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Jigsaw Tessellators presents: a whisking party!

Jigsaw Tessellators is pleased to announce a Western-Ocean Whisking Party for the Eastern Hemisphere.

We are happy to know that our friends Twisted Parallax are having whisking parties in the afternoon. However, we'd like to get in on the fun, and we'd like to help by providing a time convenient to Europe, Asia, and Australia!

Therefore, Jigsaw Tessellators is happy to announce our whisking party on the Emerald Ocean on Saturday, 4 February at 2am Pirate Time. That's 10am UTC.

Your contacts will be Sedna and Pheonixb. Jobbing will start at 1:30am and once the whisking begins, we expect to spend about three minutes on each island. This is so that the event will last about two hours and be accessible to as many people as possible.

Many surprises are planned as well, expect trivia and giveaways galore! A celebration pillage is likely to follow!

*I, Ljamethyst, will be asleep during this event, so please direct all comments and questions to Sedna or Pheonixb. Thanks!
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