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Joined: Nov 21, 2007
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Blockading be easy as 1-2-3

It is my great pleasure to introduce the "Blockading be easy as 1-2-3" event which RiddleMakers promised as part of the Stormy Fell colonization. As you may know, this is meant to be an introduction to blockading as we like to do it. During a 3 week program, we will take a flag beneath our wings and hopefully lead them to a successful future in blockading. After this 3 week program is completed, we will repeat the procedure with a new flag until the funds we have gathered from the sale of our inn is depleted. Without explaining too intricately (as that will be provided further down in the post) we intend to drop on ourselves from an alt flag the first two weeks, and then letting the flag which we choose to train drop on our island the following weeks.

How do I sign up for this?
You can either contact an RM royal directly or leave a comment in this forum thread. Keep in mind that the ultimate decision on who gets elected for this is up to us, and that we reserve the power to deny this program to flags we deem unfit.

Exactly what does this "program" do?

Week 1:
This will be the initiation to blockading and thus, free of charge for the contender. RM’s alt flag drops on the island at a time that has been decided to suit both sides. RM will then provide two navers per side, a BA, a JC for each side and an LA for each side. The flag in training will provide 4 navers per side (8 in total), two BA’s (one for each board), Two JC’s (one on each side to work together with the RM JC) and two LA’s in training (that will shadow the RM LA’s). The fullfillment of these spots are not necessary, but should be filled if the flag wishes to get the most out of this oppurtunity. The JC’s and LA’s will provide the new flag’s trainees with knowledge of their work. The navers will try to give as much pointers as possible for the trainee navers and the BA will supervise both new flag BA’s as they run one board each. Ventrilo will be required for every member in order to participate since this is one of the most basic tools used in blockading and is absolutely imperative for any blockade.

Week 2:
This weekend will virtually be a repetition of the previous, with the slight change of having the trainee flag pay for the war-chest. We hope this will learn the flag the basics of fundraising.

Week 3:
This weekend, the trainee flag will be put through their examination test. This time the chest will be dropped from their own flag, the jobbing pay will be paid by their own coffers and the staff will be provided from their own flag. If necessary RiddleMakers will be able to provide the trainee flag with ships by placing a deed-alt in their blockade crew, but the stock will have to come from the other side. It is now time for the trainee flag to try to stand on their own two feet. Pay will be kept low through conservative payraises, the blockade will be kept nonsinking and if the contending flag is victorious, the island is theirs to keep.

So wait, exactly what does RiddleMakers provide us with?
Keep in mind that this is only for the first two blockades as the third will require the flag to stand on their own two feet.
- Jobbing pay
- Ships and stock
- If necessary, ships for the third blockade
- The blockade chest (that's the cost to drop) for the first blockade
- 1 board admiral
- 2 land admirals (one for each side)
- 2 JC's(one for each side(may be combined with LA's as our JC's appear to have the talent to do both))
- 4 navers (2 for each side)
- An undecided number of XO's
- Plenty of advice

Then what do I (the trainee flag) have to provide?
Everything but the complete blockade set is meant for the first two weeks.
- A complete blockade (LA, BA, JC's, XO's, Navers, Stock, Jobbingpay etc etc included) for the third week.
- 2 BA's
- 2 JC's
- 2 LA's
- 8 Navers
- An undecided number of XO's

What do you mean you can't do this weekend?!?
As most of RM's royalty team often are tied up with either real life or other blockades, we may not always be able to take time to do this every weekend. Therefore we'd like to point out that there is no guarantee that this 3 week program takes place under 3 consecutive weeks. This also applies for other hindrances as for instance a drop on our island.

That's about everything I can think of. If you feel like this may be your cup of tea, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Also please keep in mind that this can not commence until our inn has been sold, and we've managed to acquire an island.

Live long and prosper!
Dahl "I have higher moral standards" gren
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Joined: Oct 1, 2007
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Re: Blockading be easy as 1-2-3

The second flag going through the RM process should play the first in their, "Week 3" blockade in order to give both flags the opportunity to 'cade independently against a team with a similar experience level.
Capablanca on Emerald
My posts are not my own opinion.
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Joined: Jun 17, 2010
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Re: Blockading be easy as 1-2-3

A few questions:

• Is there any deadline for registering?

• On what basis is the flag selected for the program? Is it just on the decision of the royals?

• How many times will be this program be repeated?

• What if the trainee flag isn't able to accumulate the money needed for the 'Week 3' session?

• The registration for this program is free?

• What if you :
Start this program with an island, any island that RM chooses. Then in the middle of this program, ye lose the island in a blockade, or due to some reason that island become unavailable. Then what will ye do?
Captainnkid on all oceans.
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Joined: Oct 10, 2005
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Re: Blockading be easy as 1-2-3

Nope, there is no deadline for registering. Of course, we can only start once the inn is sold.

We'll be favouring flags who have no blockade experience whatsover and that applies to members included. We do not want people making a flag, entering the program and then remaking a new one as that is just abusing this program. That said, if the flag has one or two people with blockade experience, we still won't rule them out. If flags are unsure if they'll be allowed, just poke us and we can tell you.

As many times as flags enter and the funds are available.

That is why we tell flags beforehand to start earning that PoE. It isn't a huge amount since it'll be a small blockade on a small scale so the maximum we could see it going is like 3 mil if they want to be comfortable. Do note, the 3 weeks do not have to be back-to-back, so flags have a while to accumulate said PoE. We advise flags to get the PoE beforehand, if we start suspecting flags are only entering week one, then we may start asking to at least see the PoE upfront so we know you'll follow through.

Yes, registration is free.

A couple of flags have said they'll let us run the program at an outpost of theirs, so it won't matter too much if RM has an island or not.

Edit: For some reason 1 round = 1 blockade in my head.
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