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Twisted Parallax (from Sage)'s Merger Party

Are you looking forward to the merger? We sure are!

Twisted Parallax invites you to our Merger party!
Everyone, yes you over there, is invited.

Featuring grand ocean tours! A multitude of private tournies! and a head-scratching trivia!

When, I hear you say?:
1st Whisking Party will be held 4pm gametime immediately after the merge. It will be a simple party with no real prizes.
2nd Whisking Party which includes the trivia and prizes will be held the immediate Sunday at 1pm gametime.

Event Details:

Whisking party:
We will be leaving an alt on a ship at every island on the ocean and it will be up to you to hop on the ship you need and hop off onto the island to memorize it and to explore. We will also have several tourguides leading the way if you would like some banter on your tour.

The day of the Sunday Whisking Party, we will release a google survey that consists questions about every single island on the ocean. The first one to answer the whole thing correctly wins the grand prize.

We will simultaneously be holding a socializing party at our flag/crew hall where there will be local tournaments and a scavenger hunt.
Here, you'll also be able to challenge Twisted Parallax members for an answer to a trivia question you may be stuck on or for a small prize. (Capped at 2 wins per person)

Trivia Grand Prizes:
2 Grand Prizes for the first two trivia winners!

With smaller prizes such as clothes, furniture and trinkets.

Have fun at our whisking party, taking you around the new and improved ocean with our flagmates and getting those new islands on your map!

Everyone has a chance at winning something!


If you would like to help our event by placing a ship of some kind on an island or donating whisking potions or prizes then please contact Skinnymonkey or Zava on Sage!
Twisted Parallax
Want to be my friend? :(
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Re: Twisted Parallax (from Sage)'s Merger Party

Awesome idea! I'll have to see what we can do to reciprocate on Hunter <3

I have a few ships I can use for the cause on sage :)

Editted to Add:

I am planning this on Hunter as well, we will run these simulataneously. Anyone on Hunter wanting to help contact me!

I'll add more details as it gets closer <3
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Re: Twisted Parallax (from Sage)'s Merger Party

Cool, but can your SAGE pirate play too?
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