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Book '3 types of SMH on sloop in 1 run' Reply to this Post
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Here comes my experience in running 3 types of SMH in 1 run on sloop :).

After running series of 3 persons CI runs, i decided to try to load Warfrig Haunted Seas, but wasn't able to load it. Since i got offer to buy new HS maps, and so happen i had my sloop ready for 3 persons on same start island, i decided to try Graveyard run on same sloop. So i loaded that ship, and did 2 GYs and exited without sinking. After that, i looked on my navigation table and realised that i can reach other SMH point to enter Cursed Isles.
By finishing Cursed Isles run, of my crewbies (Djxe) being on ship offered me a SMH map to buy. So happened that SMH map he offered me, was off the start island :D. We tried to do cit run on sloop from point of exit from Haunted Seas. But no luck, since Xebec was in there allready. I tried to kill scout triketos, but i wasn't ready to die yet so i exited and ported.
After all this journey, my jobber (Blablablab) told that it could be fun to run 3 types of SMH in 1 run and put photos on website. So i planned to do it next day.

So here comes photo report of my run:

1. 1/3 types of SMH, Citadel run in Atlantis
(good point to 'cheat' monsters first, or go in opposite direction from cit first, to lead them away, and then carefully approach citadel)

2. 2/3 types of SMH, Graveyard run in Haunted Seas
(i had to change plan of my retreat from GY, was scary and dangerous run away via top spectral wall)

3. 3/3 types of SMH, Cursed Isles

4. Booty Division

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Re: Book '3 types of SMH on sloop in 1 run' Reply to this Post
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Sounds fun... if you do this again, I may come. :P

Also, what was VO like?
~Jamesh on Emerald
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