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Trying to winnow out sword/bludgeon choices Reply to this Post
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For the non, at least, these seem to be my tendencies for swordfighting and brawling.

Swordfighting: Try to build a decent height 2xN gem on one side of the screen, both sides if I can get away with it. Everything else tends to get sprinkled away without going past width 1. The gems usually get broken at a height of 4 or 5 (often because I had to stick an off-color block on top of half of it), although at least early on, 2x2 gems can get broken.

Not sure if I accurately described my tendency, but I have a feeling my target is good vertical strikes to height 4 or 5, with at least average sprinkling.

Brawling: My tendency here seems to be trying to build up combos to 4 or 5, with sprinkling as necessary to keep the punching lines clear. (Now I just have to remember to include some drop-offs more consistently...) Later in the match, it drops to 3 as I try to keep the lines open (and put up with the added depth from time and enemy strikes), and occasionally 2. So main priority is probably height-4 strikes, again with at-least-average sprinkling.

I do already have a short sword (orange-green) and rope coils (red-aqua), so at least I have general purpose weapons. My current guess for absolute ideals is scimitar and skull rings, but (a) I have a tendency to second-guess these conclusions, and (b) I want to get a sense of what good stops on the ladder are depending on how many PoE and doubloons I can afford to expend at a time.

(Will update if my practice missions turn out to deviate from my memory.)

EDIT 1: So much for a clear tendency to build to 6! It starts looking crowded to me once there's 4 or 5 charged clusters. That's generally when I'm ready to break. (Maybe 6 was when there was a slight overhang on one side?)
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