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Anchor Issues and Primordial Raiders Present a Mystery Christmasy Box Auction! Reply to this Post
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It's that time of year,
Time to spread holiday cheer!
With stockings to stuff
and gift buying being tough
We offer a simple solution for your needs
and our solution is below if you read!

Event Details:
When: December 15th at 8am Gametime
Where: Primordial Raiders Grandiose Flag Hall
Who: Everyone is invited!
Details of the Presents and Event:
Anchor Issues and Primordial Raiders have wrapped a grand total of 70 boxes in Green and Red combinations! Each box will be tagged with whether it is from Anchor Issues or Primordial Raiders and have a number wrote on it.
Red/Aqua Signifies Tier 1
Green/Grey signifies Tier 2
Red/Maroon signifies Tier 3
Green/Lime signifies Tier 4
Red/Gold Signifies Tier 5

Each box will have either an item or a trinket representing an item. The details of what is in each box will be listed below. Each box will be auctioned off one by one until the whole tier has been sold off. Money will need to be /payed to Natedawg at the time of the end of each box raffled to ensure a proper bid was placed. Winners will get their box number after each tier is completed and will be free to open it at that time. If a trinket is enclosed please get with the respective Royalty team of each flag that the box came from to collect the item/items that it represents. Furniture condition status does fluctuate but nothing is below a good condition.

Now for the part everyone is interested in, the present list!!

Tier one-20k start, 2k minimum bid (25 boxes)
1. Black Cat (PR)
2. Black Small Dog (AI)
3. Atlantean amphora (PR)
4. Broken Atlantean amphora (PR)
5. Broken Atlantean amphora (PR)
6. Triketos model (PR)
7. Crossed Tridents (PR)
8. Atlantean Chromas (4) (Bundle) (AI)
9. Wrapped Parlor Badge (AI)
10. Bar segment (middle), Bar segment (middle) (PR)
11. 2x Bottled bluebeard (temp) (3 swigs left)(PR)
12. Indigo Chroma Package (8) (AI)
13. Indigo Chroma Package (8) (AI)
14. 2x Gold tapestry (PR)
15. Chocolate Chromas (2) (AI)
16. Gilded bed (PR)
17. 2x Pink pomade (temp) (3 swigs left) (PR)
18. 2x Banana Chroma (PR)
19. Mossy mousse (temp) (3 swigs left)
20. 3xChocolate Chroma Package(PR)
21. Broken Atlantean Amphora(PR)
22. Wrapped Labor Badge(PR)
23. Wrapped Parlor Badge(PR)
24. 3 Chart Boxes (AI)
25. Gilded display case (PR)

Tier Two-45k start, 5k minimum bid (16 Boxes)
1. Golden Tiger (PR)
2. Gold Fox (AI)
3. 4x Silver Chroma (AI)
4. Black Cat (AI)
5. Inky Chroma, Crimson Chroma, Ice Blue Chroma Package(AI)
6. 8 piece Furniture set (Jeweled end table, Jeweled end table, Gilded chair, Gilded easel, Gilded easel, Gilded sofa, Gilded sofa), Golden vase (peacock) (PR)
7. Atlantean octopus statue (PR)
8. 6 piece Gold Furni Set (Gold banner, Gold banner, Gilded bookcase, Crystal ball, Gold armor with spear, Gold Safe) (PR)
9. Design: War Brig (Rogue Class) (PR)
10. Mark II Sloop ?Critical Chub? (LE Color) (PR)
11. Rogue Marks (24) (AI)
12. Plain Sloop (PR)
13. Chroma Package (Sea Green Chroma (4)) (AI)
14. Chroma Package (Blue Grey Chromas (4)) (AI)
15. Plain War Brig (PR)
16. Philter of putrefaction (3 swigs left)(PR)

Tier Three-100k start, 10k Bid Increments (14 boxes)
1. Smuggler Class Sloop (AI)
2. Cursed Class Sloop ?Raving Shiner? (PR)
3. Plum Panther (PR)
4. Furniture Bundle (Gilded bookcase Gold armor with spear, Gorgonyx model, Smuggler banner, Ghostling statue) (PR)
5. Gold Box (Feb 6, 2018) (AI)
6. Gold Box (Feb 6, 2018) (AI)
7. Gold Box (Feb 6, 2018) (AI)
8. Gold Box (Feb 6, 2018) (AI)
9. Gold Box (Feb 6, 2018) (AI)
10. Chroma Package Chroma (silver), Chroma (silver), Chroma (spring green), Chroma (spring green) (PR)
11. Gilded parlor game table(PR)
12. Wine Mystery Box (AI)
13. Wine Mystery Box (AI)
14. Panda (Chocolate) (AI)

Tier Four-150k Start, 25k Increments (10 Boxes)

1. Banana Seal (PR)
2. Smuggler Class WB (AI)
3. Gator (Brick/white) (AI)
4. Gold Seal (AI)
5. Weight loss concoction (3 swigs left) (PR)
6. Chroma Package (Chroma (shadow), Chroma(spring green), Chroma (blue grey), Chroma (chocolate), Chroma (atlantean), Silver Chroma) (PR)
7. Chroma Package Chroma (silver), Chroma (silver), Chroma (spring green), Chroma (spring green) (PR)
8. Cat (PR)
9. Chroma Package (Night Blue Chroma (5)) (AI)
10. Pirate bed (Crimson/Gold)(PR)

Tier 5-250k start, 50k Increments (5 Boxes)

1. Tan Octo Named (Quantum) (AI)
2. Tan/Tan Spider (AI)
3. Smuggler Class WB (1) (AI)
4. Magenta/Lavender Lobster (PR)
5. Rose/Orange Lobster (PR)

Update: A grand prize of an Unnamed Tan Raven will be given to the individual who buys the most boxes overall! In the case of a tie the individual who spent the most poe will determine the tie breaker. In the event of a tie for that we will allow any pirate in the tie to bid on it with no minimum and no bid limits. A sudden death if you will!

We hope that this will help everyone to get affordable presents for their hearties and friends or even a nice gift to themselves! All proceeds from this event will go to each respective flag and be used for events and other flag uses.

Seasons greetings to all of you across the world and may you have an enjoyable Holiday time surrounded by loved ones!
King of Primordial Raiders
Cabin Person of Sumiyoshi Sanjin Tsunami
My posts are a reflection of my flags thinking. Except when they're not.
Lord of Illusion
Captain of the High Seas Council
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Re: Anchor Issues and Primordial Raiders Present a Mystery Christmasy Box Auction! Reply to this Post
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Small bump.

I hope to see everyone at our mystery box auction this Saturday, December 15th at 8am Game Time. Lots of great prizes to be won and fun times for all.

Thanks for all the support :)
Buckoman on Obsidian

King of Anchor Issues
Senior Officer of Permanent Markers
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