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Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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I am giving away my Golden Baghlah, "Goldfinger". "Goldfinger" be painted black and gold and be filled top to bottom with golden furniture! Unlike the normal contest we usually have on the ocean of swords and such this will be an essay contest.

Please reply to this post and tell me why you want "Goldfinger". It could be a tale of a piratey voyage on the open seas or maybe just a tale of standing on this beautiful ship at port and having all of your mates over to play games as she has all of ye parlor games!

The best essay written by May 20, 2016 will win me golden baghlah and all of the golden furniture to be used to decorate her as ye like.

Good luck to ye mates!
Kbhunter on Cerulian
Famousbrat on Meridian
Famousbrat on Emerald
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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Thar once was a fair pirate named Wannita who sailed th' seas o' Viridian memorisin' every route she sailed as she searched fer booty. One day thar was natter o' greater seas bein' found 'n 'twas true, one mornin' she woke t' find herself voyagin' across Meridian leadin' t' a vast amount o' unchartered territory fer her t' sail.

As th' years furled on this fair beauty became tired o' sailin' 'n decided t' stay on land in th' wonderful island o' Lima, surrounded by many pirates she partook o' a few too many rums 'n often found herself havin' t' defend herself wit' cutlasses 'n hooks as young pirates tried t' show how fierce they thought they were.

Alas, so many o' Wannitas mateys dropped along th' way ne'er again t' be seen on th' islands o' Meridian 'n she too contemplated seekin' out fairer lands. Unfortunately no ship satisfied her needs t' be surrounded by booty 'til she heard about th' infamous 'GoldFinger'. It can only be a dream t' sail this magnificent ship....or can it become a reality!
Captain of the crew Ocean Warriors, on the Viridian Ocean
Avatar by the very talented Inghild
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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Captain's Journal

Day 11 aboard the Magnificent Sawfish - on course towards Oasis Island from Flyaway Island

Our stock was halved and moral was low. It had been 2 days since we received the wonderful hospitality from the residents living on Flyaway. Many of the crew were cursing how they had to leave, and wished they could've stayed instead. At this point even I wanted to abandon our mission to sail towards Dragon's Nest; the seas were unpredictable, the pirates were more ferocious than we have ever seen before. We were at our limit.

Under the eerie glow of the full moon, night fell upon us. I ordered the most tired crew to rest while the able ones to keep watch. The sea was calm yet the wind blows, forcing the ship to creak aloud in the silence of the night. I found it slightly strange, why is the seas so silence and pleasant, reminding me of the days sailing between Chrysalis and Saltstraum. Then a crew alerted me of a glow in the distance, as bright as the sun and slowly growing bigger. It got closer and closer, breaking the veil of darkness and filling the night with cheer and laughter. We hurriedly woke the sleeping crew and prepared for battle, but what we prepared for was not what we expected.

The origin of the glow was a ship, a baghlah class. It was abyss black but lined with a radiant gold. The crew aboard was clad in golden clothing, drinking from mugs and barrels all gold and silver. The deck was glittering with hundreds and thousands of pieces of eight and doubloons. There was not a hint of hostility from them as they grappled us, instead they barrels of rum and invited us to take part in their cheer. We reached our limit and dropped our weapons, hooped aboard their ship and greedily downed mugs of rum. It was the most delicious rum I've tasted since the day on Flyaway island. No, it might be even better!

I've learnt from the golden crew that this fine vessel we're aboard is named the "Goldfinger", navigated by the one and only Famousbrat. He gave me a tour of his ship, walking past sword fights and rumbles, drinkers and gamblers. Everyone was enjoying themselves no matter what they did. Then Famousbrat led me into his cabin, showed me the portraits he had with mythical pirates and sailors of the Dread Ringers. I could not believe my eyes!

Time passed fast, we all fell from fatigue and relieve. The sun shone upon us from a clear blue sky, awaking us from our dreams to discover we're back aboard the Magnificent Sawfish, with the "Goldfinger" not a hint in sight. We were all confused. Was it a dream? Illusion? Moral plummeted, everyone were even more depressed than before, until we heard a shout from below deck.

The hold was filled with stock, rum and gold full to the brim. We could not believe our eyes, it was not a dream after all. I ordered food to be given out and all hands back to stations while the moral was high.

I was eager to finish our mission, so we can set sail once again. This time to search for the mysterious golden crew and the brilliant "Goldfinger". Famousbrat have given me, no, my whole crew a new goal in our short sailing lives. To find them again, thank them, and spend even more nights together just like this one.

