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Just saying I REALLY enjoyed learning/reading about the development of puzzle pirates in many many old forums. If some one wrote a history wiki of sorts or even a book I would love to read it. I would even buy a book on the history of the game. It baffled me how the post from 15 years ago were similar to those of today. The development of smh's ect the lag factor it was like visiting a museum. I hope you enjoy the quotes if not that is ok just please move on, I broke no rules and posted in shore leave you don't have to read but I hope you do. I hope some others add to this and share some of their memories/threads from the past.

First off Cleaver is wise and fun, I have enjoyed much of his statements.
Hearties broadcast is not going to happen, I fear. Too potentially annoying. Arbitrary chat groups, however, are on the list. Sort of like the rule about email being absorbed into any application, IRC too. One day.

/e ponders all the chats we have, wise man.

Yeah, what's happening with you guys?! There was a time when the pp community prided itself on a friendly approach towards new players. It was a breath of fresh air in a world of gaming which was almost entirely dominated by unpleasantness towards newbies. Now all i hear on the forums is sarcasm and general bitchyness towards anyone you consider to be younger or less experienced than yourselves. Shame on you.
Jaaarrr! Keepin the Mutiny alive!

Was need to see the class in the debates.

But, what if the cat and the rat belonged to two pirates who were in warring flags? I think that sinking PvP (Pet Vs. Pet) should be allowed in those circumstances.


I wanted this it was talked about in 2004 by NinjaGuy
The Pawn Shop I have wanted for a LONG time, ever since I heard about it, mostly because it sounds like a way to at least cut down on the number of shouters on the docks.

Allays Wise Faulkston
Is it sufficient that players can't join the cultist "religion" but can oppose the cultists?


Cleaver on PVP

Hello. Interesting thread. As many people have pointed out, we do believe that non-consensual pvp at sea is a good thing when pretty evenly matched. That said, I'm not particularly unhappy with the amount of PvP in the game; it's obviously going to be icing on most folks' cake until there's strategic reasons for doing so, i.e. Flag Wars. Right now most PvP encounters should be viewed as a bit of fun, like a brawl.

Regarding rewards, we argued about this for a while today and here's what I am currently thinking; the attacker's winnings in a PvP battle should be capped at their risk. This is nice and simple. This, it seems to me, would ensure that people PvP'ing for gain would carry PoE and goods to ensure that they got a result from battles. We would have to value goods appropriately, which makes it a bit complicated. However, the algorithm will pay out PoE first and then goods, making PoE-endowed traders in valuable commodities safe from all but the most well provisioned attackers.

I liked the idea of taking swords and charts, but that's going to cause a lot of upset (random jobber gets on a ship and captain attacks another player by accident, loses their sword, etc.) and sinking ships would cause even more.

The reward cap does leave open the possibility that you will defeat a player that attacks you and get nothing in return. If PvP 'griefing' was more of a problem in our game then we would have to take steps to solve this, but right now PvP fights are very uncommon. I cannot recall a single report of PvP griefing since the days of Rifkind's epic struggle against Spleen.

We can't make PvP fights dependably rewarding without magic'ing up goods or money and opening us up to the 'Keelhauler exploit'.

The 'closed port' thing will come naturally as a consequence of flag wars and colonisation, as will Navy attacks on player ships. It may sound like a cop-out, but I'm reluctant to do a lot of work in this area until we can see how Flag Wars shape up, because that's going to be the background to the real incentives for PvP beyond a bit of sport.

Long discussions on removing pvp 15 years ago still many of the same points exist.

Yes you see, we play this game to have fun, and if I'm sailing something here and there and get attacked by a player, its not fun in any way, because no matter what, it was a waste of time. If we lose, the work we've done over the last hour, or maybe 2, is lost. And even if I win, I only getthe feeling of having defended my ship, and frankly, big deal, because the people who still attack are pretty weak and not "challenging" at all.

Pirates did risk quite a lot by pillaging merchantmen. If they weren't under a letter of marque, then the navy of the waters would be out to hunt them as soon as the merchantman reached a port or ran into a navy ship to give word. They also could lose their whole ship or even their lives if they happened across a ship that happened to be carrying some mercenary guards, or if a rich merchan hired a privateer to haul something.

Requiring people to carry something to attack is silly and I don't think its workable. I think the best way to do it would be to have them risk the very thing that they could lose; their ship. So, if the defender is good and wins the battle in a big enough way (like a certain % of damage, or winning with a lot of peope left alive) so say the battle starts as 7 on 8, if you have 5 or 6 left alive at battles end, you win their ship, the attackers are set ashore somewhere and shamed.

Not sure if the defenders should be able to lose their ships or not, after all its non-consentual, and it would be much harder to rout the defenders out of their defenses.

Right now, the only thing keeping PVP from being a griefing activity is the social disdain for it. Being able to annoy other players and not risk anything is bad. Think of Diablo II or the like; what if you could attack other players and win their armor and weapons, but not risk your own. That wouldn't work at all.

Amazing how the same talking points kept coming up.

Cleaver 2002
Aye, there will be Monstarrrrs. Whilst the focus of the game is definitely on Piracy and hot Pirate-on-Pirate action, we're going to throw Sea and Land Monstarrrs in to spice things up. Indeed, watch out for some exciting Monstarrr developments in the next couple of weeks.

-- Cleaver

Just noticed the older posters changed the topic and commented

Will it ever come out? just wondering because its been 3 years since you said it would, hehe, i just can't wait until it does :)

Guess waiting isn't new lol


Follow ship

It was actually my original intent that once you targetted a vessel you would continue to follow it, even if it left your known routes. Once you'd either caught it or lost it, you'd have to retrace your steps back to your charted cource. So you could say that this is on the list, but the list is mighty...

This would be great type in a bounty ship or flag or crew have a show them like bk's idea was from 2003 would be great from obsidian.

So much Fun!
Filthyjake all oceans (Obsidian Primary)
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?Retired? On a Break? I found a new love...
Casual player or yet another who moved on.
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