's basically also one of the most entertaining YPP videos I've ever seen. The rights and wrongs will always be debated but to strip away everything else and just go of the purity of videos, you had game Greatslyfer).

As well as Sovereignty & Quazars I'd also like to extend a huge thank you to the rest of the event team in Bisca and Smitey, the numerous late night PM?s for swords, fundraising and the volatile discord battles, you were all there for it and thank you very much.

As for the numerous participants I could go on about some of you all day, I've much respect for those who completed their matches even while looking loss in the face, for uploading and just the general camaraderie. A shout out to Wintertide too, how we managed to keep you from only offending a small percentage of the entrants I'll never know, the king of trash talk, PP's answer to Vegemite.

Qualifies doesn't compete in one match, proceeds to noise everyone up. xoxox

A little run down off the seeds who made it into the play-offs

(1) - Anemoi

Our eventual winner, your forever green #1 fan never doubted you for one second, you made some bold claims about Cremate and backed them up, forced Darksea to pick up a skull dagger and alter his game.

Slyfers looming shadow and the contentious Cremate hentai folder scandals may never be far from your door, but you beat those placed in front of you and that?s all anyone could do, well played sir.

(2) - Greatslyfer /Quazars

It was like a young Mike Tyson, hungry for that knockout punch and the finesse of Muhammad Ali all rolled into one, watching you fell sword-fighter after sword-fighter, those games of yours should be on animal planet.

You were a cheetah stalking unsuspecting prey and toying with food that couldn?t help but drown at your relentless attacks.

(3) - Xelliana

Our Mistress of death, still rocking that retro skull dagger and impaling the pointy end right up to the hilt.

Down with the flu in our summer league, but roaring back on our snowy islands for the winter league. Downing her own king in the first round of the playoffs, only to mysteriously fall by the wayside against his high Pinkyness. You're our enigma Xelliana.

(4) - Spacemonkey

I'd hoped this would reignite some passion for you, but a lacklustre group and then facing the at first glance indomitable Darksea, it wasn't to be your tournament amigo.

Nonetheless to be topping a group that held Cremate shows your calibre, just got to get that passion back.

(5) - Tgcytmz

Tg?.where to begin, some disputes over your origins and associations, scandals a plenty. But when it came to competing you had hunger, drive and were one of the most fun competitors we had. You also dazzled with your play only to somehow hit a cliff.

I'll never forget those words pre-seeding "Just don't put me against Cremate" he was all you feared. Another victim of Darksea but pleasure having you wish us.

(6) - Pinkhas

*?If you ain't first you're last.?*

Never has a quote defined one man so much, a true competitor and basically our Ricky Bobby, outright refusal to even entertain the thought of playing for 3rd spot, it was all or nothing.

Some rumblings at had you chosen a different sword the outcome of many matches could have been different, but you stuck to that NR Falch you did it your way Pink, thanks for showing up!

(7) - Legionaer

You lost to your first three opponents in the group stages, and to many it seemed all but over. No one held much hope for you progressing, but that never say die attitude saw you climb back out of that grave. A genuine joy for the game and happiness to compete got you many a fan by the end.

For me the most improved this tournament, see you on the tables Legionaer.

(8) - Cremate

Resident diva and superstar, the withered, former battle hardened killer. Back for one last fight, and one last roll of the dice. You had neither the energy nor interest to defend your title and we may have missed out due to that.

Still, to lose to the eventual winner and with that "what if" hanging over, a better (read: Not Full) hard drive should now be your mantra.

It showed even a rather bored and lacklustre Cremate, you face at your peril. Other competitors specifically asked (even pleaded!) to not be drawn against you. Your legend speaks volumes, thanks for sticking with us to the end.

Was this the death knell on your career, a changing of the guard, or merely your watershed moment, maybe some reflection in the Pit will see your return to us.

"...Then make the climb...as the child did. Without the rope. Then fear will find you again."

(9) - Soparrot

You traversed the group of death (B) Only to finally see the first rays of sunshine fall upon a playoff.

For Cremate to darken the skies once more for you.

You didn't get to spread your wings as much as we could have hoped, but quietly went about your work and the balance of many of your matches hung on two blocks, so close.

(10) - Korte

When some discuss walls, inevitably Hadrian?s comes to mind, The Great Wall of China, even November 1991 has been cited as a major time, the fall of Berlin's wall. But the world is ever in balance, Yin and Yang working together and when one fell another stronger, greater, taller grew in the 90's amongst the remnants of that Austro-Hungo empire. This was where the tale began, a child of 5 that was already considered NBA level height.

Driven from their village after his mother requested a childs fare when he was seven, this towering behemoth was cast out, with his height and steel in hand he made a career of fighting, only for this Goliath to face a fellow regional compatriot, Legionaer in his role as David.

(11) - Corteez

A highly disappointing run out for you compadre. From ex-finalist and all round Scimitar wielding god, you've let yourself go. Just a haze of smoke clouding not just your eyes but also judgement.

Pinkhas got his revenge match from the summer league and became an eventual finalist, so maybe not all hope is lost. May this drive you to do better xx

(12) - Sizer

Felix Culpas only beacon of hope, your league was a paltry affair with not many matches to contest, which maybe didn't give you the required warm up. But you took group B villian TG right to the wire.

A different format, with extended sets possibly creates a change in the eventual outcome. Always next time Size!

The leagues only true saber user?

(13) - Darksea

Commandant Jeff you did TMS proud, it's perhaps unfortunate you couldn't lock out the entire final. With the moving house and such it was never an ideal situation for you.

One suggestion though beautiful, stop overthinking, just let it flow. Adjusting your sword to someone else is already admitting loss, you were the leader of the pack once, ultimately getting to the semis and almost final though. You showed you still had it when you played to your own strengths.

(14) - Pasteyman

Never far from controversy, from that ridiculous line call Smitey made, to the curious case of Twitchs most debonaire pirate having recording issues.

As king of GW you led from the front, all the way up until you had to face one of your own kingsguard, the ice cold Xelliana. An improvement over the summer league surely, but not there just yet! Always next time amigo.

(15) - Jameson

James, James, whatever can we do with you? I wish you'd stop filming Jersey Shore and get back to what you do best. I miss the late night sword fights, I miss the trash talk. From Anemoi being shadowed by your brilliance to now nothing more than a peasant of the king. Do you enjoy this position?!!

You did well, my heartfelt apologies for poking you to get online while drunk.

Well the prizes have begun being handed out, thank you again to everyone who participated, I've enjoyed seeing the videos.

Yppedia Link

Individual prizes

Winner: Anemoi

Smitey Award for most improvedMain room , Back room : Legionaer

Darksea Award for best mid-game insta: TBA

Veto Award: Cedar

Thanks again all! Sure I've missed plenty, but as I'm continuously being told, that's the price for being old.

Until next time(!)

"The blade itself incites to deeds of violence"

Captain of Tick Tock
Stand & Deliver

Even winning means nothing. We win because it’s an insult to lose.
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