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Santaa/Easterbunnyz Great Easter Give-Away!

Easter Time

Hoy all, as some of you may know, as Santaa (on the sage ocean) i gave away an estimated 1.1million k in prizes At Christmas Time which included: Trinkets, Poe, Dubs, Furniture, Pets and 6 ships.

Well this next big holiday, Easter I will be trying this again, and again i am setting my goal for 1mil of prizes given away.

This is just a Notification to tell you that:

1: I will be doing this so there is time to spread the word unlike the Santaa idea which was a spur of the moment event which lasted most of december.

2: So that you can help me prepare for this, i will be accepting all and any donations to reach the goal.

Edit 2: This event will start on the first day of the month in the glorious month of East er.

I know it seems scammy to ask you guys for help but in the Santaa Event out of the 1.1mil that was given away, almost 450k of that was from donations, so yeah if you want to help Just send me a tell in game at Easterbunnyz.

In Addition to just giving away prizes i will also try doing some tournerments with big prizes on the give-away.

If you have any other questions you can post them here or contact me ingame at Easterbunnyz.

Edit: Just as i had in the Santaa give-aways i will be using the helper system, however people who help will be mentioned as Good Eggs, and awill get a special Mention after Easter.

Thank you for reading, Santaa and Easterbunnyz on the Sage/Emerald ocean.
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