I hope to meet them again.
IGN: Derping
Ocean: Meridian
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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The Isle of Viper's Drop
14th of May, 1588

It's been a long few weeks out here on the high seas of the Gila Archipelago. Not only are we filled to the brim of 'r pockets of PoE, but gained our pirate selves a living. We sailed from the high end to the low end of the Meridian Ocean, far and wide to the edge of where the eye can see, straight up water. The crew was growing tired day by day, not used to the crew bunk downstairs in the lower deck of our mighty Dhow.. while the captain takes over the ship and uses the comfortable bed upstairs, making us jealous.

We soon traveled to a lonely island by the name of Viper's Drop. The rest of the crew speculate where the name has come from, while I traveled off ship, looking or source of food. The crew not only started to grow hungrier and more drowsy, but we needed to head home to our family for a regularly 'scheduled' visit. Viper's Drop wasn't the most rich in food source, but it sure was a great uninhabited outpost, soon habited by many foragers, looking for passionfruit to sell amongst other Archipelagos.

Passionfruit was growing scarce here, but only did we find so few bunches, it just might lead us back home, in the Jade Archipelago, where many lives are made, and many battles enforce. We set sail once again, with what rum and food we have, and not much for cannonballs to defend ourselves, we focus straight on the sails, sailing faster and faster away from the imminent Jolly Rogers of the seas, to spot us and pursue us for what we have weighing us down.

One of which ship has seemed to catch the eye of the crew, yes. A mighty fine, and expensive vessel, somewhat larger than our own, but big enough to hold what seemed like endless amounts of deposited gold. I call from the crows nest, "Aye, there be a mighty golden ship across the way, half league, look portside!" The crew looks over, steers to get closer and closer to it. For what seemed to take ages and ages of time to get there, we finally get close enough to see what is going on, taking the spyglass to the eye, peeking at what is on board interests us, but cannot do anything to the fact we do not have much to attack or defend with. We have enough gold for now, but maybe one day again we will come back for this fancy vessel and take what will be ours.

Once the spyglass was removed from the eye, I saluted the vessel, and just like that it dissipates into the darkest of the day, as another day will end and make way to the night, continuing to sail across to get home. Other's may call this ship the "Golden Darkness" with that dark stripe, and the way it moved swiftly into the darkness of the night, but to me, it will be known as the "Goldfinger" simply put because we all pointed at it with gold covering our own fingers from the plundering we have done, aye.

Once at home, I wrote in my journal of what I saw, I described the ship, drew out the design myself, and wrote a biography of it.

To it to may be the "Golden Darkness" or the "GoldFinger" may we one day stop by with ye again, and put up our swords, and see who takes home the gold, winner takes all mates, no doubt about it. Your PoE will be mine one day, and maybe.. so will yer ship! The Omnipotent Congo and its crew will seize the day!

-Carbones, Senior Officer of Strongwilled
IGN: Carbones
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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At the darkest time of the night, in the middle the sea, the pirates were wide awake. In this night where you can see nothing but pitch black, the crew's golden Baghlah shines with its gold....

Holding their swords tightly, the crew was getting ready for a battle that may strike at any moment. A battle that must be succeeded in order to protect their land, their families, and their precious Baghlah.

The captain was fearful of a future that foresees their island to be a place where people live in misery. He then swam his way to the enemy's ship, and attacked the enemies alone.

Unfortunately...the captain leaves the world, dying at the grounds of their enemies' vessel.

Predicting his unfortunate fate, he had left a note in the Baghlah's desk that reads:

"To our pirates who left their families at such young age, to our pirates who forgot how to smile under such harsh living. I dedicated this Baghlah and its gold for you, for your families, and for you smiles."
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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Once upon a time it was a bright sunny morning, and the luxurious ship, alias the "Goldfinger" had reached the shores of Lima. Upon its arrival to the shores of Lima, all those who witnessed this magnificent baghlah, were all struck with awe. The ship's black and gold paint itself was enough to make a pirate glare in shock, but what was even more shocking was the overflowing gold. The ship was covered in gold, one unable to see the wood on the dock, and that is just an understatement.

Aboard the ship, were valiant, but tired pirates after their perilous voyage in the haunted seas. Yet their journey was not over. Aboard Lima, many greedy pirates hopped onto their sloops in order to battle the captain of the "Goldfinger", Sharkah. Full of pride, Sharkah did not refuse the battle, he carried his crew to victory. Valiantly, the crew fought off many greedy pirates, defending their righteous and hard-earned gold.

