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Question about IO/VR pay penalties Reply to this Post
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1) Does anyone know if pay is reduced with the presence of swabbies in Imperial Outposts and Viking Defenses.

2) I suppose also, does anyone know if pay scales with the number of players aboard.

I ask these because I typically do small Imperial Outposts and Viking Raids on a baghlah (easy IOs yay!) with about 7-10 people. [I only purchase established/fortified VRs, fortified nonsinking IOs, and established/fortified sinking IOs people, so the jobbers get paid something, I'm not a slave driver, really! D: ]

Anyways, from my time out doing those, I've started to suspect that pay will be reduced with the presence of swabbies in battle; sometimes we'll dip down to 3 to 5 people on the baghlah and have some swabbies to man the ship in the IOs, and the pay will appear to be lower but I can't really confirm if this is true or just randomness playing in. It would make sense to penalize pay for swabby presence, since a player could just solo steamroll small VRs and IOs with a war brig and its swabbies, but I don't know if this is the true case so wanted to confirm if anyone knew if it was.

Similarly, from the same observations, I suspect that the pay is decreased with less people too (scaling pay) but this could just be personal insanity, hard to say. Following the logic of scaling pay, though, a player could just load 30 people on a small IO/VR and get decent pay for everyone, which doesn't make sense and certainly isn't true from my experience. So I'm unsure if pay scales down for less players. @_@

So many questiooons. D:
Hiding. :3

Wutai - Cerulean/Ice/Emerald
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