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Joined: Dec 2, 2013
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Norse Raiders currently based around Lima
80% + Jobber's Delight
Promotions are based on experience and skill. Officers are currently offered, Senior Officers are not openly offered, nor are Fleet Officers.

Contact OneShotPaddy, NakedWinner or Sodaguzzler for recruitment info.


So we're the Norse Raiders who are a chapter of the House Valdyr gaming community. We have chapters in many games across the web and are predominantly adults. For this game we've lowered our recruitment threshold to 16 yrs. with the strict understanding that we're a mature community.

When you join our crew you get the option to play in any of our other games of varying genres and styles. We also require website membership. Teamspeak voice chat is OFFERED but not required for Puzzle Pirates.

Note: to those in other arch's, we WILL transport. Contact an officer or above to get info on that.

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Joined: May 6, 2005
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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1/ Name of Crew, Flag if applicable, and what Arch you are based in
Smoke Team, no flag as of yet and based in Jade.
2/ Divison of booty and crew cut
Jobbers Delight 5% restock
3/ Basic aims of crew (pillage, trade, forage etc.)
Pillaging, looking for officers to run them.
4/ Terms for promotion
Promotions will be given by the captain and senior officers as seen fit. All members will be granted rank of pirate.
5/ Name of Captain and Officers to contact if interested in joining.
Contact Gengeral in game for details.

We are a new crew, just myself and a few greenies as pirates. I am experienced myself and need all ranks filled soon. I have a couple ships for crew use and will provide training to advance your rank. Please send tell in game for details.

thank ye
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Joined: Nov 24, 2005
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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We're a pillaging-oriented crew and welcome all pirates, from the newest greenie to the crustiest veteran. Our mission is to make the ocean fun for everyone, so hop on board! Come join our adventures on the high seas as we set out to bring the best of old-style virtual piracy back to Puzzle Pirates.

We're currently recruiting at all ranks; at this time, those folks who wish to be Officers will preferably have at least Distinguished or better battle navigation standing and their own ships. Incoming Officers of any rank from other crews will be given the rank of Officer immediately so that you retain the use of your own ships; promotion to Fleet or Senior Officer will be at the SOLE discretion of the Captain, in consultation with the crew's Senior Officers. Under NO circumstance will anyone enter Tempest Toss'd as a Fleet or Senior Officer without a consensus among the Captain and all Senior Officers of the crew. All other newcomers to our crew automatically start as Pirates.

As our officer staff and membership expands, we will be offering Atlantis raids, Cursed Isle & Haunted Seas explorations, and flotilla and blockade participation; if these are things you like to do and/or lead, please consider joining us!

Promotion Requirements:
Pirate to Officer:
1.) Demonstrated leadership; this means maturity and good judgement when dealing with your fellow crewmembers, support and enthusiasm for the crew, our jobbers, and the ocean at large when you're out jobbing yourself.
2.) Some time in the crew, so that we know you and you know us.
3.) Some stats and experience, experience being the more important of the two; as a general rule, Sails or Rigging, Carp or Patching, Bilging and Gunnery should be at Broad, but this is not cast in stone.

Officer to Fleet Officer:
You must have the trust of the Captain and Senior Officers and a high level of activity in the crew; pillaging, encouraging Pirates and fellow Officers and recruiting new members to our crew. A Fleet Officer is not just an Officer who's been here a while. A Fleet Officer is someone that the Captain and Senior Officers consider an exceptional crewbie and a person who in time will join their ranks.

Fleet Officer to Senior Officer: The Captain and Senior Officers will offer this rank when they think it's obvious that you should be among them. A Senior Officer in Tempest Toss'd is almost a co-Captain in their own right, with authority to promote, demote and make decisions that effect the crew, with no more questioning than would be required to answer "why". They are people we trust with something that we take seriously even while we're having fun. You won't have to ask for this promotion, we'll know when it's time.

