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Ships- their colors and values Reply to this Post
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I have 2 sealed deeds for ships - one Choc., choc, and choc. Fanchuan (sp?) I won by buying a box and a green, green and green Sloop I won in some sort of contest. Because I have not ventured into any sort of Navigating yet, I am considering selling them. My first question is what parts of the ship to the 3 colors signify and, secondly, do these colors have much effect on the value of he ship compared to simply purchasing one from the shipyard and by how much? (I am not sure but I don't think you can just buy a chocolate Fanchuan unless it is just a "brown" one. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Ships- their colors and values Reply to this Post
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The colors usually refer to the railings, sideboards, and hull color of the main deck and crow's nest scenes of the ship.

Ships painted with limited edition colors (banana, chocolate, ice blue, plum, spring green, and wine) can only be won from those boxes. They are generally worth more than the regular unpainted ships of the same type. How much more depends on what ocean you're on, who you're selling them to, and how much they're willing to pay. (If you're on Emerald, I will be happy to buy it from you. ;) ) You are correct in saying that a chocolate fanchuan cannot be obtained except through this promotion.

Ships painted other colors are, in my experience, much harder to sell, and less likely to be bought. You might be able to find a buyer who's willing to pay more for it, but maybe not.

It may be worth your while to keep at least one sloop around, especially if you already own it. Sloops are a great ship to learn how to do things on, and there are plenty of guides/etc for pirates wanting to learn how to run a sloop. But the more important thing is that you enjoy the game, and if you enjoy it more by selling the ships, then more power to you. :)
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