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Nyx's Chaos Cruise - 18/1/19

Welcome to Consider It Chaos!

On Friday 18th January at 2pm game time, Consider it Sunk will be hosting a race starting at Port Venture, racing up to Kreis Island and then continuing around the loop twice (Kreis Island, Pele Island, Traveler?s Rest, Green Oasis) and back to PV.

This event is open for absolutely anyone to participate!

Teams of 7 should be entered by 16/1/19 with an entry fee of 10k per person. Names can be given to any CIS royal.

Each ship will have an adjudicator who MUST take a screenshot of the final pillage summary in the Ahoy! Tab. When making your way around the loops there will be pirates checking for progress and to keep the race fair.

Please be available Thursday at 2pm game time for a further adjudicator announcement.

  • Get to the island as quickly as possible!
  • Every ship must be configured to normal pillage settings.
  • If engaged by ships, you MUST battle and go to fray; you cannot disengage.
  • A time penalty of 10s will be added if a battle is lost.
  • A time reward of 10s reduction will be given for each battle won.

  • FIRST PLACE: 750k for the team!
  • SECOND PLACE: 560k for the team!
  • THIRD PLACE: 350k for the team!

There may also be a prize for the team that finishes last...

We will have a discord open especially for the event for some (healthy) competition. Drunk Pilly rules will be in place! Mutes will be set at 4k per minute with a maximum time of 30 minutes allowed on any one person at any time.

See you there!
Ironically, a game bug may get Roach stuck on a few logs, breaking any progress in the quest.
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