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Spooningjay (Win a Parrot, Big Cat, and more!) Reply to this Post
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Spoon Republic is happy to bring you the first ever Spooning Games! Spooning Games is a Hunger Games-based event with a Puzzle Pirates twist! The event will revolve around pillaging on sloops in teams of two or as solo pirates, and tributes must survive to the end to win a parrot, a big cat, and a huge PoE prize!!

The top prizes are a parrot named Mockingjay and a Big cat named Katniss, as well as a Poe prize!
Other prizes include: pets, trinkets, furniture and more!
Prizes will also be distributed to some spectators throughout the event, so read up on Hunger Games lore!

When is the event?
All times are in Game Time.
The event will have two parts. One is training week, which is the week leading up to the actual Spooning Games, starting at 7 AM, Saturday, August 20th.
Teams MUST be present from 7am until eliminated or the end of the competition, whichever comes first

Saturday, August 20th
Partner-seeking solos are paired up
The Reaping- starter islands are assigned
Last day to register for the event

Sunday, August 21st- Friday, August 26th
Cornucopia tournaments
12pm and 3pm daily
The Spooning Games pillage event starts at 7 AM, Saturday August 27th.

What do I have to do?
First find a partner to enter the event with you on a team (if you can?t find a partner, that?s okay, we might be able to pair you with another player in the same situation). After that, you need to register (Registration ) for the event and pay the entry fee to Zaiita or a Gamemaker. Entry fees are 25k per pirate or 40k for a team of two! Then, place an alternate pirate into Spooning Games, the Spoon Republic Event Crew. Each pirate must have an officer badge (player funded), and all tributes must be in Spooning Games in order to participate.

Here is the link to register for the event: Registration
Here?s a link for the rules: Rules
Discord server: Discord



What if I can?t afford the entry fee?
That?s okay! Contact Zaiita or one of the Gamemakers and we can look into the tribute sponsorships to see if a sponsor can fund your entry! We also encourage pirates to find sponsors on their own, as that would free up more sponsor funds for other pirates to participate in the event as well.

HELP! I can?t get my ship to my designated island!
If you need help getting a chart for your ship, please contact a Gamemaker and we can help you out. Also, don?t worry about moving stock, all ship holds must be empty at the start of the event, so you could just let the swabbies move the ship for you.

I can?t participate for most of the event, is there anything I can do?
Yes! This game relies heavily on sponsors and sabotages to make it fun! If you can?t or do not wish to participate as a tribute, you can purchase sponsorships and sabotages to benefit or disadvantage the tributes! It?s evil, we know, but it allows for more pirates to participate in the event either directly or indirectly.
Another thing you could do is sponsor pirates to play in the event! Contact Zaiita or Thrugg to arrange a donation.

Where are the rules?
Here?s a link for the rules: Rules

I had an idea for a sponsorship/sabotage!
Awesome! Shoot Zaiita or Thrugg a tell and we?ll see if we can put it into the game! Disclaimer: it may not be used during the event, and if it is submitted during the pillage event, it might not be put in due to running the event under the announced sponsorships/sabotages.

How will you moderate this event?
The event will require players to be joined into a discord server to get updates, as some announcements may be buried by chat in game. Here?s the link: https://discord.gg/bQbGzHM
If you just wish to spectate the event, you can also join the discord server to sit around for the updates! We'll also have a ship that spectators can sit on to get updates!
Tournament announcements will be released in the discord server, as well as in crew chat.

I want to purchase a sabotage/sponsorship!
Awesome! Contact Zaiita or Thrugg ingame or on Discord to arrange the sabotage/sponsorship and, if applicable, tell us where you want it!

I?d rather participate in the event by myself, can I do that?
Yes, you can! You can register in the event as a solo pirate, as one that isn?t seeking a partner and will play alone.

I was partnered with another player, but we both paid 25k.
Please contact one of the Gamemakers or Zaiita and we will refund each of you 5k, if we haven?t already when we assigned teams.

Uhm, excuse me, you didn?t cover a question that I had.
Yikes! Sorry about that! If you have more questions, please contact Thrugg ingame and we?ll find you an answer!

Special Thank You to Cheevalry and Tigrtony's Iron Mongers, and Ontbyt's Distilleries for helping to make this event possible!
Proxes says, "Zai is the nicest, come on now."
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Current list of registered participants! Reply to this Post
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Here's the list of participants that have registered!


(Look at your odds, you don't want to let these 3 teams get away easy with a FAMILIAR and the BIG CAT do you?!)

If you want to register for the event, please sign up at: Link

If you wish to sabotage the teams before the event starts, please let Thrugg or Zaiita know! (All pre-event sabotages are ANONYMOUS. To be anonymous, there will be a 5k fee during the event, so get in your sabotages now!)
Thrugg on Emerald
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