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Joined: Oct 17, 2005
Posts: 16
Status: Offline

MoF's Midweek Madness!

Ok - the idea behind this event is to bring pillaging back to the ocean. For at least some of the time :D

Event Summary:
When: Every Wednesday at 7pm EST / 4pm game time (Jobbing starts at 6:30) -- Starting January 25
Length: Whichever comes first; 10 battles or 2 hours.
This may change in future weeks - check back to this post for revisions
Where: Ruby archipelago on the Midnight ocean
Why: To bring pillaging back & have some fun!
Size of Boat: Based on Jobber participation, see below.

1 Sloop / week (raffle based on participation)
100 poe / top incred / per station / per duty report (performance)

TBD (Based on participation)
1 Warbrig or (equivalent) value item / month (raffle based on participation).

We will start jobbing onto a Grand Frigate at 6:30pm.
The Grand Frig will have all game tables on deck for the waiting time
At 7:00pm based on the number of people on the Grand Frig, we will select an appropriate sized boat to move to. The name of the selected boat will be announced in chat for all Jobbers to move to. Please move over promptly.

We will then pillage for the lesser of 2 hours or 10 battles, grabbing all forage or haul opportunities on the way. We will use /pay to give each top incredible 100poe at each league point's duty report.

When the pillage is over, each pirate that has stayed for the entire voyage (defined as jobbed before the first battle and still on board at the booty divide without missing any battles) will be entered into a raffle for the weekly sloop draw, and they will also be entered in the raffle for the monthly prize. In this way we will reward people who will devote time to pillaging rather than just those that can puzzle extremely well.

The weekly Sloop raffle will be drawn as soon as possible after porting - you do not need to stay on the boat to win; I will track you down if you have left already. However, if you win and log off before I can find you, you will need to contact me to collect the boat. I will hold onto your winnings for a maximum of 14 days.

Other Info:
We will post in this thread the winners of the boats along with the winners of each incred prize and number of times won.
Also to be posted are each pillage's stats: including wins vs. losses and PoE earned per pirate.
Kraken's Blood, should it be won in battle, will be sold into booty prior to the final booty division.

Reserving a spot:
If you wish to reserve a spot on the boat ahead of time, you may send me a PM here, or a /tell to Jemisica with the name of your pirate. I will job you into the crew during the jobbing time. You must be online by 6:55pm in order to keep your spot.
Please do not post your name in this thread as it will clutter up the results when they are posted.

If you wish to gun, you must show some prior experience/aptitude for it. A guideline would be at least broad experience with a master stat ranking. However, I reserve the right to change this on the fly.

I will job everyone, but I will not hesistate to plank repeat boochers or lazers when there are open stations. Obviously if there are no open stations, you may laze.

You will be planked if:
- You booch repeatadly
- You offend others on the boat
- You refuse to follow Xo direction
If you are planked, YOU WILL NOT BE REJOBBED for that voyage. You may return next week, however I will keep track of who I plank; if you get planked 3 times with cause, you will not be allowed to return to this event pending a discussion of why you've been removed from the vessel.


This event will continue on Cerulean after the merge.

Hope to see you there!

Jemisica & Bassmstrette
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Joined: Oct 17, 2005
Posts: 16
Status: Offline

January 25th Results

Here are the results from the First Pillage, hope to see you all back this Wednesday.

We used a Rogue Class War Brig for this run.

Crew Poe 32614
Vessel Cut 13959
Goods 1763
Total 48336

Paid Pirates 17

Bassmstrette 3156
Cornflaxes 3156
Cristall 3156
Fanksis 3156
Isabellgrace 3156
Jemisica 3156
Glendover 2791
Eunoia 2126
Jezrael 1737
Manx 1737
Supp 1419
Cultistbob 1054
Ashraan 1030
Diletto 365
Qymburleigh 365
Wrillz 365
Helioas 89

Incredible Prizes:
Gunning - Cornflaxes
Bilging - Cornflaxes (x3)
Sailing - Glendover
Carpentry - Qymburleigh
Rigging - Diletto
Sailling - Isabellgrace

Sloop Prize: (Bright Angelfish)

Jemisica & Bassmstrette.
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