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Joined: Jul 6, 2010
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Blue Ice Christmas Party

First off, a little introduction: This will be a Blue Ice flag Christmas Party but, also, it will be a goodbye and thank you party to flag members we think deserve it. However, with the upcoming flag merge between us and Exposed, this will be run out of a flag from Exposed, Hit and Quit it, and will be organized and supervised by current members from Exposed.

Now, all doubts a side, here’s the plan for the party:
- At around 15 minutes to 10 am game time, Friday, 23rd December, I will start inviting people to Hit and Quit it’s crew hall and will start the event at 10 am game time. Invites will still be available with the event in process.
- I will start by doing local tournies, and then I will kick-off with some randomly-themed trivia.
- Then, after another round of trivia and tournies, which will be done throughout the party, a small box auction will be done, where 7 seven different items will be auctioned. The items are the following:
o A skellie mermaid figurine
o A chocolate painted chest
o A named navy/bronze karkinos – Name: Nutcracker
o A Sea-green chroma
o A Cursed-sloop design
o A new Aqua atlantean helmet
o A paintbrush, for the lulz and to keep the bids low.
As you may notice, the items are not very valuable, so bid wisely. All proceeds are not likely to be donated to a flag, and will be used to pay for all costs of the party, and to do some more extra tournies.
- After the box auction, some crew members, whose name I can’t yet forward as their presence is still unsure, will hide within the landscape of Pukru Island, to keep it in a reasonably small scale. The number of people hiden will have a maximum of 4 people, and we will not hide inside buildings, and try not to hide in very difficult places, to keep the event duration reasonable. The first person to find each member will receive a holiday trinket.
- Now, to the Grand Finale, a somewhat unpublished event. An Island Race!(Thank you Dwizzles!) Here’s how it will work:
o After the party, I will job all who wish to a Grand Frigate on Lyonesse, for about 10 minutes. Then I will explain the rules to everyone and do a tour on the circuit pirates will have to race on.
As the island is somewhat round, the circuit will consist in a 2-lap round course, with 2 people, besides me on the start, to supervise who follows the correct circuit by taking screenshots. All this is explained in the following picture:

The cross on the map represents the start, and finish, and I will, before the start, ask pirates to stand behind me. Those who stand besides me will be disqualified and will not be ellegible for the prizes. I will take screenshots of all the pirates located in the island at the cross point, and only those will be counted, so, don't miss my /shouts. The red line represents the circuit, which I have tried, and is not too long, and perfectly doable, even though you might find some interesting crossroads in the race. The yellow points represent points where cheating is possible and, therefore, where the members will be stationed. At the end, I'll take screenshots for a "photo-finish" and the 3 fastest pirates will be awarded a prize.

Of course, we ask people not to cheat to keep the whole event fun and fair.

Concluding, thanks for reading this, and sorry for the slight tl'dr.

Shoot away questions, I'll be keeping a close eye to this thread, and feel free to contact Bloonz in game.
Come have fun with us!
Bloonz on Malachite Emerald Obsidian heh
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Joined: Jan 18, 2009
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Re: Blue Ice Christmas Party

Thanks for the fun!

Cremate tells ye, "i think i just broke my hymen"
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Joined: Jul 6, 2010
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Re: Blue Ice Christmas Party

Thanks for everybody that came out there and participated, we also had a lot of fun! <3
Bloonz on Malachite Emerald Obsidian heh
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