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Chat Log Issues Reply to this Post
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This post refers to the problem posted here:


I have always enabled chat logging and I checked today and no chats had been logged since September 3rd. I checked and it was disabled on my profile in game. I didn't disable it so how/why did this happen? Very Annoying

This same exact thing happened to me and I didn't realize it until I needed the chat logs, I fixed the problem by just setting them up again... I can't think of anything that caused the issue.. I didn't have any kind of virus on my computer... maybe it has something to do with updating Java? or something, idk, I know this should be in Technical Issues but it's not so I posted here :x anybody with deeper knowledge of software have any insight to this problem perhaps?

Oh I just thought of another thing... maybe it has to do with an update on our computer.... I know I'm running Windows 7, and I update it regularly, maybe that has something to do with it :x

I really am interested to know if anybody else has experienced this issue and if there is a fix, it sucks when you need a conversation but can't get it because it didn't save

**keep in mind this issue at least for me is that the chat logs stopped saving, has nothing to do with some chat logs being saved and some not being saved, it just stopped one day**

the day it stopped was June 21, 2013

the day I found out and turned it back on was July 24, 2013 (I found out a few days prior to July 24, but the 24th is the day I turned them back on)

Sorry for the long post, just remembered something else, I went from Indianapolis-DC-Richmond via flight on June 4th and logged into PP at the airport in indianapolis and at my destination near Richmond... I then flew back on the 16th of July shortly before I realized about the chat logs... I wonder if the issue has something to do with your location or rather changing location...

Last part of my post I pinky promise:

I found that I actually have 2 copies of chat logs for my main pirate (and I assume all other pirates) one of them stops where I said it stops at the date I mentioned and the other one picks up when I set it back up. Anyways, that's all of the info I have on the issue.

Edits: tons of additional information that I found may be relevant
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Re: Chat Log Issues Reply to this Post
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I had this same problem a few months ago. The chat logs stopped saving on May 23rd and it took me until May 25th to notice chat logging was set to off.

I didn't do anything unusual around this time that might cause logs to stop saving. (Didn't update my computer or java, I always login from the same computer/location.)
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