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Joined: Apr 25, 2014
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Selling furniture Reply to this Post
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Gold banner (new) - 4k - red, white (3), grey, yellow, violet, purple, navy, lime (3), green (3), orange (3), maroon, gold, persimmon (2) (60k if you'll buy all the gold banners)

Serpent banner (spring green, banana) (new) - 50k

Serpent banner (spring green, wine) (new) - 50k

Gilded bed (new) - 4k (yellow, white) (blue, white) (lime, white), (red,navy) (maroon, navy) (white,brown) (brown, brown) (grey, gold) (25k if you'll buy all the gilded beds)

Jeweled chair (new) - 10k - (orange, yellow) (gold, maroon) (gold, mint) (orange, light green) (maroon, light green) (blue, persimmon)

Upholstered chair (banana) (new) - 20k

Lacquered chest (banana) (new) - 20k

Exotic canopy bed (wine, white) (new) - 50k

Jeweled end table (white, tan) (new) - 5k

Hanging fan (ice blue, blue) (new) - 20k

Gilded bludgeon trunk (new) - 3k (violet, navy)(2), (navy,brown)

Gilded candelabra (new) - 3k - orange, green, brown

Gilded chair (good) - 1k - brown

Gilded drink rack (new) - 3k - yellow

Gilded easel (new) - 4k - (orange, white) (purple, white) (persimmon,white) (orange, navy) (green,navy) (violet, navy) (navy, navy) (gold, navy) (persimmon, navy) (orange, brown) (maroon, brown) (lime, gold) (30k for all the gilded easels)

Gilded end table (new) - 4k - green, lime

Gilded wardrobe (new) - 4k - (lime, white)

Gold armor with spear (new) - 5k - (red,white) (grey,white) (yellow,navy) (violet,navy) (persimmon,navy)(2) (blue,brown) (lime,brown) (lime, gold) (orange, gold) (maroon,gold) (brown, gold) (50k for all gold armor with spear)

Gold armor with sword (new) - 5k - (white,white) (brown,white) (lime,navy) (navy,brown)(2) (persimmon,brown) (yellow, gold) (lime, gold) (orange, gold) (maroon, gold) (persimmon, gold) (50k for all gold armor with sword)

Gold crossed swords (new) - 4k - red, orange, yellow, green (3), blue, purple(2), white, grey, violet(2), lime, maroon, persimmon (50k for all gold crossed swords)

Gilded table (new) - 4k - orange(2), lime

Lacquered table (new) (banana) - 20k

Large table (gold,gold) (new) - 50k

Bronze neckband (new) - 75k
Gretchen Goldfang statue (new) - 75k - navy, green
Crabcat on Cerulean
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Joined: Sep 26, 2006
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Re: Selling furniture Reply to this Post
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Mounted deer skull (gold) (new) - 75k
Tea set (gold) (new) - 20k
Gilded parlor table (green,brown) (new) - 10k

Jeweled chair (new) - 10k - (gold, maroon) (maroon, gold)

Ice warrior statue (ice blue) (new) - 50k (2)

Spectral candelabra (new) - 75k
Zodiac wheel (wine) (new) - 100k

I would like the above items.

Is the gilded parlor table two colors? or are you selling a green one, and a brown one? If only 1 color, I would like the green one.

I do want both Ice warriors

And I want only one Jeweled chair - I don't know which is which, but I want the combo where the seat cushions are maroon
Dexla d'Midnight
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