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I'm kind of have this idea for tailoring, but is it too late to suggest an idea? It might be too much like rigging I guess.

So basically it does start with a rigging board except you select a shape for the needle to start at. The colour of this shape will turn into the colour of the next stitch. You may slide the threads on the "cloth" just like rigging to arrange the board for a higher score. Later, you can choose to stitch on the desired shape which again will be the colour of the next stitch. Any pieces that are adjacent to the stitch the match it's colour is "absorbed" into the stitch(or blends in with the colour). Once stitched, threads underneath are lock and may not slide again. Stitches are limited to 24 smallest at most. If threads are slid more than 3 times without a stitch, a knot will form and reduce the amount of stitches. Score is based on how many pieces were absorbed(how well the stitches blend in) and slightly on patterns.

What do you think? Too much like rigging?Or was it suggested before?
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Re: Idea... Reply to this Post
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Platy was chosen as the winning puzzle design for Tailoring on January 23, 2008:
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