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Grumbles Jobbing Giveaway Events Reply to this Post
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Watch the Notice Board for Pillage Postings announcing Grumble Giveaways starting Friday, October 29 thru Tuesday, October 23.

Some of these will be put up by Grumbles herself, others by her alts in other crews so Peace and Quiet members can also try for these giveaways.

The posting will begin with GG Event followed by a brief description of items.

  • Sloop Jobbing Events

    If the event is on a sloop, the first person to apply and be jobbed onto the ship will win the advertised prize. NOTE: If you take too long to accept the invite (Grumbles will count slowly to 10 between jobbing pirates), others may be jobbed and get on board first, so be quick to accept the invite.

    Many of the prizes will be directly tradeable to the winning pirate.

    Examples might be (these may not be what is offered):

    • GG Event - First jobber on board gets Potion with 69 whisks
    • GG Event - GG Event - Emerald Big Cat
    • GG Event - GG Event - Sloop ported at NH

    However, in some cases, you may need to have a ship, stall or shoppe into which materials can be transferred. For these cases, the job posting will begin with GG Event - Transfer needed. If a hold larger than a sloop is required, that will be stated as well with GG Event - Large Transfer needed. NOTE: you don?t have to own the ship, stall or shoppe if you have a friend who can accept the transfer for you.

    Some examples might be (these may not be what is offered)

    • GG Event - Transfer needed - Apothecary special at Melanaster
      + 690 Hemp Oil, 69 iron and 10 each of several types of herbs
      + This would easily fit on a sloop
    • GG Event - Large Transfer needed - Blockade / SMH Special at Loggerhead
      + 1K large CB, 1K Med CB, 500 rum at Loggerhead
      + For this a cutter or larger would be needed
    • GG Event - Transfer needed - Shipbuilders special at Port Venture
      + Bid ticket for 690 Wood, 690 sail cloth, 690 iron
      + For this a sloop will work since the wood is on a bid ticket

    All of these transfer needed events will occur on Port Venture, Melanaster, Magpie, Loggerhead, Lionhaven or Night Harbour.
    If you cannot accept a transfer, we can do one of:

    • sell what the island can buy and give you the poe (either to highest buy price or to a specific set of stalls named by the winner)
    • give you 30 minutes move a ship to the island to do the transfer

    (Grumbles can chart your ship for free and provide swabby fee up to 2k).

    Any items not disposed of within 30 minuts be put back in the pool for future giveaways.

  • Cutter Jobbing Events

    On these events, 11 jobbers will be taken aboard a ship. A list of prizes will be presented. Then each pirate, in order of boarding, will choose the prize they want. These will be simply listed on the Notice Board as GG Event - Giveaways to first 11 boarding.

Hope to see you all there.
Grumbles on all oceans
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