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Let's Promote! Reply to this Post
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Hey everyone,

Recently I have been reading about people complaining etc about how this game is slowly declining to a small and elite group of players. Unavoidably this is true and I've seen some really cool ideas on how to get Puzzlepirates back to life so I hope some voices in the game design panel are being heard! So here's an idea I want to put in to bring some fresh air to the game:

Promote Puzzlepirates and win prizes!

We've got an amazingly close and friendly playerbase with who knows what real life skills! instead of pointing all the fingers to the staff I think this could potentially remove some of the trouble they have promoting the awesome game Puzzlepirates is. It really is awesome and therefor we should share it!

The idea is to promote Puzzlepirates in different kinds of ways for example:
-Real life ways like Posters
-Promoting dressed up as a pirate for all I know!
The promoting can be done in any way you could think of. Just make sure you make some sort of record proving that you actually got somewhere with the promoting. This is about actual promoting, not making a poster and not hanging it down somewhere in a city. Do this using video/links/multiple pictures.

Imagine what kind of audience you could reach if you hit the frontpage of a website like 9gag.com? And what better reason than to do it when you actually get something in return for your time to let people know Puzzlepirates is still alive!

Judging and prizes will be based on:
-Originality (tan fam)
-Humour (tan fam)
-(Perceived) Effectiveness (tan fam)
-The 3 above combined for the main prizes. (coloured fam)
Preferably I'll make it able for you to win something big in the 3 seperate categories but I'll have to check if I'm wealthy enough to do this. Most important, I think, is that people think this is worth the time they put in so that hopefully many people will participate. It has to be win-win for both the game and the people.

If you think this is a good idea: Please give me some feedback or good ideas so I can make some work of this and set up some good/fitting prizes and rules etc using the feedback. I will try to make a sketch of how this will work in it's entirety soon. I'm also not sure how effective it could be to actually bringing people in but I'm willing to give this a try, any number of players coming (back) into the game is a welcome number after all.

I can only run this for dubloon oceans myself.

Please drop me some tips/feedback, help is always welcome too!
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Re: Let's Promote! Reply to this Post
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This is a nice idea to promote PP :) I do, however, have a few questions:
1. Do we only want people to know that PP is still alive?
2. What is the perceived effectiveness? People looking at your work (blog, videos, etc) or more people playing the game?

I think it would be best if all oceans were involved, though.
~regards, Ilse~
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