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Barely Dressed Mystery Box Auction! Reply to this Post
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Yeah i know one of these were just done, Malicious Intent got theirs finished a bit before ours =p, so here I am with the same thing just a few weeks later!!!

The event will be run on Saturday, September 12th at 10am gametime to hopefully avoid any possible cades that might come about. There will be a jobbing notice up on the board for all to apply to.

Plenty of items for you to bid on, 50 in total, with a wide range of possible prizes to win from Chromas to a shoppe or even a fam. Id like to start the bidding out at 10k per box and see where it goes from there. Minimum increments of 5k.

All poe earned will go towards the flag. And not for my own personal poker addiction

Only part you care about.... PRIZES!!!

Banana Pony
Tan/Tan Unnamed Parrot
Manticore Tail
Golden Armor Skelly
Gilded Display Case
Gilded Easel
Black Chroma
20 RMs
Anglerfish Statue
Black Chroma
Manticore Tail
Gilded Wardrobe
Verdant Baghlah
Aqua Krakling
Gilded Bed
Black Dog
Galene Egg
War Brig
Faeree Werewolf Egg
20x RMs
Atlantean Octopus Statue
Lavender Rabbit
Gilded Drink Rack
War Brig
Upgraded IM Shoppe
Spring Green Chroma
Small black dog
Gilded Chair
War Brig
Crystal Ball
Exotic Canopy Bed
Blue Penguin
10 RMs
Fetish Trestle
Spring Green Chroma
Gilded Bed
Gilded Bookcase
Inessa's Ancient Athenian Egg

Any question about it feel free to contact me in game.

Please note that this event, as with any lottery, raffle or auction, is run at the risk of the participants. If there is shown to be cheating or wrongdoing, the culprit will be punished, but no poe will be returned to participants affected. Please only enter if you trust the person or people hosting the event.
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