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Musket Minigame Reply to this Post
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In pirates of the old, there where muskets. I even believe one of the pictures to puzzle pirates might have a musket, don't remember. Anyway, muskets would add to the play-ability and add more games for people to be competitive over. What better then to give someone something to try to get on the ultimate list for. Sure people who don't want to be beat will reject my idea because they don't like the idea of someone being better at something then they are, but, here is my idea.

1. The musket game will need to use six colors for objects, just like sword fighting and brawling.

2. The game has to be about matching objects so that they can be cleared.

3. The game must allow for combos so that the players can rack up combos.

4. Getting combos and breaks must give a disadvantage to the opponent just like sword fighting and brawling.

This is the foundation of the design of the game. Standard, like most games in the puzzle pirates community that involve player versus player elements and are original to some extent. Another option though would be to add muskets to the game and allow them for a cosmetic version of the brawl mini-game, but, that wouldn't really add much. The games theme should match shooting to some extent, despite that being hard due to the fact that brawl has a similar theme. Brawl could just be switched to one fist in the middle instead of two and be called "musket mode" as well.

So my idea involves something that will require some skill and time as well as a way of losing if anything adds up. Think of brawl mode, but, with a single fist in the middle being the musket. When the game starts, targets start from the bottom and are of different colors and move toward the top. The background is of a pirate to represent shooting them. The idea is to shoot the target with the ball as it intercepts the background image. The balls color vary as well as the target. Balls will only connect with same color targets, but, will ignore different color targets and go right through. A bar on the side of the screen shows a skull at the top and the players head at the bottom smiling. The idea is to avoid the bar being full or else the player is knocked out. To avoid this, the player must shoot multiple targets in a row to make the bar drop, but, targets only appear in limited number on the screen and the player has to hit them on the target in the background to get bonus points as they move across the screen.
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Re: Musket Minigame Reply to this Post
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This thread was started in the Crafting Puzzle Project but isn't about crafting.

The Developers are quite strongly opposed to adding personal firearms to the game:
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