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Drunk Pilly 2.0 Reply to this Post
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Hoys all, this Friday CIS are running the drunk pilly with a few twists, if you'd like to join us then please do!

We'll be doing the normal pillage with greedy bonuses, sloop giveaways, and a gator giveaway too, random bets to get navigators to do stupid maneuvers but this time we'll be inviting all the jobbers into our discord and doing a drinking rules pillage! This is of course, completely optional.

1. Every time the navigator asks for more sailors, take a sip!
2. Every time the navigator takes a cannonball, take a sip!
3. Every time the navigator or a bot takes a ram, take a sip!
4. Every battle we lose, all on board take a shot!
5. Every time someone straight lines, take a sip!
6. Every time there is a league point battle, take a sip!
7. If you booch a station, take a sip!
8. Every time you booch chat, take a sip!
9. Top of each station every duty report takes a sip!
10. Every time the bot shoots a rock, take a sip!
11. Every time the bot goes forward onto a rapid, take a sip!
12. Every barbarian fight take a shot! (Scupper Barbs)
13. Every time the duty navigator booches, take a sip!

Basically we're just looking to get everyone hammered and have a laugh!

Jobbing will start at 2 PM GT, hope to see you all there!
Scar On Obsidian Ocean
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