Upon the final encounter, they fell into a trap! The final sloop was a disguise of the notorious ghost ship, "El Pollo Diablo." Upon this notorious ship were 159 skeletons, under the leadership of Captain Bones! The crew was doomed, for no one has ever been able to defeat "El Pollo Diablo," and Captain Bones. The crew trembled in fear and became disorganized and frantic.

Despite, the unforeseen danger ahead of them, that did not stop Sharkah from doing his duty. He calmly organized his crew and released a series of duty orders. He even provided the crew with motivation and inspiration, by enticing them with 1 million poe each, if they hail victorious. The crew fought brave and hard, and with Sharkah's masterful navigation, they had hope, but they soon realized their cannonball's do not work.

Once again the ship was in panic, but one of the crew mates, recalled the legend of the golden cannonballs. It was said that ghosts are immune to gold, for within ever soul their is greed present. With this in mind, the crew covered the cannonballs with gold, and loaded them in. Hoping for the best, the crew shot the first gold cannonball, and further raising their hopes, it hit the ship!

The ships exchanged shots, but Sharkah took the advantage and gave "El Pablo Diablo" max damage! They went in for the grapple, but it was a failure, because the grapple went through the invisible ghost ship. Due to this unforeseen disaster, Bones gave the "Goldfinger" max damage. With both ships being fully damaged, Bones grappled the ship, and the skeletons invaded the ship!

The crew of 18 fought ferociously against the 159 skeletons, a very rigorous and disadvantageous battle for the Goldfinger. One by one, the crew of 18 become smaller and smaller, and the battle was now a one versus 159. Sharkah ran to the bottom of the ship into the gold room, where the shrine of Apollo, so magnificently, was displayed. In this shrine, there was a chest, that contained a legendary unsheathed sword.

Sharkah claimed the sheathed sword that was blessed by Apollo himself. He carried it out into battle, fighting off against the skeletons, but soon to realize that he was outnumbered. He had no option but to to unsheathe the legendary sword. As he slowly removed the scabbard, a luminous light came from the sword. The sword was made from solid gold, with a smooth sharp edge. He thrusted the sword straight up into the air, and thunder struck it, which sporadically reflected onto all of the skeletons. All the skeletons disintegrated, and only one was left, Bones. Sharkah and Apollo's sword were evenly matched by Bones and Hades' sword. Both carried on fighting, for continuous hours, neither of them unyielding. In the final moments of this battle, Apollo descended from the heavens, and graced the "Goldfinger." All the pirates rose once again, fully healed and determined for battle. Thereafter, in the final strike, Sharkah ran Apollo's sword straight through Bones' skull.

The "Goldfinger" won under the leadership of Sharkah, and claimed victory! The story was spread out rapidly, and the legend of Sharkah, and Apollo was forever written in history. In the halls of the Jelly Bean, the main topic for months was of Sharkah's victory against Bones, with the replenishing help of the Goldfinger. The Goldfinger, later become, titled as the greatest ship to ever sail the seven seas, forever to be marked in history.

This is the legend of the "Goldfinger," some say it is deep beneath the seas of Atlantis, others claim it to be just an urban myth. But it is to be undiscovered ever since Sharkah's last voyage to an unknown island. Many have tried to find this legendary ship, but have come home unsuccessful. But do not lose faith, for the one with faith, and no greed, will be the one to find the path to the "Goldfinger."
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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Legend has it that millennia ago, Midas, King of Pessinus, lusted after a wealth so vast, that he wished for everything he touched to turn into gold. His wish was granted by the god Dionysus. King Midas became a very very rich man - he called for his servants to bring everything he had before him, and one by one turned everything he had into gold. Very soon, he had a palace filled with golden furniture and statues; even the walls and floor of the palace had been turned into gold. As the legend goes, however, King Midas soon found that such avarice did not serve him well. He was unable to eat or drink, as even the bread and wine in his hands turned into glittering but inedible ornaments! His despair reached its nadir when he found that in embracing his daughter, she too, had turned into gold. King Midas begged Dionysus to reverse this curse, and upon being granted this wish, hated and abandoned his wealth. Over the millennia, the golden palace and all its glittering paraphernalia have been robbed and plundered, leaving no trace of the vast riches of King Midas. The story of King Midas, passed down from generation to generation, soon turned into folklore, from folklore to myth, and from myth to legend ...