Please note that Officers of all ranks will generally be expected to run at least one open pillage (open to all comers) per week, in addition to any elite or selective pillages/hunts/voyages you may run. This crew is intended to be a fun experience for everyone. :)

Crew Rules:
1.) RESPECT. You are expected to show respect for every pirate you encounter. Not just officers, not just members of Tempest Toss'd, EVERY PIRATE YOU ENCOUNTER.
You don't have to like them, you don't have to agree with them or their actions, but you DO have to show respect. If you are in a position where it is appropriate to chastise, punish or correct someone, do so, as forcefully as is appropriate -- but do it respectfully and constructively. Your actions reflect upon the entire crew -- particularly when you are jobbing; if you do not agree with the way someone is running a pillage, make your polite apologies and leave. (Yes, this even includes mine.)

2.) Please ask PTB (Permission to Board) before boarding a ship with only one or two crewmembers on it and/or which has not been announced as an open or crew pillage.

3.) Please do NOT leave a ship in battle except in an emergency. If you have to go, SAY SO, preferably in vessel chat, or at the very least in a tell to the Officer in Charge.

4.) Don't be afraid to ask questions! There are no such things as stupid ones.
RaggedAndy, Senior Officer in Mermaid's Typhoon on the Meridian Ocean,
Vulfe, Officer in League of Shadows on Emerald,
and various alts elsewhere.
I'm a freaking old phart. Deal with it!
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Joined: Apr 29, 2014
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The Rum Rats Reply to this Post
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The Rum Rats, a crew that's been sailing the Green Seas for the past 8 years, is looking for experienced, inexperienced, fun and energetic pirates to join their ranks.

If you are ambitious, and want to discover the fun side to the ocean, in a welcoming, crazy and enjoyable environment, then The Rum Rats want to hear from you!

Just let myself, Arrobyn, or any Senior Officer know you would like to join us, and we will go from there!
Arrobyn of Meridian
Senior Officer of The Rum Rats & Queen of Rum Soaked Devils

Formerly Chrismor of Viridian

Once received cookies and coffee from Nemesis.
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Joined: Apr 15, 2010
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Nihil - A Meridian Crew. Enjoyment Before Piracy; A friendly, respecting home for players.

"A crew with the aspirations of most. As a crew we strive to endorse and produce acceptance, respect & etiquette within our game. Seeking character above all else, aiming to produce a cohort of people providing a base for discussion and progression, henceforth a acceptable level of maturity is expected of all members, new or old."
Quoted from crew statement

Ranks are as follow:
() Cabin Person - Expect to be placed here upon breaking our T&Cs, [Located in Private Statement]
() Pirate - All new-comers are assigned this status,
() Officer - We seek basic experience within piracy puzzles, B-Nav & leadership, training voyages will be run for pirates seeking promotion.
() Fleet Officer - One must show strong dedication to 'Nihil' with consistent presence in /Cre chat, and out on the high seas. Stats are expected to be above those designated for officers. This rank will be assigned by our council members.
() Senior Officer - High service within the crew, actively involving his/her self in affairs whilst maintaining professionalism , prior to being promoted substantial time as a Fleet Officer is expected.
() Captain - In the event of mutiny, the title will be dealt to a council member.


As a newly formed crew, Nihil is seeking matured players wanting a relaxed, yet engaged atmosphere. We offer a Autocratic political system, however this will be greatly effected by united opinion, our re-stocking cut is 20% whilst offering 'Jobbers Delight' booty shares.

For further information please contact 'Stri' in-game.

- Thank Ye, happy pirating!

<> Nihil of Meridian <> - Ci fanatic, crazed patcher.
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Joined: Feb 20, 2010
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Crew: War 'n' Roar

Flag: The Blaggard Armada

Arch: Jade

Divison of booty: Jobber's Delight

Crew cut:

Jobbing Pirate: five shares

Cabin Person: three shares

Pirate: four shares

Officer:four shares

Fleet Officer:four shares

Senior Officer:four shares

Captain:four shares

Basic aims of crew: pillage and blockade of course!

