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Organic Doubloon Market Regulation

I have an idea that could help the game we love grow without it hurting the devs revenue. We all know how dubs can ruin this game for some players, as a free market economy based game, one should be able to win enough money with the basic labor (land lubber's shoppe jobs and pillies) to buy basic stuff (weapons, ships, clothes).

With the current dub prices (over 10k in Meridian, near 4k on Emerald, other oceans absolutely dead), it is practically impossible for a greenie to be able to afford these basic commodities. They don't enjoy the game at first glance, think it's a pay-to-win game and quit to never come back.

What I propose to regulate these wild dubs without hurting the market, nor the devs, is to implement a way to create dubs without buying them (scarcity of players make the offer of dubs go down, remaining players still needing to buy these bring the price up). Not to mention the manipulation of the price by some big fishes...
If we enable a way to peg the price of dubs to a rare commodity like gold (which makes total sense) we would have stable dubs. This would be really easy by enabling players to create dubs with gold using labor on an Iron Monger.

This way dub prices are regulated without a direct intervention of devs on the market. When dubs go to ridiculous prices, players will buy gold, use some labor and produce doubloons to sell on the market, thus creating an offer to sell at a higher price than gold.

Considering gold is found foraging, the cost of paying foragers to find it (2k-3k) and the scarcity of this commodity, we can see how it's the ideal meter to value things.
The cost of owning a shoppe (taxes) and paying for labor adds to the final cost of producing dubs (that I estimate would end up being 4-5k per dub).

No sane player would never create dubs to sell at a loss, so this would be a last resource and not a way of making a living on these seas.
Gold would keep on being used to create clothes or other goods that make more profit, but with stable dubs, the market would flourish as shoppe owners can effectively calculate costs and buyers can afford prices.

Last but not least, Devs would benefit from this as a good market incentivates new players to stay, as well as old players, and we all know that the more players there are, the more will be buying dubs, specially if it is worth to use them instead of waiting for them to appreciate, as the price should remain around the same place.
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Re: Organic Doubloon Market Regulatiom

Sounds like it could work and even make Grey havens an additional
Fronk / Kromf / Fronk-east / etc.
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Re: Organic Doubloon Market Regulatiom

Except that gold is supposed to primarily be gotten though foraging... which costs doubloons to get a labor badge.

If you want doubloons to enter the game through non-purchase means, having them randomly spawn during pillages after a victory (with everyone on ship getting one) sounds better to me. Set the random change of gaining doubloons based on the current high buy offer if you want to balance the oceans more.
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Re: Organic Doubloon Market Regulation

This thread repeats the second part of the proposal put forward by Danetsk in this earlier thread:
Please continue that discussion thread.
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