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Joined: Mar 2, 2010
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I've been thinking about a way that battles could be a little more dynamic. I'm not totally sure about the implementation, but I thought I'd throw out my ideas and hope for some good feedback.

Particularly, I've been dreaming of the introduction of fog on the battle board. The fog could move around similar the CI fog, but would have a different effect. Rather than damaging and causing bilge, the fog would hide what's in it. There are two ways I can think of this going:

1) The fog hides everything, including currents, rocks, ships, etc,

2) The fog still allows ships to see the terrain, but hides ships.

Either one would still have the effect where your ship could see clearly within a small radius directly surrounding it. I'm not sure what radius that would be, but smaller seems better to me (maybe even just a couple tiles, so you could be shot from inside the fog). Either way, the point would be similar: there would be a lot more danger, and a lot more mindgames that could be played. In the first case, an element of good spacial memory would also play a role, as you could scout out where the rocks are and shoot around them in hopes they will fall upon your shots.

I'm not sure what the size of the fog cloud would be: either the entire board, a large portion, or a small cloud. If it were the entire board, it could be themed as nighttime instead of fog. If it were a large portion, it would be more effective, but also run the risk of people getting lost within it and not able to actually battle. If it were small, it would play a role, but not be something that would dominate the entire battle. This third option, of a relatively small cloud maybe 5-6 tiles across, is what my gut feels is the best option.

As far as implementation goes, I can think of it going a couple of different ways:

1) There's a small change that fog appears on each battle board. It would be a feature just like rocks, whirlpools, or any other terrain.

2) There's a specific part of the ocean that this occurs, and the rest is normal. Maybe the "dark seas" are actually DARK? This could be combined with more rocks/currents, to make a more clogged and difficult to nav board, rather than having ones that are largely open with a couple elements occasionally.

3) There's a specific monster hunt, expedition, or other way to find a map that has it. Perhaps fog clouds would spawn only on BK hunts (this would add to the "special" aura around them, for sure)? Perhaps they would be added to IOs only? Maybe they would appear in kades (my personal favorite)??

In the second and third option, normal pillies would remain the same, and you'd have the option of entering into the strange situations. In the first case, that would not be so, and would be come a feature of the game as a whole. I personally like the second option the best, where there's a specific part of the map that is very clearly "harder" beyond simply having spawns with darker rings. In addition, it could make PVP a bit more exciting, as pillies up in the Dark Seas would have a dramatically different battle experience (which is also a favorite idea of mine).

Let me know what y'all think. =)
-Porglit on Emerald
-Shadetemplar on Obsidian
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Re: Fog

Some fog and mist discussions
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