Terms for promotion :

Cabin Person - Punishment

Pirate - Your rank starts here( You will need a pirate badge)

Officer ( You will need an officer badge)

1) 3 broad skills

2) Know how to bnav

3) Know how to pilly

* If you have a stall/a ship, you can be an officer

Fleet Officer

1) 5 Solid Skills

2) Know how to bnav

3) Know how to pilly

4) Trusted!

Senior Officer ( you will need a Senior Officer badge)

1) 5 Solid Skills

2) Know how to bnav

3) Know how to pilly

4) Exp enough and deserved to be SO.

Captain: Polviski

Officers: Any of them who is not dormant .

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Joined: Nov 2, 2009
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Please feel free to message me in game and join the crew. We are a new crew established in late September 2014. Come be a part of this new and exciting movement partnered with BlueBasil and her crew Whiplash as we take our new flag New Vegas to the top.

About The Crew: We are an Oligarchy and the reasoning for that is everyone who has obtained the rank of Senior Officer deserves the right to vote and have a say in the on-goings of the crew. It is to much for one person and nobody likes a tyrant or a dictator captain. After all the game is about having fun isn't it? That's what we are about here in Risk. With high risk come high reward. You can sit on the sidelines and wish it to happen, or you can get your head in the game, get your hands dirty, and make it happen!

About Me: I started playing YPP in 2006, and have been playing on and of since. Recently after coming back I ran into some political issues from within my crew. This inspired me to break off create my own crew and rejoin the flag. I will be working diligently and persistently to grow the crew and become a well known entity in the ocean. My current career in the real world has really prepared me to take on such a task in the pirate world. Politics, growth, human resources, mediation, money management, these are things I deal with on the day to day basis.

Thanks, ~Xilophone


-Always respect follow crew members!

-Try to do your best in every pillage and obey requests for stations!

-Don't leave a ship during battle, this will result in demotions if not justified!

-Team during battle! This is important to win Sword Fights and Rumbles. Not all officers are experienced in Bnav, and some will rely on the ability of their crew to perform during battle! (To team click on the head of the opponent team, you will see a colored dot near it, teams of 2 and 3 in SF and 3 or 4 in rumble are encouraged.)

Rules for every O, FO, and SO:

-Try to not fight with other pirates/officers of the crew, if you have a problem we can solve it together. Speaking to the Captain about it would be a better idea than leaving the crew.(This will be heavily enforced!!!)

-Don't ever steal goods and money from vessels! (or you'll be reported and BANNED. Yes, we've all seen the happen)

-No alts in other crews without the captain's permission.

-Always attempt to recruit at the end of any voyage!

-Any FO plus gets an even split of the restock profits after a Pilly on all War Brig or larger ships!

-Always remember at any time you are representing the crew, so while in inn's or on the poker table be on your best behavior. :D

Promotion Requirements Pirate: Just join the crew. If you do not have a pirate badge, one will be provided!

Officer: Minimum 4 Broads and 2 Respected plus piracy skills

Fleet Officer: Fleet Officers can only be appointed by SO's and/or the Captain. This is a position of trust, and will not be given out to everyone.

Senior Officer: Senior Officers may only be appointed by the Captain of the crew. However SO's may vote or suggest to have another pirate join the ranks. No one will be recruited as Senior Officer, this position must be earned. RISK
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Joined: Jun 8, 2006
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Crew: Last Evolution
Flag: Re-Arranged
Arch: Jade
Booty Division: Jobber's Delight, 18% crew cut.
About us: We are a crew that generally runs pillages, cit runs, and kraken hunts. We also love poker.
Ranks: Pirate is automatic. Officer is given when distinguished bnav or having the deed to a ship. Alts of fleet officers and senior officers are given this rank. Fleet officer is given when the captain Iamnotfat and/or the first mate Sonikku trusts you. Senior officer is given when the captain Iamnotfat and the first mate Sonikku both mutually trust you.
Contact captain Iamnotfat or first mate Sonikku to join.
Sonikku on all oceans.