Last month, a ship was recovered from the depths in the inter-oceanic passageway between the old Malachite and Viridian oceans. This is not unusual, as pirates often retrieve their sunken ships for a fee, before they decay. What was unusual, however, was that this ship had been lying at the bottom of the ocean for a long time. Normal ships would have decayed, their wooden hulls repurposed into fertile breeding grounds for aquatic life. But this ownerless ship, unrecovered for eons, remained in perfect condition, fully furnished, and not missing a single bannister. Glittering gold, it took a mammoth effort to hoist to the surface. But after its hull had been drained, it was in fine condition to sail the seven seas once again. Famousbrat, the pirate who discovered it (after retrieving a ship he sunk near the spot where the golden ship lay) did not take long to discover who the ship had previously belonged to. In its navigation room, on a golden table, lay a golden book with the signature: "King Midas". On its starboard hull, he found the name of the ship: Goldfinger.

The legend was real.

Nekomamushi, Meridian
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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Dusk, Somewhere on the Meridian Ocean
Aboard the War Brig, Well-Informed Trout

Portumnes watched on as his peer Carbones took the Trout on course to intercept a lowly merchant cutter.

"This is a terrible idea" Lebaron, the noted Big Lebowski of the crew muttered.

Carbones shook off the warning, "Nonesense, an old salt at Lima told me this thing was loaded with goods, we gotta take it!"

Portumnes and Blohdgarm shared exasperated looks, leave it to Carbones to risk attacking such a weak ship with a War Brig. With the sun going down no less!

Predictably, Carbones did not seemed concerned by any of this, he was staring down the tiny cutter from the wheel. "It'll be easy mates, no worries!"

The Cutter, frantic to avoid the looming battle, veered sharply to the side, trying to make an escape with the wind on its side, but it was too late to get away. Fortunately for the poor merchants on this cutter, and very unfortunately for us, a thick black fog descended upon the shoals we'd chased the cutter into. The smaller ship was lost in the mists to us.

Bloh, Leb and Port shared nervous looks from the navigation deck, the pirates on board the vessel looking around at the darkness in a frightened awe. Carbones, however, was cursing the sudden mists for making him lose track of the cutter.

One of the lesser Officers, Kash, was the first to spot it. "Um, what in the seven seas is that thing?" his voice quivered, as he pointed off the back edge of the brig towards a giant looming shadow moving towards us out of the gloom.

Gasps shot out across the decks of the ship as the shadow emerged from the darkness, a massive black vessel with ripped sails, a jolly roger flapping in the gusts.

"IT'S THE BLACK PEARL!" shouted Alexyss, one of the pirates.
"Wrong plot!" shouted back another pirate from belowdecks.

Carbones tried desperately to evade the larger vessel he'd brought upon the crew, but it sailed through the rocks he weaved between, and shots meant to slow it down carried right through it as if the massive Frigate wasn't even there.

When the inevitable came, and we were grappled by the behemoth, Bloh shouted to the crew, "There's going to be a whole lot of those skeletons! Take as many as you can!"

The first sign that this wasn't exactly what we thought came, when instead of a horde of 159 skeleton warriors pouring onto our decks, we were besieged by 159 angry chickens.

"Good gods!" Portumnes cried, shocked.
"The Devil Chicken they call this ship, perhaps this is the skeletons day off?" mused Lebaron.

Carbones was undeterred by this change of events. He charged into the cluck and slashed the head off the first chicken he saw. "It's just chickens mates, slaughter them and we eat well tonight!"

Instead of being roused into action, the crew watched in horror as the headless chicken leapt up and clawed Carbones' face, and he was overtaken by a swarm of poultry.

"SAVE YOURSELVES!" Bloh shouted frantically, diving down the stairs to the main deck, he didn't even reach the lifeboats before he was beaten down, tarred and feathered.

Most of the Pirates met horribly ironic fates as well, Alexyss and Val were thrown into a barrel like a pair of chicken wings. Lebaron was deepfried by a gruesome mix of gunpowder and rum. Kash was covered in spices from the galley, tied to the anchor and thrown overboard to marinate. Portumnes was tied to the mast to be spitroasted.

Only one escaped the doom of the crew, Alohaah, a mute with a split personality disorder, who managed to get across the tale of the true, El Pollo Diablo. Anyone who visits the scene of the horrific battle can still find feathers swirling in the winds to this day.

Inspired by Carbones hearing a chicken but having no idea where it was. Thus being dubbed the true El Pollo Diablo

-Portumnes, S.O of StrongWilled
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Re: Golden Baghlah Give Away Essay Contest! Reply to this Post
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We had a some great entries but there was one that really stood out.

And the winner is.......


Congratulations mate!

Thank you to all of you who entered.
Kbhunter on Cerulian
Famousbrat on Meridian
Famousbrat on Emerald
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