Ryzen 7 1800X
Radeon R9 Fury X
ASUS Prime X370 Pro
240 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro
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Joined: Nov 25, 2013
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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1/Blood and Brimstone| Flagmates of The Good Cheese Company

2/Jobbers Delight| 15% Restocking

3/We Aim to put pillaging back on top of the ways to make money on Ypp, this means that we pillage constantly and are always looking to bring about the old ways of piracy, CIs, SMHs, Cit runs and HSes are all run within our boundries

4/ Pirate- Automatically Given
Officer- Respected Bnav or deed to a ship
Fleet Officer- Trust is needed and is only given to officers who can pilly well
SO- Must be trusted and have GM+ Bnav
5/ Titano , i am on everyday from 11am MST to 2am MST
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Joined: Jun 10, 2006
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Hi All. Haunted Raiders is happy to be recruiting!

Name: Haunted Raiders
Flag: Dragon Lords
Arch based in: Mainly Jade, Onyx and Garnet

Division of Booty: 15% restock jobbers delight

Basic Aim of Crew: Socialize, active members desired. Hoping to host Krakens and pillies often

Terms for Promotion:

Officer (O)
- 4 broads PIRACY stats,
- Officer training pilly with a SO

Fleet Officer (FO)
- 4 broads and 2 solids in PIRACY
- Own your own ship,
- Demonstrate activeness

Senior Officer (SO)
- all aforementioned
- high level of trust and responsibility

Contact Information:

Please send a message to Dangopirate if interested!

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Good Evening

We're some experienced pirates that have recently started a new crew. It's called 'The Plunder Down Under'. The crew is based ocean wide - with our crew hall in Jade.
Promotion requirements are skill based (opposing to experience based). For officer ranks, some battle navigation experience is expected. We are also willing to give people the opportunity to practice this.

For more information you can send me, rednass, a tell in-game.

Kind Regards
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Re: Crews seeking Pirates Reply to this Post
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Peanut Butter Needs you!

Ahoy one and all! Are ye looking fer that crew that will give ye your kick of peanut buttery goodness while ye pillage the high seas! Well look no further. We are looking for active, friendly and interested pirates who are looking to further themselves and have a bit of fun in the process. I am hoping to make this a very active crew and we will be joining a very active flag. I love to pillage and would like to also bring in pirates who are interested in the blockade game.

Why join? I want you because this is an interactive multiplayer based game with a lot of different types of pirates. I want to play the game with anyone and everyone that sees the game as a way to have fun and enjoy the different aspects that piracy has to offer them in their downtime. A place to learn and to teach and to have a laugh and be accepted.

How do you achieve ranks?
Cabin Boy - You are a total newb to the high seas, and are good fer nothing but licking peanut butter off the cap'ns boots while yer hammering nails into the decks! Just join and you will obtain this rank!

Pirate - If you want to obtain the rank of Pirate, you must show a competency in at least one puzzle, and you will become a Pirate!

Officer - Once you have sailed around with us on a few voyages and have an officer badge. I will see fit to give you a promotion to Officer! In order to fulfill the duty of an officer completely, you must obtain some sort of a Ship and be able to sail it, which means having charts and Its also extremely important to understand the concepts of restocking etc. I am happy to run officer training and develop you as much as my abilities will allow. I will also support people with ships and supplies. People with prior officer experience just need to let me know and provided you seem genuine and have Narrow exp BNAV you make the cut.

Fleet Officer - After awhile of sailing as an Officer and i can see that you can be trusted (not to ransack vessels) and can be a good example and spokesperson for the crew. With this great responsibility and position of trust, you will be promoted to the rank of Fleet Officer, and i shall airmail you some of the cap'ns finest Peanut Butter!

Senior Officer - The rank of Senior Officer is extremely highly thought of and is a position of respect. I expect total devotion to crew activities and hard work. Displaying good puzzling ability and willingness to lead regular pillages. This involves Officer Training and being involved in a lot of the crew activities.

With all things though, the captains word is final and these are not hard and fast rules. As with all things in piracy the rules are meant to be broken. We also accept yer alts.

Please send me a PM or tell in game to join or if you have any questions.
Netzu & Hutch
Jelly wrote: 
Pirate parties are *so* 2005

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